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Jordan Peterson totally rapes radical feminist Cathy Newman

The incredibly hostile feminist presenter Cathy Newman gets totally raped by Jordan Peterson in a 30 minute interview. Many activists would be severely put off by her extreme hostility but not Peterson. He thrashes every single gibberish feminist argument that … Continue reading

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1000 young people charged in Denmark for distributing child porn

Denmark is charging over 1000 young people with distributing child pornography. They will be placed on the sex offender registry for 10 years – and I didn’t even know Denmark had a sex offender registry! This is shocking. This shows … Continue reading

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That Little Topic of Pro-Rape Advocacy

Ever since The Daily Antifeminist launched it seems like the topic of pro-rape advocacy has come up again, and it’s already starting to cause a triggering even on pro-paedophilia (!) blogs like Heretic TOC (see the comments). More mainstream social … Continue reading

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Oprah Winfrey BUSTED

Oprah Winfrey, the vile feminist billionaire who once remarked that “there are 9000 penises out there raping children” has been BUSTED as having known about Weinstein for decades whilst saying nothing. And all that whilst showing the world her disgusting … Continue reading

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Guardian on John Worboys: Revenge has no place in the law

First vaguely sensible article written in The Guardian for a long time suggests the desire for “revenge” on poor John Worboys has no place in the law. Personally, I’d question if John Worboys was even guilty in the first place! … Continue reading

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Now They’re Accusing 11 Year Olds Of Sexual Harassment

You just can’t make this shit up. If an 11 year old can’t consent, then how the fuck can they commit “sexual harassment”? Whatever “sexual harassment” is. The world is poisoned with the feminist disease.

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Concert firm boss convicted for ridiculous crime of taking upskirt photos

I mean seriously, WTF. These feminazis treat this as a heinous crime when it is, at worst, a minor nuisance.

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