MAP Biology – The Science Behind Why Normal Men Are Attracted to Underage Girls

One reader of my blog who has done a lot of thinking and research into the biological basis for male attraction to underage girls over the last decade has recently created his own blog (or is it more a scientific paper?) on the subject here:

It’s well worth a read and covers some ground that readers of this blog might not be aware of.

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11 Responses to MAP Biology – The Science Behind Why Normal Men Are Attracted to Underage Girls

  1. caamib says:

    That’s a great idea/source, will be linking to it.

  2. mitch says:

    It seems he doesnt support lowering or removing ages of consent. Im not sure i trust him.

  3. holocaust21 says:

    One question I do have for the author of the mapbiology blog is you mention that other men in tribes will “sexually assault” and “harass” girls who don’t have “husbands” or “male protectors” but those are loaded feminist terms without much substantive meaning so I wonder what do you mean by that? Surely those men who “sexually harass” and “sexually assault” are doing it because they want a wife and so, in my mind, “flirting” sounds like a more appropriate term as no doubt the girl might actually like being “sexually harassed” or “sexually assaulted” or perhaps she doesn’t in which case she’d tell them to go away and most likely they would. It seems to me that the Kenneth Good scenario given is more Kenneth wanting to stop other men from committing adultery with his wife as he is possessive, as opposed to actual concern for her safety.

  4. ChineseGuy says:

    “Although there may be certain reasons for it to be illegal for men to have sex with young adolescent girls…”
    “Better understanding of male sexuality will in fact help us to prevent sexual abuse and rape.”


  5. Alan Yawn the tasmanian tiger says:

    Yabba-Dabba Do!

  6. caamib says:

    I wouldn’t criticize this guy the way some of you do. At least not the impression I gained from his posts. I think he’s just saying that to somehow cover his ass, which might be wise in this day n age. And in any case, even if he really was against aoc being lowered and “sexual abuse” his material could still be used to prove a point. of those who don’t bother to say such caveats.

  7. stop ageism says:

    Why do men feel sexual attraction to teenagers?

    Puberty begins around age 9, not 18.

    Puberty is responsible for adult sexuality.

    Women are born with their oocytes that need to be fertilized early because they lose quality over time.

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