Man convicted based on hearsay

Much like the Salem witch trials a man in Britain has now been convicted on mere hearsay evidence. The man was convicted under the shocking feminist law of “coercive and controlling behaviour” that was introduced in 2015. The law itself is beyond disturbing in requiring very little ‘evidence’ to convict but in the latest case there was no one who actually considered themselves a victim. The only evidence was pure hearsay from feminist busy bodies.

You will note this new development is very much like how the age of consent developed. First it seemed to allow underage women to accuse their boyfriends of ‘rape’ if they felt like it, then it turned into the state manipulating them and encouraging them to make the accusations and then finally it turned into the state completely ignoring the underage woman and prosecuting her boyfriend based on hearsay from some sexually jealous older woman (or her incestuous – and thus jealous – father).

All sex is fast becoming illegal. And like with children, it is becoming dangerous for a man to even be seen near a woman.

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3 Responses to Man convicted based on hearsay

  1. How disturbingly true the last paragraph is. First they violently separated men from children (sex, teaching, child support) and now the women. Damnit where are our hero defense attorneys? Where are the Men’s Rights court advocates?

  2. dailyantifeminist says:

    For absolute totalitarian control, the Feminist State should declare that it can read the minds of all the citizens, and throw men in prison as it sees fit based on “telepathic rape.”

    In all seriousness, this state of affairs cannot continue for long. The Feminist definitions of “sex crime” have become so broad practically every man is now a “sex criminal.”

    Now, that’s what the misandrist Feminists wanted to achieve, but it’s a miscalculation on their part – men would rather en masse convert to Islam or perhaps fundamentalist Christianity than live under the rule of Feminism, which means that a sexual revolution — one way or another — is on the way, and the Feminists won’t be able to win this time as they simply won’t have too many “male allies” to help them out.

  3. Feminism is literally Hitler says:

    In Spain (which raised the age of consent from 13 to 16 bacause complaints from feminists whores) they have just made a law that could be considered “gender violence” (i. e. violence against women “for being a woman”) to ANY crime of a man against women if they consider that the crime was “for being a woman”, i. e., “rape” her or even rob her.

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