Should the age of consent be lowered to 13? YES – say most users

Contradicting the belief that most people hate paedophiles it seems that most users think the age of consent should be lowered to 13.

When battling against the relentless paedohysteria I often find myself confused. Confused because in some cases, such as Amos Yee’s recent videos, one often sees nothing other than death threats and hate in the comments. On the other hand, on one sees the majority of people voting for the age of consent to be lowered to 13.

So, the question becomes, why so much difference in opinions expressed between the different platforms?

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13 Responses to Should the age of consent be lowered to 13? YES – say most users

  1. Chinzork says:

    I think paedohysteria is, unfortunately, still alive and well in the Anglosphere. It is simply part of the misandrist agenda that dominates all the Anglo nations. Youtube is a platform with a lot of mass-appeal in the Anglospere, so it is more indicative of wider public opinion. is a much smaller subset of people who are more cool-headed and actually try to think through these things.

  2. John says:

    This site sucks, too many fucking pop-ups too many takeaways turn into new fucking page too much fucking ads him a fucking load!

  3. DanE20 says:

    I’m starting to think thanks to the Hollywood scandal, that legal adulthood at 18 is a house of cards and a lie.

    Lately, the production companies are throwing girls to fame, who the next day after turning 18, are already drilling 4 dicks into a gangbang. Pal don’t fuck with me, at that age you are still a kid and you don’t have a fucking clue about life, to fuck around in front of the whole planet. The age at which it is legal to make sex should be regulated. Minimum 22 or 23 years.

    That’s why I’m seeing more and more cougar and milf porn. Because there you have the guarantee that whoever fucks in front of a camera is because he really wants to and not because they have filled his head with birds in the middle of a party up to cocaine and dollars in his pocket.

  4. Anti-social Change says:

    I feel like throwing up reading this. “I think this guy’s a pedophile.” Pedophilia at the ripe age of 16. It’s fucking vomiting, these washed brains, this is 1984. He’s not a predator, he doesn’t go online seeking high school girls. You can’t even like high school girls. You shouldn’t be allowed to marry a girl at the age of 16. What’s wrong with this totalitarian brains? You want to legalize sex with children and you can’t convince them that it’s okay to look for high school girls. These people are terminally ill. A mind that believes it is wrong just because a law says they are “underages” is a terminal mind, rotten and sick, they are incurable.
    You’re all totally wrong.

  5. Itachi says:

    How can there be people who believe that there are anti-feminist women like Lauren Southern?

    No, there are no anti-feminist women. All women seek their greatest benefit at the lowest cost, and the status quo gives them all the freedoms and privileges without demanding any responsibility in return. You can’t beat that. You can’t beat Free.

    You know what an anti-feminist woman is? A pro-patriarchy woman. In other words, women should not be able to vote, should not have sexual freedom, should not be able to divorce and should not be able to work in an office. She would have to marry a man with resources, who could support her and her family and devote her whole life to taking care of the house, man and children.

    Any of you have you met any women who would defend that?

    • HateWomenWhoHateBoys says:

      We have to move to the next step: the eradication of women!

      I know I am probably the only Gynocidist on here, but it is a logical position.

  6. Simmons says:

    I completely and unequivocally denounce the horrendous allegations of nonconsensual sex against women and children under 18 with every fiber of my being … More than anything, I want my daughters to live in a more equal world and a world where they will not become victims of sexual harassment. Age of consent would be set at 18 in all USA states now!

  7. Tom Grauer says:

    I think that an even better poll should ask: “what should the age of consent be?” and offer all the options from e.g 25 to 0 (none). That would allow a broader spectrum of opinion. Personally, I’d either choose none or 10. Of course, if we can reduce it to 13, that’s a step in the right direction; unfortunately, so far I have yet to see any successes on the part of us genuine anti-feminists in reducing it at all. Time will tell.

  8. mandy jones says:

    True, but some want the age to lower itself so teen can bang on other teens.

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  10. Yure says:

    That’s because, in, people can vote on a position without showing name or face (if I remember right). No one goes to a video by Amos Yee to leave a public comment that can be tracked to their profile, at least not without thinking twice. A lot of people think that age of consent should be lower, but they can’t voice it. So it’s those who are favorable to the current age of consent who make the loudest noise.

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