Amos Yee Paedophilia Debate with Count Dankula

Amos Yee is making more paedophilia debate videos:

I really like Amos Yee’s persistence and bravery (something which is almost unheard of despite there being 7 billion people in the world) and many of his arguments are reasonable. However, I think that at some points he gave in too much, for example, he implied one shouldn’t touch adults without their consent but I don’t agree. Depending on context it might be inappropriate but it should never be criminal. It is completely absurd to suggest otherwise.

That said the guy he was debating with was a violent fanatical thug who was completely indoctrinated by feminism. He actually went as far as to say that he would kill a man who had a sexual relationship with his child *even* if his child had said that she loved the man! Interestingly the guy had previously been arrested for a youtube video teaching his girlfriend’s pug to perform a Nazi salute under the excessively broad Malicious Communications Act 2003. Seems like his arrest on speech charges meant that he apprehensively accepted that lolicon should be legal, I’m guessing if he hadn’t been arrested perhaps he’d be less for free speech? Next step: Jail everyone for child molestation so they then accept that paedophilia should be legalised… Oh wait, that’s slowly happening!

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3 Responses to Amos Yee Paedophilia Debate with Count Dankula

  1. Yure says:

    I love the “that’s slowly happening” line.

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