Another man takes up arms against the feminist state

A doctor, who had been sacked following ‘sexual harassment’ allegations recently opened fire in the Bronx-Lebanon hospital that he was previously employed at. He killed one female doctor, left 5 others in critical condition and 1 more with a shot to the leg. He also tragically killed himself after the incident (I think he would have been more effective keeping himself alive and railing against sexual harassment laws in court).

Feminists and their sympathisers out there can say all they like about “blah blah, this is reprehensible etc” but the fact is his life was destroyed by the feminist state and so he sought revenge in the only way realistically possible. The deaths and injuries resulting from this are entirely the fault of the feminists, if they hadn’t put him in a position where his only card was to shoot people then he wouldn’t have shot them!

If feminists are true to their aim of “ending violence against women” then they’d end sexual harassment laws. Abolish sexual harassment laws, abolish murder.

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13 Responses to Another man takes up arms against the feminist state

  1. Alan Yawn says:

    Congratulations! Well done, holocaust21

    • holocaust21 says:

      The funny thing is that the trolls on fstdt are the real DARVOs as they call it (apparently that stands for Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender).

      I’m sure they’d happily place a man on the sex offender register and then when he shoots the police officer who put him on it then they’d claim it’s the man’s fault, not the police officer’s. Yet if another man was threatened with a knife they’d find it perfectly OK for him to shoot the guy with the knife.

      The sex offender register is as bad as being stabbed with a knife so their inconsistent logic is ridiculous.

  2. caamib says:

    Those FSTDT freaks are some of the lowest life forms on the planet. They’re not even freaks as this would imply that they’re human beings. Notice how neither one of these monsters even considers that the allegations might have been untrue and just consider it a given that he did it end of story. And then their simpleton way of viewing things that could hurt you only shared with chimps. Knife stabbing – bad. Sexual harassment allegations? Not so bad. What morons ! I’d much rather prefer to be stabbed in some situations than get such accusations, as would most men. But no, to them it’s just a given that stabbing, no matter the circumstances, if worse, and if you’re accused of sexual harassment it’s a given you’re guilty. What vile, ugly, disgusting bunch of shiteating maggots they are.

    • Alan Yawn from Australia says:

      I’m a clinical psychologist and these fstdt guys need psychological evaluation ASAP…they sound psychotic

    • holocaust21 says:

      lol and you set them off again, see here:

      They just don’t know when to accept that they don’t have any arguments and that they are batshit insane trolls who are just looking to shove the dominant narrative down anyone’s throat.

      • caamib says:

        Just looked at that thread. These lunatics are off their fucking rocker. Page 2 is basically them claiming I commented in their moronic thread (which I didn’t) and just commenting on that, despite the fact that I never ever wanted to comment there or did so. One of the craziest posters, a known lunatic and an admitted virgin who gives men dangerous advice and takes some “consent” nonsense as valid shows his inability to comprehend basic text one again, confusing you with me.

        What’s so hilarious about these freaks is that for all their talk on “respect” of women or “anti-pedophilia” their ideology extends only to whites. They’d let their 3 day old newborn be raped by Muslims and niggers because Muslims and niggers lack privilege.

  3. Alan Yawn from Australia says:

    lol. what a bunch of MANGINAS! RUN! RUN YOU FILTHY MANGINAS! YEAH 4REAL GO BACK TO A Voice 4 MANGINAS WHERE U BELONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Elie Challita says:

    It takes a special kind of person to glorify a mass murderer, but that isn’t unexpected from this crowd.

    Especially not from caamib. Still begging your mother for sex, buddy?

    • Alan Yawn the tasmanian tiger says:

      Your line of reasoning is so idiotic there’s really no arguing with it. Could it be that you are jealous that caamib is more attractive than you? I think so.

      • caamib says:

        Being attractive to modern Western women is like being attractive to worms and flies. They are scum of the Earth who want to be shot on the street and will hate any man refraining from that. That being said, since I had been living in a country that had not been completely feminist (though it made no difference really, maybe 95 percent feminist to 100 in places like US or Norway) I did have some success.People like Elie, if they’re male, are usually always incels and defend the system that ensures they will never breed. People like him (if he’s male) would never use a schizophrenic woman to have a child with or rape a woman. They would consider these things heinous. I, on the other hand, regard them as normal and a moral necessity because there is nothing else to do. The whole West is rotten and there are few people in it who don’t deserve to die. You should do whatever you want with them. Elie is similar in this, but believes in on more racial grounds, such creatures want a race like whites killed regardless of their character. They could be saintly but would all need to die in their eyes.

    • caamib says:

      “It takes a special kind of person to glorify a mass murderer”

      You are an imbecile. Saying this mass murder was justified by the injustice, so what is the issue? That he should he suffered the injustice and done nothing?

      “Especially not from caamib. Still begging your mother for sex, buddy?”

      What? THIS stupid, incorrect claim is all you have even after all these years? If anybody is actually interested in knowing what really happened read

      All in all, “people” like Elie are dangerous lunatics who whine about white men who are morally justified taking revenge. Meanwhile, they don’t have the slightest issue with Sacred classes like Muslims and blacks killing and raping even the smallest toddlers because they believed whites deserve it is a group. The insanity of this position is so horrifying that it they would be in asylums even some decades ago but are not running the show.

      • holocaust21 says:

        It should be noted that the doctor who took up arms against the feminists in this article was infact black. Though in modern times feminists and the black movement have allied I personally think the two are somewhat tangential. This is further proven by the fact that, historically, it was blacks who were on the receiving end of feminist rape laws but today of course that has shifted so that white men are more likely to be vilified – though not necessarily convicted. I recall reading that in America sex offender laws are probably the only area that are racially blind, blacks and whites are equally likely to be convicted under a feminist sex law. Though, I imagine whites are more likely to be vilified in the mainstream media.

  5. caamib says:

    To add, since those like Elie would never use a mentally ill woman or rape a woman and they lack the seduction skills needed in the West they always remain perpetually single and usually a virgin (since they’re often opposed to prostitution in general or just want to lose it to a “special person” when such people no longer exist in the West). Thus they’re eliminating themselves from the gene pool while their policies are allowing the influx or virile young rapists like Muslims. This is good. Rape is much better than seduction. Those who seduce are worse than any murderers.

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