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Kinsey data shows emotional responses to underage sex is the same as overage sex

A 2013 study using the original Kinsey sample has unearthed the reality which was alluded to in the Rind study. There is no difference in emotional reactions between minor-adult relationships and adult-adult relationships. They both enjoy the sex and have … Continue reading

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Feminism Is Making Us Extinct – Women Have Fewer Children Than At Any Time In History

Since feminist rape laws have been making it increasingly impossible to have a relationship we’re now finding that the human race is on the verge of going extinct. Birth rates are plummeting below the replacement rate in the UK: Women … Continue reading

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Youtube Remove Amos Yee’s Video on Why Paedophilia Should Be Legal

As you can see here youtube have removed Amos Yee’s video on why paedophilia should be legal. They are taking away our speech! Google are scum! There is a special place in hell for those SJWs at Google.

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Amos Yee Paedophilia Debate with Count Dankula

Amos Yee is making more paedophilia debate videos: I really like Amos Yee’s persistence and bravery (something which is almost unheard of despite there being 7 billion people in the world) and many of his arguments are reasonable. However, I … Continue reading

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Feminist bitch Sarah Hall thinks that Sleeping Beauty is rape and should be banned

Sexually jealous old hag Sarah Hall claims that Disney’s Sleeping Beauty should be banned from the school curriculum because it features the princess being kissed while asleep, without her explicit consent. This dangerous feminist lunatic’s suggestion should make it clear … Continue reading

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Amos Yee is back!

Thanks to one of my loyal readers for informing me of this. Amos Yee, the Singaporean political activist who was jailed for offending religion and, more importantly, once said that child pornography should be legalised has recently been released from … Continue reading

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The women stripping off – for men’s rights

Well this is an interesting video. Seems like more and more women are starting to abandon feminism and instead campaign for men’s rights. But can women be true men’s rights activists or will they just create a watered down, slightly … Continue reading

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