James Damore is a hero

James Damore was recently fired from Google for sending around a memo criticising the company for operating a “politically correct monoculture” and arguing that the reason why there are less women in tech is due to biological differences between men and women. Despite virtually no angry criticism internally (other than inevitable intellectual debates) a small group of SJWs within Google got hold of the memo and leaked it to the media with sources and formatting missing. The leftist media, then keen to further their man-hating agenda claimed that Damore’s document was poorly sourced and the work of a woman-hating misogynist despite his actual views being rather balanced.

You can read James Damore’s original memo – unmodified by media lies – here. Also the following is a fantastic interview with James which helps a lot to understand both where he is coming from but also to understand the media manipulation and twisting of the facts that occurred:

James Damore’s fundamental premise that there are biological differences between men and women is correct and one documentary which James may not have seen but I think is great at reinforcing his point is a Norwegian Documentary called Hjernevask which demonstrates scientific evidence proving the genders are biologically – not environmentally – different:

It’s worth noting that James Damore already has job offers, most notably from Julian Assange to go and work at Wikileaks. Indeed Julian Assange – who has had first hand experience of the horror of being subjected to feminist rape laws – recently published several anti-feminist facts on his twitter feed indicating his agreement with what James Damore said.

I really do think that if James Damore shows that he can easily get another job and carry on his career despite having committed what many believe is essentially a “political crime” that supposedly results in job loss and long-term unemployment then this could be the worst possible outcome for the SJWs. If James actually ends up with a *better* job than Google then many more may follow in his footsteps in trying to get fired from their jobs too if for no reason other than the financial incentives of following a politically incorrect career path!

Cheer on the politically incorrect revolution 🙂

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10 Responses to James Damore is a hero

  1. Alan Yawn the tasmanian tiger says:

    & of course mangina media is distorting the points he made in order 2 paint him as some sexist nutjob. crikey

  2. Nate says:

    Thanks for linking Hjernevask! Just watched it. Amazing stuff!

  3. alex says:

    Two feminist-puritan stories today:


    “Usborne apologises for puberty book that says breasts exist to make girls ‘look grown-up and attractive'”



    “McDonald’s hero dad tells of nine months of hell as child sex charges dismissed”

    • holocaust21 says:

      Bloody hell these people are getting more and more nuts. The hero dad was accused of “kissing a 13 year old girl three times on the neck” WTF. How is that even wrong?

      And the puberty book is demonised for stating facts by a bunch of sexually jealous femihags who’s jealous annoyance of women with bigger breasts than them only proves the author’s point! WTF!

      WTF WTF WTF!!!!

      • TheMisandristOrderOfPuritanScum says:

        Ridiculous! How mangina and pathetic is this sick culture! I am MORE angry with MEN than women. They are ALL scum for accepting this.

        “This is the most horrific thing in the world to be accused of and I believe anyone guilty of something like this should be strung up.”

        Oh, then just about every man in the past in this country (England/Britain/Uk for American readers ) prior to the past few decades. Even as recently as 1990ish men were buying girls that age drinks in the local pubs when they used to hang around the bars. I actually remember in the early 2000s being with my fourteen year old girlfriend ( I was sixteen, so a paedophile by post-savile ukay standards ) and seeing her friends loitering around the pub, waiting to have drinks bought for them.

        And yet SCUM like STEPHEN FRY can go around making a documentary about the poor treatment of ‘gay’ people in darkie countries: WHAT ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST HAPPENING THE UNITED STATES OR HERE?


        RANT OVER.

  4. Dispirited Dreck says:

    Apparently, they’re rescuing women and children before men from the hurricane – deliberately. Needless to say, the rescue teams are all male. Female preferential treatment is all-encompassing in the gynocentric society.

    • holocaust21 says:

      #KillAllWhiteMen – they were being quite literal when they said that!

      • Marquis says:

        There is a war going on against men and Whites. Right now both men and Whites are too afraid to fight back in any meaningful real life way. Compounding the problem is most men’s rights websites do nothing but complain ad nauseam about women being bitches when it’s radical feminism that needs to be address in a real life manner.

    • caamib says:

      “but complain ad nauseam about women being bitches ” Yes, this is a problem. Modern Western women are an issue that is completely finished. They had been destroyed by feminism and any one of them is completely gone and shouldn’t even be seen as a human being. There is no point in pursuing them as they fall for seducers, who are the most evil kind of people any society can have. “Consent” could have been an issue 20 years ago, maybe. Now it no longer is. I’d take rapists rather than seducers at any time. Basically anybody (if they became red pilled) can rape but not anybody can be a seducer. You need to be complete scum of the earth to be a seducer.

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