Feminist bitch Kerry McCarthy MP attempts to drive Kelvin Hopkins MP to suicide

As Mike Buchanan recently reported on, it seems that Kerry McCarthy MP is claiming Kelvin Hopkins MP has “harassed” her in several notes that he sent her. This claim is presumably an attempt to drive him to suicide.

The BBC story here shows the content of these notes and it should be clear to any right-thinking person that these are love letters, not “harassment”. The way she is vilifying a vulnerable old 76 year old gentleman is absolutely outrageous. What Kerry McCarthy MP is doing is serious harassment, what Kelvin Hopkins MP was doing was courting.

As Mike rightly points out, it seems that this is a feminist conspiracy to drive all the men out of parliament. They will then be able to create truly insane laws to enslave – or even kill – all men. The human race will die from the feminist disease.

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4 Responses to Feminist bitch Kerry McCarthy MP attempts to drive Kelvin Hopkins MP to suicide

  1. Rosabelle says:

    Totally agree – it is complete dystopian madness, very much like Mordor. I feel totally numb!

  2. Ldev says:

    are you for feckin real? you clearly are some alternative right bigoted prik who thinks harrasing females in the workplace is acceptable. people like you shouldnt be allowed near children-we’ve already seen your article championing satanist beliefs of abolishing the age of consent! he is 76- so why is he trying it on with a woman 26 years his junior ffs! every article you produce makes you appear like a globalist rockefeller spomsored shill here to divert from the real issues of the banking plutocracy enslaving us all in debt with your misogynistic attacks on females who dont want to be sexually harrassed as they do their jobs!

  3. HateFemiScum! says:

    I should hardly say so! Do we really believe that Sauron would be such a weak and cowardly evil cunt to support feminism !

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