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Police officer attempted suicide after a woman falsely accused him of rape

As the title suggests, read the article here. Police arresting police, funny! Hope it will make the falsely accused police officer think a bit before he arrests some other man for rape.

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Ireland Bans Sex Offenders From Travelling – Blame Paedophile Priest Shay Cullen

In a shocking move Ireland has decided to ban sex offenders from travelling overseas at the request of suspected paedophile priest Shay Cullen. The evidence against Shay Cullen suggesting that he is a paedophile is: He is male He is … Continue reading

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Police Distribute Child Porn, VG Newspaper Downloads Child Porn and Guardian Celebrates

In an example of corruption so extreme that you just couldn’t make it up the Australian Police have been found to have distributed child pornography. The police Taskforce was lead by unconvicted paedophile Jon Rouse (don’t forget his name!). Supposedly … Continue reading

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Inciting Violence Against Feminists: Because They Did It First

I read a great article by Rod Liddle today on how even documentaries like Liar – which is about a woman accusing a man of rape – turn out to be corrupted by feminists. Unsurprisingly in the end it turns … Continue reading

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