Sexual Harassment Insanity Reaches Heart of Westminster

Feminism has gone so bonkers that they are now trying to “crack down on sexual harassment” committed by MPs! There seems to be some kind of insane feminist instigated witch hunt going on in the heart of the British parliament. One of the MPs, Andrea Leadsom, who seems to be enthusiastically leading the witch hunt today is a vile feminist whore who I once reported on saying that men should not be nannies because they maybe paedophiles.

You’d think that with this insanity now hitting parliament our law makers might start to realise that they’ve taken this too far. That they need to start saying no. But alas not, it seems that lots of other MPs are jumping on the hunt down sexual harassers in parliament bandwagon, though perhaps mostly women. It will remain to be seen if some male MPs finally wake up and realise that they need to stand up to the feminazi scum less they too be placed on the Sex Offender Register. Not that I’d have much sympathy for most of them being placed on the Sex Offender Register as they are the ones responsible for creating it!

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16 Responses to Sexual Harassment Insanity Reaches Heart of Westminster

  1. Ldev says:

    CLEARLY you are a globalist sexist shill here to peddle your protection of ninth circle satanists who rape women and chidreN and bugger men. YOU EVIL ROTHSCHILD SHILL CUNT!

  2. caamib says:

    All of this Hollywood shit plus this just makes the harassment claims less serious and more of a joke. It’s like in every inflation – all single units become less valuable. Pretty soon it will mean nothing at all. Feminist hysteria/insanity always produces the exactly opposite results because feminists are brutish fools who simply want everybody to cow-tow to them without any sophistication or strategy. Sure, feminism marched through the institutions and won a lot of grounds since the 1960s but I don’t think they will win much new ground, at least not with extreme consequences – even more smart Western men fleeing the West, men backed into a corner slaughtering people etc…. It’s all so ugly.

    • HateDisgustingHollywoodPuritanSocialJusticLiberals says:

      Christ! Spacey is FINISHED! I just can’t believe he released THAT statement, as good as admitting that he might have sexually ‘assaulted’ that attention seeking z-lister, I mean, boy.

      He is FINISHED!

      What an idiot, though. Surely, he must have people advising him!?

  3. caamib says:

    So, let me get this right – Spacey will no longer film one of the greatest shows ever because he groped somebody 30 YEARS AGO on a couch? This is just…. What is this shit? This society is beyond insane.

    • holocaust21 says:

      I can only think it’s gone insane because feminism has a profitable business model but talking common sense doesn’t have a profitable business model…

      Someone needs to figure out how to turn common sense into a profitable business model and fast!

    • ALL WOMEN ARE EVIL! says:

      Am only aware of the hype concerning that show.

      Personally I am enjoying the spectacle: all these left-liberal feminist loving Hollywood scum getting a taste of their own filth.

      We all know they were hypocrites, and now it is being exposed.

      Now Dustin Hoffmann has been accused, so that’s two A-listers. James Wood has also been accused.

      What a bunch of scum getting their femicunt desert.

      Now the WHOLE WORLD is femiCUNT and that is ALL WOMEN and the VAST MAJORITY OF MEN.


      Spacey will end up killing himself, of course. I wonder, though, if Clinton will stand by his friend.

      There is NO FORGIVENESS by modern liberalfemiscum.

    • Ldev says:


      • caamib says:

        Yeah, I don’t think ogling somebody is even really sexually molesting and if it happened 30 years ago I’m sure some kind of statute of limitations would apply so you’re just a sick idiot, not me.

      • Marco says:

        Idiot who believes in satanist circles. Stacey is a gay molester but you are a jerk.

      • holocaust21 says:

        He should be in prison for doing something harmless? Get real, you’re the one advocating violence here not us.

      • Ldev says:

        clearly we have shills denying jimmy saville and enoch powell were ninth circle satanists! THEY WERE PROTECTED BY THE CROWN FROM PROSECUTION YOU FECKING MORONS! THE EVIDENCE IS WIDESPREAD! GOOGLE HOLLIE GREIG YOU SICK FUCKERS!

  4. Mosquito Bite on the Hide of Humanity says:

    Parliament created the laws that they themselves are now being targeted with. Everyday now you’ve got MP’s falling on their own swords. You couldn’t make it up, it’s both hilarious and depressing that things have gone this far. The UK and anglo-sphere have lost the plot.

  5. Ldev says:

    CLEARLY caamib thinks that molesting a 14 year old boy is acceptable when the statute of limitations apply…HE ADMITTED THE MOLESTATION YOU BERK!

    • caamib says:

      I do support statue of limitations even for actual molestation charges, yes. You do understand that statue of limitations applies even to much more serious crimes? Your idea that it shouldn’t apply for molestation (which this wasn’t) is just another example of how sexual crimes today are seen as some kind of supreme crimes, worse than murder.

      In any case, he didn’t molest anybody. He fondled him a bit, and it all happened so long ago he doesn’t remember,. If it did happen at all.

  6. Whit says:

    ‘Ldev’ is a paedophile schizophrenic troll who now is devoted to left a number of disturbing and abusive comments here during all this year. This is what we know about ‘Ldev’.

    Although almost certainly using a nickname, it is likely a stable nickname that he has been using to not only troll here but to pursue his career as an child sex trafficker. The FBI were already investigating his child abuse satanism carried out under that nickname before he started trolling this site and leaving his sick rape fantasies here.

    Why did this paedophile start leaving abusive comments here? This site has made many enemies, for example followers of the paedocrite Kevin Spacey, fans of the sick child torture exploitation ‘art’ film Salo, autists, transvestites, and many others. holocaust21 have also upset (real) paedophiles, such as the readers of the notorious David Icke forum, as well as self-identified ‘alt-righter’s – aspies who are so socially detached they believe that the demonization of normal male sexuality (like attraction to underage girls) is the answer to something that is simply Feminism.

    It seems that ‘Ldev’ is every one of those things – a hardcore paedophile, child-abuser satanist, aspie, schizophrenic, transvestite, avid fan of Salo, scat fetishist, a devout fan of Kevin Spacey AND a loyal follower of fake women alt-right transsexual Blaire White. Therefore, holocaust21 really have pissed him off.

    ‘Ldev’ is not only an child-abuser satanist earning money through child prostitution, he is also a sick paedophile, a transvestite fan of Kevin Spacey who was outraged when the NSPCC suggested that the disturbing child snuff ‘art’ film Salo should be banned. Ldev believes, like Spacey, that such material is ‘art’ when fapped to by intellectual homesexual paederasts such as himself and Spacey, and supported the Alt-right in his defence of sexshops selling such depraved child snuff porn. Ldev also supported Spacey’s idea that rapists of children should be spared prison if they can convince their young victims to marry them.

    Like Kevin Spacey, the perverted paedophile also believes that the age of consent should be reduced to the age of 3, and that (especially) boys should be forced to take puberty delaying drugs so that they can remain hairless and pre-pubescent and therefore fresh meat for paedophiles like him, well into their 30s.

    Ldev is also an autistic schizophrenic with multiple personality disorder, leaving various abusive comments here under various of his personalities.

  7. HateTheLeft says:

    The latest in is truly ASTONISHING!

    Stalinist airbrushing.

    What a bunch of puritan left-liberal fascist sickos.

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