Feminism causes woman to kill a man

A woman has recently been jailed on manslaughter charges for pushing a man under a Manchester tram and hence killing him. The woman already had 65 criminal convictions, including for violent offences. Yes, that’s, SIXTY FIVE. If I had just one conviction for a bum touching offence I’m fully aware that I could be looking at a life sentence, but a woman can rack up 65 convictions and still be free! WTF.

Anyway, the most revealing part of the whole saga is this comment she made:

He should not have put his finger in my face. All my life I have had to put up with men putting their hands around me.

So there we have it. Her feminist sickness drove her to commit murder.

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9 Responses to Feminism causes woman to kill a man

  1. Willhem says:

    What to expect from beings that designed to trap us with their beauty (in their young) or evil arts (in their madurity, only for weak betas) and then throw us as waste paper. Giving your life for a woman and then throwing you to the first attack of emotional instability. It makes me sick.

    I begin to think that feminism is a disease of BEING a woman, that is mainly contracted from the end of childhood, so that it is so important to go out with pubertal girls before they contract the disease. Before they kill us all! haha

  2. caamib says:

    “I begin to think that feminism is a disease of BEING a woman”

    No. It does seems so if you live in a feminist society where women are raised to be feminist but this doesn’t mean that this stands for all societies. There are societies where women were kept in check and behaved. Some examples of this are Athenian women before the 4th century BC and women during most of the Roman Republic. Read https://caamib.wordpress.com/the-story-of-your-incel-an-inconvenient-truth/

  3. Willhem says:


    I should have said that it would also reduce child marriage in Africa, that scourge of humanity that involves men marrying girls even at ripe age of 16.

  4. Willhem says:

    Attention to this, because in the news about the alleged “sexual abuse” scandals of Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner and Dustin Hoffman every time the age of the “victims” appears, journalists put “only” and not only “Anthony Rapp was only 14 “, even with Brett Ratner they say “she fell asleep with him when she was “only 19” to emphasize that men are pedophiles who take advantage of young and inexperienced women and boys, the favorite dish of feminists!

    Here I leave the best:

    “Spacey liked to chase youngsters at the Old Vic bar in London, where he lived, according to Roberto Cavazos, a Mexican actor, who said that it was enough to be under 30 years old” for Spacey to feel free to come and touch us “.

    LOL UNDER THIRTY PEDO (not homosexual, because homosexuals are superior beings oppressed by the heterosexual white man)

    “Shortly after the story of Rapp was released, Netflix announced the last season of House of Cards, and now workers on the show have raised their voices and accused the star of sexual abuse, to which Netflix has reacted by issuing a statement in the that announces that “it will not participate in any production” that includes the actor. ”

    He is not even convicted of any crime yet. Netflix are anti-men scum. Cancel your subscriptions

    Now James Toback

    “The Los Angeles Times newspaper says that for years he was roaming the streets of Manhattan in search of young women”

    “With Rachel McAdams there was also masturbation, on a date night in a hotel when the actress of True Detective was only 21.”

    “in search of young women”
    “she was only 21”

    LOL ANOTHER PEDO (because looking for young women is pedophilia and perversion of oppressive white heterosexual men)

  5. Willhem says:


    This is the only thing that worries the community of gay deviants, not that they imprison men for being so-called “pedophiles” for grooping boys (and girls) of ripe age at 14 to 17 but that they can continue to penetrate asses and become infected with AIDS.

    And then many of you defend homosexuality? homosexuality is an unnatural perversion that destroys humanity, tradition and nations and must be persecuted and condemned in every healthy society.

    Sex between homosexual adults IS SICK.

    • Willhem says:

      I’ve thought better. And I would like to say that I do not hate anyone and I do not want to persecute anyone because he just a homosexual just as not someone because he/she is a pedophile or zoophile. I have put this in an unpredictable moment because I am fed up with the hypocrisy of these people, who do not mind throwing under the bus who admits that they like minors or have relationships with them so that they can have anal sex.

      Sex and love is something for our species, to create human life and nations, not for the selfishness of a few, and so they want then, well, not to have to persecute, repress and spread misconceptions and hate against millions of people for can get it, people who contribute something to the world not just a liberal and degenerate ideology and rainbow flags.

      In my state there are laws in force that can put you in jail or close your blog / organization / even TV channel for criticizing homosexuality and transsexuality, even by the way they treat children, never any that protects someone by being MAP (person attracted to minors), never “pedophiles” would go to a school to tell children of age 4 that they are not boys or girls, but boys with vagina, girls with penis etc.

      That’s why I write this in this blog, if I wrote it on my blog in my language, the police would put me behind bars. The same talk against women or police (there are laws against that). If you want us to respect homosexuality, first respect us.

      • HateWomenAndPCLiberals says:

        Just as it has now been certainly established how women encourage the hysteria to block out rivalry from younger females, cowardly and tasteless men going along with it according to some masochistic urge, I wonder if gay “fem” men think the same way to “butch” men.

        Dan Savage, I am guessing is a fem, and one, no doubt, who likes to get his male ‘lover’ to shit in his mouth. But all this pathetic limpwristed affectation and hair plucking is probably to imitate the natural effeminacy adolescent boys.

        Still, so many gay faggots seem so desperately to want these sex laws and love feminism, so who knows! Maybe they really do enjoy being raped in the mouth and given aids. Sick!

        Again, we should probably just be glad they keep away from our sons!

  6. HateWomenAndPCLiberals says:

    Sorry, my point was that the ‘butch’ ones might chase after boys instead of ‘fems’, but it is maybe nonsense. I don’t know.

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