Jordan Peterson totally rapes radical feminist Cathy Newman

The incredibly hostile feminist presenter Cathy Newman gets totally raped by Jordan Peterson in a 30 minute interview. Many activists would be severely put off by her extreme hostility but not Peterson. He thrashes every single gibberish feminist argument that she has to throw:

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15 Responses to Jordan Peterson totally rapes radical feminist Cathy Newman

  1. rearview says:

    Men and women too have to take a firm stand against these sociopathic bitches.

  2. Coolioz says:

    Honestly, I see little point in having these kinds of debates anymore. The anti-feminist side always wins if one actually considers the substance of arguments, but the feminists always win in the public mind because the Anglosphere (and arguably the entire West) hates males and male sexuality.

  3. Libertine says:

    I watched that, this guy is interesting, think I’ll check out more of his work. On another note, Newsnight tonight did a piece about Woody Allen and the allegations against him. Though, his accuser was his stepdaughter not daughter. They asked the question: Would a film like Manhattan be made today, probably not!

  4. rearview says:

    Testing to see if comment shows up.

  5. feinmann0 says:

    In relation to the patriarchy topic discussed in the C4 interview, here he is again this time at Radio 5 live:

    Powerful! to watch and listen to!

  6. Libertine says:

    Not sure if you’ve been following news but the glee actor ‘Cory’ has died, Possible suicide, He was waiting sentence for downloading CP.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Yeah I heard, unfortunately got lazy with posting it mainly because there seem to be so many people killing themselves over CP it’s almost not news anymore just “business as usual”. It really does surprise me why men don’t do the Islamic Suicide Bomber thing.

  7. The Highwayman says:

    I don’t know if you guys have heard but F1 racing g has now eliminated it’s decades old tradition of Grid Girls to please feminist women. Several other sports are also purging eye candy in the name of PC.

    I don’t know how some Alt Righters can think that we live in a hypersexualized society can they not see the war on male sexuality and the women who wish to indulge it that is going on?

  8. The Highwayman says:

    While Jordan Peterson is good on some issues WRT to feminism he is no friend of sexual liberty as he is very much against porn and casual sex. Here is his opinion on Porn:

    He complains that porn is an easy way out of the dating game for men.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Yeah I saw that one actually. I think sometimes Jordan Peterson does have a tendency to blame the symptoms rather than the cause. Men watch porn instead of getting a relationship because of feminism. This is due to all the new rape laws that have appeared, and associated risks for men, as well as the way that modern women all seem to be feminist bitches. Thus, it’s no surprise that many men have given up, watched porn and then gone MGTOW. If Peterson wants to get men to have relationships then he needs to abolish all the feminist laws that give women power over men and make sexuality risky. Porn is not the problem, it’s a symptom of the problem.

  9. The Highwayman says:

    Here is Jordan Peterson arguing against casual sex:

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