The Daily Antifeminist

Just found out about a new blog – The Daily Antifeminist – that is advocating a very similar case on paedohysteria/men’s rights etc as I do here. Well, actually perhaps a bit more radical but I can’t say I disagree!

He suggests that all sex offence legislation should be abolished, that schools are prisons, and that the current alt-right/MRA/blah movement is a mess due to its refusal to be truly conservative and move the clock back on paedophilia as well. All of which is much more accurately explained in his first blog post. Crucially, he also proposes the term ‘Blue Knight’ which in his words:

Like his White Knight counterpart, the Blue Knight (as in “Blue Balls”) is any man on the internet and beyond the internet whose excessive, over-reactive protective instinct is commanding him to set out to “defend” children from “sexualization” or “exploitation,” blah-blah-blah voodoo mumbo-jumbo. As the White Knight goes out of his way to propose ways to protect women from the consequences of their own behavior, the Blue Knight is preoccupied with protecting children from the consequences of their own sexuality. Obviously their methods are identical: attack the “evil men” who “corrupt the poor women and children.” Indeed, it’s no coincidence that the feminized phrase is “women and children,” as the impulse to “protect” both groups is one and the same.

In another blog post he explains why the term ‘Blue Knight’ is needed:

I decided to call the Blue Knight a “Blue Knight” (the color blue was chosen as a reference for “Blue Balls,” which is what these people have and what they want everyone else to have), because there are various issues with calling these people Puritans, Prudes, or simply Feminists. They aren’t exactly those things, if we’re honest about it. I believe that there is something very specific going on with their mentality, and that is that their protective instinct is pumped with steroids. They sense an immense urge to “protect,” and to fight evil predatory men such as yours truly. So they support the AOC tyranny, and they believe that the current pedohysterical climate is not nearly extreme enough. They whine about pornography in general (what a bunch of nancies) and specifically they whine about “child porn.”

So here’s a question for my readers, what do you guys think of the term ‘Blue Knight’, is it something you’ll start using in your online spats with feminists and alt-rightists? For me, I can certainly see the rationale, it will save those annoying times when you call an alt-rightist a feminist and then they claim they aren’t a feminist as they are all against the SJW sexual harassment stuff etc but anyone who fucks kids is sick etc etc. Now you can just call them a ‘Blue Knight’ and then they’ll go WTF is a ‘Blue Knight’? And then you’ll explain that it’s some moron who has some ridiculously retarded need to ‘protect children’ from ‘sex’. And then they’ll be like ‘Oh……’.

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6 Responses to The Daily Antifeminist

  1. dailyantifeminist says:

    Thank you for recommending my blog (and for boosting my traffic). If I manage to make this a consistent operation, writing at least 1 blogpost on a daily basis, and promoting the blog on various platforms, I believe that I could make it quite popular within a year or so.

    It’s important to give things their proper names, yes. I still use the descriptor “Puritan” a lot, but “Blue Knight” does have potential. Whichever catches on, we win!

    • holocaust21 says:

      Well, good luck, perhaps you will have more luck than me. Your blog is quite slick and if you have the time/creativity to keep producing one meaningful article a day maybe it will go somewhere – I’ve generally been too busy/tired to keep up a consistent flow which probably hasn’t helped. Also I damn suck at marketing, it doesn’t help of course that platforms like twitter, facebook and google are no friends of our philosophy!

  2. Gen says:

    someone has written this in the dailyantifeminist, I think you’re a vegetarian or did you say something about people being hypocritical about eating animals and then banning zoophilia, so what do you think of this?

    “”””””No, animals can not be owned by anyone, a cow if owned by anyone is SLAVERY, animals are not for human benefit. An animal does not exist for humans. Neither women or children exist for men.
    Reading your blog, I think that you only support a patriarchy because you are human male, for you women and animals are inferior beings that only exist to serve you, their lives and feelings do not have the least value, no matter how they feel that you, or am I wrong?

    In a patriarchy women, children and animals are the property of men, that is an aberration, neither women nor children nor animals are owned by anyone, they must be free and live their lives as they want. Parents should not have ownership over their children. Husbands should not have ownership over their wives. Humans should not have ownership over animals. Like females and animals should not have ownership over males and humans either.

    You can not eat and exploit animals just because you like the taste of meat, milk and eggs, just as you can not exploit and control as property a woman or child just because you want, your rights and needs as a human male are not they are above the rights of women and animals, you are not superior for being human, or for being a man. Men have no right to rule over women. Humans have no right to rule over animals. Animals and humans are the same and are worth the same, men and women are equal and are worth the same. This is the TRUTH.””””””””

    • holocaust21 says:

      I believe that was in reply to this:

      I’d have to consider this one some more. I think really what we’re suggesting is that there are two competing strategies:

      1) ‘Submissiveness’ where the woman/animal submits to what their master tells them to do. This has a plus that they don’t have to worry about things too much, someone else sorts it all out for them and they just do what he says.

      2) ‘Equality’ where the woman/animal is at the same level and leads. I’m not sure how well this works with animals as they don’t cooperate in the same way we do so the analogy starts to break down here (depending on species, of course). I think you can have this in a relationship with a woman too but the downside for her is she needs to worry more, and the downside for the man is he has to argue with her more over making the right decision.

      You do see both scenarios play out in human relationships. Though somehow the culture in the West means that ‘Equality’ is now pretty much how every relationship is run, I wonder if this is really what everyone would prefer?

      Perhaps someone has a better explanation for why ‘Submissiveness’ might be a preferable strategy to the dominant ‘Equality’ narrative. And also why we’ve ended up with ‘Equality’ seemingly preferred by everyone in the West?

      Still though, going back to your animals point, I think animals are generally hard to reason with and so you will either need to be firm with them and tell them what to do, or have them wreak chaos. If you treat them well, but are not treating them as an ‘equal’ then I don’t see it as an issue as they may be living better with you than most animals in the wild!

    • holocaust21 says:

      It should definitely help to cause a triggering, which is always a good thing, and he’s right about the point that the current system of ‘rape laws’ causes involuntary celibacy and so a new approach is needed. I’m not sure about the age of 8 though as it seems a bit arbitrary, much like the current age of consent, and the concept of owning women as ‘property’ I’m not sure about, though maybe it is the only way that things can work. It would definitely be an improvement over the feminist system though, which is completely nuts.

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