What Japanese Think of Feminism

Wow, the Japanese don’t seem to know much about Feminism or believe in it:

Japan was one of the most resistant countries to criminalising child pornography, unfortunately, they finally caved in a few years ago and mere possession of child porn is now illegal in Japan since 2014. I wonder if they actually make many arrests for it though?

Still, whilst Japan’s racism has kept it somewhat insulated from Western feminist poison, slowly Japan’s culture will turn into the feminist nightmare that we now experience in all Western countries.

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4 Responses to What Japanese Think of Feminism

  1. Tom Grauer says:

    Feminism is a distinctly Western worldview; Asians are naturally averse to it. However, the Asians adopt Feminism due to global Western (and specifically Anglo) hegemony. I think that the coming downfall of Anglo world dominance will spell the end of modern day Feminism. Sadly, the MRAs have not been successful in hijacking “youth culture,” which is the key to the future. Youth culture has been hijacked by the humorous alt-right trolls, but the alt-right is unfortunately very puritan underneath all the jokes.

    • holocaust21 says:

      I wonder if the Asian aversion to Feminism is genetic or cultural and thus I also wonder if Asian societies will gradually become radically feminist anyway. I don’t personally see any imminent downfall of Anglo world dominance, there’s lots of talk of the rise of China blah blah but I think America is still far superior to them economically. Also I think China have the death penalty for age of consent violations, so they are really the most intolerant of the Asian countries.

      For me, I think if there’s any force that might truly overthrow feminism it would probably be MGTOW as there seems to be exponential growth in the number of subscribers to their reddit (doubling each year) and occasionally I’ve seen people bashing the age of consent on there, which is at the very core of feminism. Though having blogged on here for several years and to absolutely no effect I’m becoming quite black pilled, tbh.

      • Order says:

        Ages of consent in China:

        Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368): 10 years old.

        Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911): 12 years old.

        Republic of China (from 1928): 16 years old.

        Maoist China (from 1957): 14 years old.

        Currently (as of 1979): 14 years, except in Hong Kong and Maco which are 16 and to get married, 20 years for women and 22 for men.

  2. Libertine says:

    On a similar note, interesting article about the film ‘Rita, sue and Bob too’

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