British politicians begin committing suicide

As the UK descends further into a level of insanity that even those who lived through a Nazi concentration camp could not have predicted, the feminists have committed their first direct political assassination. The current wave of sexual harassment allegations, led by Andrea Leadsom who believes that all men are paedophiles, has resulted in Welsh Labour minister Carl Sargeant taking his own life just days after being accused of sexual harassment by hordes of women so unattractive that it’s impossible to imagine any man as much as taking a second look at them.

It is truly amazing that the same political class who brought in the Protection of Children Act, the Sex Offender Register, the 2003 Sexual Offences Act and the Extreme Pornography bill are now all committing suicide under the very same hateful feminist laws they created. Where will it end?

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9 Responses to British politicians begin committing suicide

  1. Libertine says:

    When they support crazy feminist laws like this, Its no surprise when some are hoist by their own petard.

  2. Ldev says:

    GOOD RIDDANCEto that sex pest-seems to be peop;le on here using the same defendce as jimmy savilles supporters did-attacking the victims and clearly mysoginists who believe that labelling people feminists is some kind of slur..

    • Chris Hansen says:

      You know that looking for someone’s name can find a lot of information and make people pay for their crimes. In 1999 in Hungary they had the name of a suspect by murder to a 14-year-old girl, Ldev, a well-known hebephile known for trying to flirt with pubescent children in pubs and other places. According to the case the girl was groomed by the pervert and when Ldev was accused of statutory rape, the girl was found death in the area near Budapest, in the water, Ldev could not be prosecuted for having contacts, or so claimed the investigation. To me this provokes anger and pain as these perverts do not pay for their crimes against women, but it is certain that this monster is inside a ring of child pornography (or pedophile ring) with a contact in Vatican City who is very fond of the opera. This is this motive of their insistence on legalizing perversions and unjustifiable crimes. I am going to contact his current partner and his family, in addition to the police and the Hungarian prosecutor, I leave this message to know the crimes of this scourge and their ring of child predators, even Ldev is in fact known in pedophile activist websites labeled as “an old friend of pedophiles”, which I hope thanks to this records, these scourges will pay for their crimes. Not a young girl can being a victim anymore if we can stop these perverts at time.

      • HatePCLiberalAndPuritanBoyKillingScum says:

        Unlikely, as the AOC is fourteen in Hungary, you creep!

        On that subject, though. I remember trying to explain to an American about how the age of consent was fourteen in my country, and he just simply could not comprehend it. The idea that other countries would have different laws astounded him. Also, he was online and probably suspected me to be an FBI trapper.

        American males are the most weak, cowardly and hunted population on earth! No wonder a good many of them turn to breathless vigilantism in order to conceal their attraction toward fourteen year old girls behind a rush of redemptive violence.

      • caamib says:

        HateWomenAndPCLiberals – I agree that Americans didn’t become this way out of nothing and that there are some things outside of their power that influenced it. Guess what? This is the case for most things. It doesn’t change the fact that about 99 percent of Americans now are irredeemable scum. The origins of this are interesting to talk about but whatever the answers are they can’t change what Americans are today, and that is scum.

    • caamib says:

      “The idea that other countries would have different laws astounded him. ”
      So a typical American then. Closed-minded scum on a mental level of a 10 year-old. 10 year-old retard that is.

      • HateWomenAndPCLiberals says:

        I don’t know if that’s altogether fair. The level of brainwashing and instilled fear is beyond the record of any such authority-induced hysteria in history.

        One has to remember that the typical American knows everything about the world and their own ancestors from film, television and news programs. They just genuinely don’t know, for example, that the love of adolescent girls was celebrated in the past through courtly love, etc. Can we expect them to know otherwise?

        Take, for example, the series Boardwalk Empire, in which it is revealed at the end of all this glorious bloodshed and murder that the most shocking and sickening secret is a girl of thirteen was basically encouraged to sleep with a stereo-typically sleazy politician. This is set in the 1920s, so it is ahistorical garbage to suggest that most people would find this anything like as shocking as suggested, even in puritan America. Americans, however, will simply get their knowledge of those times from that show.

        Then again, they are censoring cowardly scum. I tried to post the following quote from a quite well-known online commentator on homosexual pederasty onto this blog:

        Nevertheless, the author’s statement that “today men who have sexual relations with boys under sixteen can be sentenced to up to fourteen years in prison, and paying for sex with a boy of sixteen or seventeen carries a sentence of up to seven years. Wilde probably committed the first of these offences, and he was certainly guilty of the second,” is true, and important in exposing the dishonesty of the many who seek to make a modern hero out of him by pretending his sexual taste was for young men rather than youths. As it happens, Edmonds need not have added that “probably.” In a letter to Robert Ross of 16 April 1900 from Rome, regarding his dalliance with one Giuseppe Loverde, Wilde reported he was “fifteen and most sweet … He said he never would [forget me]: and indeed I don’t think he will, for every day I kissed him behind the high altar.” (Selected Letters of Oscar Wilde, ed. R. Hart-Davis (OUP, 1979) pp.355-6).

        Hmm… Rather be alive in the 19th century if I were Wilde!

  3. caamib says:

    I’d second that troll, good riddance. If you lack the courage to stand up to insanity it will inevitably harm you as well. That guy had a conformable, cushy life basically selling bs and not standing up to what’s going on in the fascist UK and then it bit him in the ass.

  4. HateWomenAndPCLiberals says:

    Actually, I have a little more to say on that stupid Americunt blog entry, though I know this isn’t a BL site, so I’ll be brief. This is a direct quote:

    “All of these men, and millions more throughout history, have been vilified and murdered for being gay in a homophobic world. Doctors, psychologists, lawyers and writers for generations abused men like these in order to retain control over a heteronormative patriarchy.”

    It is astounding that an Americunt, in this case a disgusting fag, can get it SO WRONG!

    There is NO evidence that “millions” of homosexuals were murdered throughout history by the “heteronormative patriarchy”. As a matter of fact, the overwhelming nature of homosexual relationships before the last few decades were between adolescent boys and men. They were stamped out precisely BECAUSE they represented the patriarchy. Lord Alfred Douglas, who coined the phrase “love that dare not speak its name” was himself a pedophile who never loved boys younger than 17, really, and mostly around 14. The original feminist movements, like the Social Purity Movement, introduced homophobic laws to combat it.

    Later on the Gay Rights movement emasculated itself in order to be counted in with the feminists.

    There were VERY few killings of sodomites in Christian Europe, though the law may have been technically condign or even mortal.

    So, today we have MILLIONS of homosexuals in prison for looking up pics of boys!

    But so long as Dan Savage can go on shitting into mens’ mouths, I guess it’s all right!

    The reason I write all this is because I am SURE the writer of that blog has NO IDEA about any of this.

    Then why does she write from a position of such ignorance?

    Anyway, who cares! I am glad the fags are kept away from boys, so I guess that’s the one good thing about the pedohysteria.

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