Amos Yee is back!

Thanks to one of my loyal readers for informing me of this. Amos Yee, the Singaporean political activist who was jailed for offending religion and, more importantly, once said that child pornography should be legalised has recently been released from a 10 month detention in a US prison after he decided to flee Singapore for the US.

He’s been released and is now allowed to remain in the US. But despite now living in the country with the longest prison sentences for child pornography in the world he’s not backing down, already he’s made another video on why paedophilia is alright:

After being released he was even offered a chance to talk at Harvard but they quickly rescinded the offer after they discovered that he believes that age of consent laws are wrong. So much for Harvard and free speech, eh?

It’s also well worth watching the video where he talks about his 10 month US prison stint, where he is currently at and what he plans to do going forward:

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6 Responses to Amos Yee is back!

  1. Not Amos Yee says:

    Amos is certainly a character… but he can shift positions 180 degrees based on little information. His way of discourse appears to be picking any position based on first impressions, then defending it fiercely (but not well) until he decides to switch sides.

    So I think his support of pedophiles, while brave, is dangerous to kind people, in at least three ways. First, his support is intellectually thin. He has a handful of arguments, but he doesn’t have additional arguments if those fail, and he doesn’t have the facts to back up his arguments (or he chooses not to present them). Second, when he inevitably disavows this position, as almost everyone does once the flamethrower is turned on them, it will be yet another blow to kinds. “Even the crazy Amos Yee won’t support you” will be the claim. Third, while I came to Amos’ same conclusion, at the same age, without any experience with anyone, I think most people will believe he must have had experience with an adult or child. Even if it’s not true, this assumption in other people’s heads puts any kind person in his family, his education, any other place, in danger. And of course it puts him in danger as well.

    It’s very alarming the quantity of people wishing rape and death on him, and a few comments outright saying they will kill him. I don’t think he understands this is not something you can take on alone. I hope he’s being advised not to leave his basement.

    • holocaust21 says:

      I don’t know he seems to present some of the strongest and simplest arguments in favour. It’s a lot easier to show a single case of someone enjoying having sex as a child than arguing over a bunch of dry statistics from the Rind report so his argument really throws the ball in their court, they either need to accept they don’t think age of consent laws should apply to those who enjoyed their abuse or their need to irrationally scream paedophile in which case no amount of arguing will change their opinion and it’s then up to intelligent people to form theirs.

      I agree with you he has had a history of changing his argument 180 degrees though given that he’s already raised the age of consent questions before, and been involved in significant debates about it, as well as receiving a LOT of flak, he seems to still be holding firm on his position but only time will tell!

  2. LiberalHypocriteScum! says:

    Of course, Americans can be all high and mighty in defence of alleged human values when it comes to criticising other countries.

    Point out that they have the largest prison population on earth, and they’ll shrug it off as “freedom”.

    Of course, you can criticise religion and bloody the communist party or whatever when in America.

    Just not the values so deeply held by Americunt itself.

    God, what a horrible people and so hypocritical. And this chap is seeking asylum there? Whatever.

    And all these fucking cunty organisations about human rights and fucking free speech are such sickening hypocrites.

    Am I actually going insane? Is this ACTUALLY 1984?


    • holocaust21 says:

      God, what a horrible people and so hypocritical. And this chap is seeking asylum there? Whatever.

      I’d have said the same as you, but it’s possible his choice was actually smart because:
      1) America is the richest and most influential country in the world. So if you actually want to start changing the world it might be best to focus on changing America. Or, even if you don’t change America, maybe you can at least get funding from Americans to change somewhere else.

      2) Whilst often assaulted they do in theory have some of the strongest protections for free speech. Sometimes courts rule against it but enough fighting can see it overturned (for instance, courts have started to rule against social media bans for registered sex offenders) since the U.S. constitution doesn’t allow for as many ifs, buts and maybes as, say, the European Convention on Human Rights.

      3) There are not many others who have seriously tried to change America.

      • WesternPuritanScum! says:

        I have NO sympathy for ANYONE who seeks asylum in the most EVIL and WARLIKE country on earth, that murders innocents by the millions.

        And I don’t GIVE A FUCK about “freedom of speech”. If that means feminist and lesbian puriscum and faggot scum can speak freely, then they should have their mouths professionally shut.

        I like the Islamic idea of tolerance. If men wish to shit in other’s mouths, then they can do so in private.

        FOS is just another Western Value used as an excuse to fuck up the rest of the world.

        All it MEANS is that in so-called FREE WORLD the population is brainwashed SCUM like in the US/UK. In Islamic countries, outside, say, some shithole like Saudi Arabia, there is much more variety, colour and independence of mind.

  3. Order says:

    I’ve posted this on another blog but I put it here because it’s important.

    Now another “pedophile” has come out: Roy Moore, his unnatural perversion is to be attracted to women under the age of 18, a clear case of normal male sexuality aka “pedophilia”.

    Although as Eivind Berge says (one of the few MRA that is not a cowardly hypocrite mangina):

    “Whether he did it is irrelevant; Roy Moore deserves all the misfortune he can get for agreeing with the feminists that sex with a 14-year-old is “abuse.” When you suck up to hateful political correctness, nothing can redeem you.”

    This is the America of 2017:

    Horrified with a man being chasing women at the ripe age of 14 or older.

    Pleased with faggots brainwashing children in schools to repulse their birth sex.

    Democrats = Republican = Feminist scum.

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