Youtube Remove Amos Yee’s Video on Why Paedophilia Should Be Legal

As you can see here youtube have removed Amos Yee’s video on why paedophilia should be legal. They are taking away our speech! Google are scum! There is a special place in hell for those SJWs at Google.

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10 Responses to Youtube Remove Amos Yee’s Video on Why Paedophilia Should Be Legal

  1. Graroz says:

    What pedo-hysteria folks do not seem to understand is that it has a negative effect on girls as well. Girls in their true phase of peak attractiveness (12-16 years old) actively seek out older and powerful men who will dominate them, both sexually and otherwise. They genuinely enjoy being dominated, yet fanatics have criminalized these interactions.

    • Willhem says:

      No idea if they want to be dominated, because it is illegal to know them carnally or be 50 meters away from them, but 12 year old girls are not at their peak of attraction, even some at 13 either, the majority have just reached puberty and I want to say that I abhor ‘adult’ women so you can see that I don’t like ‘full-developed’ women, I just have attraction to that age range you say, at 12-16 but..

      At 14 the most have big boobs, hips and faces that incite to the hottest sex, if not because it’s illegal and I don’t want to bring more people to this hell, I’d be making babies with 14 years old every day, and I don’t go on because I get excited just thinking about it, something that a 12 year old girl doesn’t get, yes, they are a bit attractive but the peak to have sex I think is 14 to twenty-some (If we discount that legal adults are in legal possession of committing disgusting things like make porn a get STD and therefore inconceivable to me as a sexual or emotional partner, just would remain in 14-17) and also I think that 13 year old ones are very hot too.

      But remember that most men are much animalistic in all matters much is just to fuck and those things.. so if you have an emotional attraction to 12 or 13 years old then you will like them more than a normal guy.

      Just my two cents.

  2. WGE says:

    After the Roy Moore case, Thousands of people on Twitter have joined the #meat14 campaign to publicly denounce that “an adolescent is too young to consent with an adult” and their full support of the age of consent:

    • Mitch says:

      The girl on the front of that article presumably 14 is very very what normal men find attractive.

      • Willhem says:

        Before, I did not log with my account in due to laziness, and answering your statement, yes, that’s the kind of girl I like, perfect age and perfect body, and I guess at that time it would not be a misandrist bitch, now it will be one of those anti-man trash.

        The one who writes that text and the ones in the photos are women, they will know about us and what we like? In universities If a man of 22 or 23 has dating a freshman girl of 18 or 19 he is called a “chimo” aka child molester.

        The vast majority of women are odious beings, and they hate us for what we are and we feel, because we are men, they are terrorists against men.

    • SickToDeathOFMIsandristBigots says:

      What angers me about these slutcunts is that we know for sure the ones in showbusiness were flirting their ways and perhaps even sucking dick when those photos were taken.

      Just a bunch of ugly femihags pushing out the competition by calling them “innocent”.

      What filth!

      But it is MEN who emasculate themselves before these cunts who make me most sore!

  3. Ldev says:


    • holocaust21 says:

      I can’t quite work out why I keep letting your idiotic comments through, perhaps it is just to show the world how nutty paedohysterical people are

    • SickToDeathOFMIsandristBigots says:

      Harriet Harman et al were just opportunistic jealous cunts who availed themselves of left-liberal politics of ‘freedom’ as a cover for their own misgivings over having been born ugly cunts.

      And of that cunting bitch Chakrabarti I shall say the same. An opportunistic slutcunt who attacks O’Carroll when she should be standing up for FOS.

      Fuck her, fuck them:cunts!

  4. Alan Yawn the tasmanian tiger says:

    “There is a special place in hell for those SJWs at Google.”

    agree. i h8 justice

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