UK rape trials at risk of collapsing

Many of my UK based readers may be aware that since just before Christmas several UK rape trials collapsed beginning with Liam Allan, even the BBC and The Guardian ended up being forced to report on it! Most shockingly it was the prosecution barrister, Jerry Hayes, who was responsible for uncovering that the police had been hiding thousands of messages proving Liam’s innocence.

Anyway, shortly after the Liam Allan case, yet another ‘rape’ case collapsed. Namely Isaac Itiary who was shown to be innocent after texts emerged demonstrating that the girl had lied about her age, pretending to be 19, when she was in fact 15. Obviously many of us would wonder why the police would prosecute sex with a 15 year old in the first place, given that sex below the age of consent is a victimless crime and this further proves our point as to why it *shouldn’t* be prosecuted.

Finally, perhaps worst of all, we also saw the case of Danny Kay who had already rotted in prison for two years until he won an appeal proving his innocence as the police had deliberately used doctored facebook messages taken from the evil lying bitch who accused him.

As a consequence of all this, the police have begun carrying out an urgent review into all pending rape trials. I’m not sure who is forcing this, as I’m sure the police don’t want to – they’d much rather carry on perverting the course of justice as usual. Perhaps quietly in the halls of Westminster politicians have been preparing the groundwork to end feminism given that Theresa May made a peculiar allusion to the idea that they had “initiated a review into the disclosure of evidence even before the cases arose”. I also note that the “prosecution barrister” (seems more like a defence barrister!) Jerry Hayes was formerly a conservative MP and seems to be declaring an ideological war on the “I believe the victim” mindset. We also see Nigel Evans, another conservative MP who was previously accused and cleared of rape, taking the opportunity to criticise the system. Side note: Has anyone noticed how the tabloids do seem to be the best papers these days? They have more criticism of rape laws than any of the broadsheets (except perhaps The Telegraph). Try telling your middle class Guardinista or Beeb-watching ‘friends’ that and prepare for a major triggering!

Anyway, we can only hope that things are going to get better from here, certainly Jonathan King seems to have some insider knowledge that several incompetent or corrupt cops are going to be locked up. Mind, I’m not holding my breath. Things are already so bad for men, and feminists have a habit of just going quiet for a bit before starting another sexual offences circus. I suspect there is a risk, even, that the far left (feminists, guardian, bbc, labour etc) will use the argument that the police and CPS need more funding in order to stop miscarriages of justice. Inevitably that will actually result in *more* miscarriages of justice as the police and CPS will then have more money to go after more people (and the far left know this). My view is that the police and CPS need their budget drastically cut, and must be forced to clean up their act, and our politicians need to clean up our laws.

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