Woman arrested for having sex with “student” over 18

A 22 year old has been arrested for having sex with an 18 year old presumably because the 18 year old is a “student” below the new feminist “student” age of consent. Or something like that. Actually no one even knows what the laws are anymore, all we know is that if it’s sexual it might be illegal. Most ironically of all, that 22 year old is a woman.

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9 Responses to Woman arrested for having sex with “student” over 18

  1. Fuck Adults! says:

    I don’t give a shit. The fact is that I like if they go to jail, and the one who wrote that piece on reason, it’s just a piece of shit. Their relationship was okay because they were “fellow adults, are of similar age and no minor is involved”? go to hell them.

    Adult and similar-age relationships are only for irrational animals such as dogs, cats, mices, etc. Dating an adult or someone your own age is unnatural, if both have the same strength and power is an aberration, one must be a juvenile to whom you teach and that juvenile know his place. Besides the disgust of grown-up bodies, I’m seriously disgusted by them.

    • holocaust21 says:

      I understand your sentiment and you’re right to call the author out on it, though the piece is written by Lenore Skenazy and she’s been quite influential in railing against the sex offender register. Sometimes like a lot of women she does fall into the “sisterhood” trap and seems more inclined to bring up injustices whereby women are arrested than the far more common case that men are arrested, I’m not even sure if she is conscious of this. On the other hand, she is trying to appeal with a specific idea “free range kids” marketed at mums so maybe that is why. Also she has still brought up quite a few similar cases of men being arrested where the minor actually is a minor (see https://reason.com/blog/2015/06/16/male-teen-has-consensual-sex-with-female). So its hard to know exactly what she actually thinks, but her strategy seems to be to bring up the most ludicrous cases and question those. I suspect she’d be willing to go further against the AOC than she lets on, but really she’s a lone voice out there and one of the most “radical” (despite her comments being nothing short of basic common sense!!!) so until someone else is out there pushing the goal posts further… She’s not going to shift.

    • mandy jones says:

      Mices?! I hate these word crimes–>https://youtu.be/8Gv0H-vPoDc

      • hehe says:

        I think a new kind of anemone called “Mandy” has left a series of words something about a “crime” ¿? but I can’t read well, I can’t read the language of the savages.

        Jump into the void, Mandy, your existence is a crime.

  2. dailyantifeminist says:

    “Actually no one even knows what the laws are anymore”

    LOL – exactly.

    Or put another way, what we’re seeing is “unprincipled exceptions” (that’s Larry Auster’s coinage) being removed one by one. The idea here is that while the rules are very restrictive, in practice many exceptions to the rules — exceptions that are not based on principle, but on sheer convenience — are tolerated; one such unprincipled exception is allowing “teachers” and “students” to sometimes date each other, even though it may technically be against the rules. This unprincipled exception to the rules recognizes that these relationships are normal.

    But these unprincipled exceptions are gradually, progressively being *removed*, so that eventually only the strict letter of the law counts, as impractical as the law may be. Thus, things that were once upon a time allowed to happen, are no longer allowed to happen. I believe that this here is such a case.

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  5. Emil says:

    None of the children aged 18 in a relationship with a 22yo give “consent”. They are usually coerced with violence, mental abuse, or drugged in many or most cases. How any one can even think that it is ok to keep legal these inappropiate relationships for sexual pleasure is just beyond any reasonably sane person.

  6. Libertine says:

    I hope that last comment is satire!

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