Feminism Is Making Us Extinct – Women Have Fewer Children Than At Any Time In History

Since feminist rape laws have been making it increasingly impossible to have a relationship we’re now finding that the human race is on the verge of going extinct. Birth rates are plummeting below the replacement rate in the UK:

Women who turned 45 in 2016 had an average of 1.90 children, down from 2.21 for their mothers’ generation.

Teenage motherhood is also dropping, with just 6 per cent of women having had at least one child before their 20th birthday.

Most shockingly:

In total, 18 per cent of women born in 1971 had no children at all, compared with 11 per cent of women in their mother’s generation.

This is not a UK specific phenomenon, similar declines are also occuring in the US:

This overall contraction in childbearing was also seen in the nation’s total fertility rate, which dipped to 1.89 children per woman — well below the 2.1 children-per-woman replacement rate that a nation needs for demographic stability. The U.S. fertility rate was at replacement level in 2007, but it has been falling ever since, the researchers note.

If you read the various articles on the internet much of the analysis inevitably is around the usual things “economic stagnation” or “women becoming more independent and ‘choosing’ to not have children”. But as per the first article average family sizes have been falling since the 1930s, given that some economic booms have been witnessed during that time, can it really be purely the economic stagnation of the last decade? I don’t think so. On the other hand feminism has been going since the 1930s and getting progressively worse but clearly feminist writers claim it is women “choosing” to not have children whereas one could argue that feminists are the ones who have made the choice for them. It seems maladaptive, from an evolutionary point of view, to not have any children, but perhaps it is because women are being wrongly educated – by feminists – to become “independent” and then realising they are now childless old hags with only cats to keep them company. Perhaps some of them would have found a relationship if they had been “sexually assaulted” or “sexually harassed” by the right guy but unfortunately the feminazi witch hunt against sexually promiscuous male behaviour means that men do not engage in this anymore and so it becomes harder for women to find a partner. Thus they are more likely to end up childless.

Feel free to start a discussion in the comments section, what’s the cause? Economic stagnation, feminism, both? Or perhaps something else?

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17 Responses to Feminism Is Making Us Extinct – Women Have Fewer Children Than At Any Time In History

  1. Cate says:

    Yes I believe it is policy of the New World Order. This is part of the ominous transition from man to machine.

  2. Ldev says:

    i suggest you get psychiatric help. clearly you are a mosogynistic nwo shill spreading nazi hate speech bile. the population of the planet is increasing by Population in the world is currently (2017) growing at a rate of around 1.12% per year (down from 1.14% in 2016). The current average population increase is estimated at 83 million people per year. Annual growth rate reached its peak in the late 1960s, when it was at around 2%. non of what you say makes any sense.GET HELP.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Yes, but populations of first world countries are falling and growth rates are starting to drop in developing countries too. The common narrative is that for some bizarre reason prosperity results in falling population growth. However, I might argue that this is because the first world has been most impacted by feminism and now that the third world is catching up economically – which includes mass media that propagates feminism – we are starting to see population growth fall in these countries as well.

      To be honest, the disparity in population growth between first world and third world countries is, I think, what has lead to anti-immigrant sentiment in the first world. Whites are dying out the fastest and they are irritated that rather than them being allowed to have families to serve the future work force instead our ailing economies are being propped up by immigrants in a self serving attempt by feminists to conceal the fact that their ideology is making us extinct. If immigration is restricted then I think the problems of feminism are likely to reveal themselves sooner and be solved otherwise we’ll have to wait a lot longer for other countries populations to plummet to similarly low levels by which point the white race will probably be just about gone.

      • Ldev says:


      • SickToDeathOfMisandristCunts! says:

        Perhaps what you are saying is true concerning the anxieties of white people, but they, too, can go fuck themselves! They DESERVE to die out, given that their MEN are the most cuck-virtue-spiralling white knight cunts in history!

        Rather than fighting feminism and for the courtly love beauty of TRUE girls/women of beauty, they fucking attack some paki shop owner or some muslim bitch in a headscarfe. Bunch of right wing cunts.

        The only anti-immigrant rightists I respect are those in Japan.

        Shame that China and not Japan is going to be world’s next superpower. I don’t know if the hype is true about China, but Japan was certainly on its way to being a rival to the United States economically, and with that perhaps it might have even rebuilt its military influence to stand up to the overwhelming armies of Shiterica. The thing I like about Japan is how until recently they seemed to stand up for their own values, despite being occupied by the Shitited States. This meant a low AOC and an institutionalised love-system where young men in their twenties and early thirties dated girls 11-15 and nobody batted an eyelid. And for real ugly and completely skint blokes there was always plenty of anime available. Japan was a HIGHLY successful modern economy, and yet women still married young and stayed at home after some short time in the workplace. Theoretical physicists who were women could still pursue their career choices. There was, as far as I know, none of this dumbed down uni courses for “liberated” cunts.

        Sadly, they suffered an economic collapse so now will end up like everyone else.

        As for China, they will adopt American values of social-control, so it is inevitable that the pedohysteria will be used to control men. China itself has a noble history going back thousands of years, a civilisation state, but modern china is a shithole that is only fit for making my throwaway trainers and the bucket that hold my Kentucky Fried Chicken.

