Police relax monitoring of sex offenders to focus on ‘high-risk’ criminals

Good news as the police relax monitoring of sex offenders to focus on ‘high-risk’ criminals

I think the use of language is good too since during the paedohysterical noughties a sex offender would have been considered without question to be high risk. Now they admit sex offenders aren’t high risk! Hurray!

Of course, if I were placed on the sex offender register they could argue that they’d make a big mistake considering me low risk as I’d blow the fuckers away if they came to harass me. Then again, the irony is that if they considered me verrry low risk and *never* came to harass me, even when I inevitably refused to register, then they’d do rather well out of it as I wouldn’t have to defend myself by shooting the police fuckers. So the police would live and so would I. Win-win for cooperation, who honestly thinks an authoritarian society is better than a mutually cooperative one?

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1 Response to Police relax monitoring of sex offenders to focus on ‘high-risk’ criminals

  1. Libertine says:

    Don’t get the Champagne out yet. Last night was a documentary lasting for 1.1/2 hours about the Rotherham ‘grooming’ scandal. Next is ‘abuse in the cadet force’. Maybe their going through a long index of organisations that work with kids and teens, Then just trawl for scandal.
    As for Rotherham, sure, some of the cases must’ve been true, But they use grooming in such a broad way that, Even if a underage teen came onto me, made all the moves, so to speak, they’d accuse me of grooming, So the word is void and meaningless.

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