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Shock News: UK Is Bringing Back Free Speech

The UK Universities Minister has recently railed against “no-platforming” and, showing some teeth to his rhetoric, he is forming a new regulator with extensive powers to crack down on universities that fail to safeguard free speech. The regulator will have … Continue reading

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Guest Post: In Defense Of Minor Attracted People or I Think It’s Genocide

Recently someone started a thread on the MGTOW reddit entitled “What opinion do you hold that would probably get downvoted here?” And a user by the name of SpayAndNeuterUrPets replied with a massive essay pointing out that minor attraction is … Continue reading

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Police officer speaks the truth on rape

In an extremely rare event, which has only just now, 6 years after the fact, been brought to my attention a police officer had in 2011 spoken the truth on rape through his anonymous blog which has now been deleted … Continue reading

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Database of False Accusations

A new blog has been created called Critica Think which lists a database of false accusations. And there are many, many listed! Though I am sure in practice there are thousands more.

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Good News: Lawyer Nick Freeman Calls For False Accusers Register

At last, a lawyer, Nick Freeman, has called for the creation of a public false accusers register! I’d also like to see those placed on the false accusers register prevented from coming into contact with boys so they can’t make … Continue reading

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Rick Falkvinge Discusses Profound Implications of Cryptocurrencies

Self-appointed Bitcoin Cash CEO, Rick Falkvinge, discusses the profound implications to society of cryptocurrencies: I think Rick has amassed rather a lot of bitcoins himself over the years and must be now very rich. Why do I bring this up … Continue reading

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American politicians begin committing suicide

As a follow up to my previous post on how British politicians have begun committing suicide, it seems that now so are American politicians! The first victim is Kentucky lawmaker Dan Johnson who killed himself after being accused of drunkenly … Continue reading

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