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Feminism causes woman to kill a man

A woman has recently been jailed on manslaughter charges for pushing a man under a Manchester tram and hence killing him. The woman already had 65 criminal convictions, including for violent offences. Yes, that’s, SIXTY FIVE. If I had just … Continue reading

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Sexual Harassment Insanity Reaches Heart of Westminster

Feminism has gone so bonkers that they are now trying to “crack down on sexual harassment” committed by MPs! There seems to be some kind of insane feminist instigated witch hunt going on in the heart of the British parliament. … Continue reading

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Sticky: New Site Name

(Sticky: keeping this post at the top – see below for new posts) So, as I mentioned quite some time ago, this site name sucks a bit so I might consider changing it. Partly from the discussions in the aforementioned … Continue reading

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More police officers per head now than fifty years ago

Figures just out show that there are now more police officers per head than fifty years ago. The number of police officers per head has nearly doubled and yet despite this the police call for ever more resources. This is … Continue reading

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Julian Assange attacks ‘male feminists’

Great tweet by Julian Assange who, as a victim of feminist rape laws, is no friend of the feminists: Women, I will let you in on a male secret. Men know that constantly self-proclaiming male 'feminists' are often predatory sleaze … Continue reading

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Cambridge university officially bans relationships

Cambridge university femihags are officially trying to prevent dons forming relationships with students by “discouraging” it and requiring dons to “register” any such relationships they have. This is similar to being placed on a university version of the sex offender … Continue reading

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Roman Polanski’s Rape Victims Says Media Frenzy Was More Traumatic Than The Sex

This proves what we’ve been saying all along. Paedophile hysteria damages children more than sex.

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