  3. Libertine says:

    That’s good call for immigration, Though some conspiricy theorists say that was the plan by the left, and that it is, somehow, anti-white. I’ve not looked into it enough to speculate. You notice how these sperm donors websites are getting popular, because many women (and men) are realising their body-clock it ticking and their is a race against time.

  4. FlogPie says:

    Honestly, some form of bottom-up population control is likely to occur eventually. The finite planet cannot sustain nonstop population growth. Fights over scarcer and scarcer resources will break out sometime in the future.

    I see the issue of feminism as being unrelated to population issues. Feminism is, after all, about demonizing normal male sexuality and sexual preferences. For me, sexual liberation with better birth control options for men would be preferable.

  5. Feminists are Liars says:

  6. Feminists are Liars says:

  7. Tom Grauer says:

    Off topic, but I’ve just come across a list of so-called Trump accomplishments:

    Look at the “Justice” section – it’s horrible. All of it is made of anti “sex trafficking,” anti “underage sex,” and anti “child predator” things that he “accomplished.” In this regard, he’s probably worse than Hillary – she was a misandric cunt, but probably too nihilistic to implement the feminist-puritan agenda with such vigor. Damn!

    • holocaust21 says:

      Yeah Trump is quite a disappointment, it turns out the “politically incorrect”, “alt-right”, “anti-feminist” president is really just a “traditional conservative” with the usual strand of aggressive feminism that plagued 1980s conservatives.

      Depressing 😦

    • HateFeminismAndFagism says:

      Oh, I am surprised that anyone thought he would be otherwise.

      The alt-right are just a sex-fearing syndrome of American puritanism. They offer a sort of Handmaid’s Tale alternative to the left-Liberal hell of mainstream Americanism. The fact that most of these individuals are sex offenders is actually part of the puritan idea, where sexuality is viewed as an ineradicable “fallen behaviour”. So it is permitted to exist in a way that its cheapest and most gaudy aspects are exploded all across the media: aged ( 25 and over ) sluts bearing their flesh and all this slut culture without any of the truth of courtly love and such. Teenage boys are being deliberately turned into animal cunts. And then the true beauty of teens that ALL men want is denied them so they go off to some pole dancing shitden and fuck some ugly oversized cunt up the ass. Wish I had a better word than the anti-sex slut, because I support any girl who wants to sleep with anyone she wants. Of course, all these anti-theists who think themselves to be liberated are so deeply inculcated with the worst aspects of Judaeo-Christian sexual guilt that we are IN FACT living in a NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR world of fucking opposites. Their religion is Left-liberalism and its current dispensation of Hilaryism.

      And, sadly, the same applies to “Libertarianism”, which, for all its surface colouring of individual rights and “freedom”, is merely an excuse for mass privatisation and handing over of power to large corporations. Think that creepy cunt Gary “What is Aleppo?” Johnson thick-as-shit-bastard and his passionate support of private prisons while governor of some shit-hole he stole from the Mexicans. And I say this as someone who would love to see the NHS privatised.

      • holocaust21 says:

        And, sadly, the same applies to “Libertarianism”, which, for all its surface colouring of individual rights and “freedom”, is merely an excuse for mass privatisation and handing over of power to large corporations.

        True point that one, I see a lot of Libertarians who view property rights as more important than freedom and who also seem to think that free speech should be allowed by government but “private corporations” don’t need to comply. They of course ignore the fact that these are publicly traded corporations who use money from many public investors and have power and influence that is equal to that of many governments. If they had it their way there’d be about 100 oligarchs who would own almost all the land. The rest of us would all be delegated to some slum and if we want to feed ourselves we’d need to work for “the corporation”, of course, if you were to ever utter a word against “the corporation” then they would fire you and you’d starve to death and die. But that’s OK because the corporation isn’t government! Seriously, WTF.

  8. Willhem says:




    Donald Trump: police killers should get the death penalty


    Republican candidate Donald Trump vows to impose the death penalty for anyone who kills a police officer if he becomes US president. Trump spoke on Thursday after accepting the endorsement of the New England Police Benevolent Association, a police union representing nearly 5,000 law enforcement officials

    • HateManHatingWomen says:

      Hate the fucking police and think it is perfectly acceptable to shoot these feminist-law enforcing cunts, but have no particular trigger at the death penalty. Actual murderers being hanged I have no concern with, and especially, of course, feminists, though I would be against it once feminism ( which it never will be ) is defeated, as it leads to a slippery slope of “Who next?”.

      As for Trump, he can fuck off for sure. I like Baron a LOT but Trump can still fuck off.

  9. Yure says:

    Japan is seeing that happening. Too many elders, less and less children, creating State expenses. I think that movements like those can be beneficial in the long run. Because, after a while, capitalism, which a big system that needs workers, will demand fresh work hands. Then, sex laws would be softened. The government could even listen ideas such as age of consent reform and maybe, if the situation is desperate enough, age of consent abolishment. Maybe they will see that lot of the feminist acceptance was a mistake.

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