Oxfam Scandal – Are Social Justice Organisations Imploding?

Recently a so-called scandal around Oxfam has broken out whereby its directors have been doing entirely innocent things like banging Haitian prostitutes but, which is apparently, after the population has been subjected to years of feminist indoctrination, considered a ‘bad thing’.

Now, I actually wouldn’t say I’m too clued up on Oxfam but my understanding is that the organisation is what you might call a “Social Justice Organisation” and, whilst, unlike the NSPCC, it may be the case that the organisation’s resources are not 100% dedicated to making life a living hell for men, Feminism does exist at the core of the organisation. Indeed, Oxfam has run some truly sickening campaigns such as their “violence against women and girls: enough is enough” campaign, which, as you might expect, constitutes the usual man hate. The campaign is entirely dedicated to stopping men having sex with 15 year old girls as well as allowing violent wives to use the full power of the State in their quest to inflict brutal punishment on their innocent husbands.

What I find most curious about the whole affair is it feels as if social justice organisations are beginning to implode as a consequence of their own fanaticism. It’s also worth considering a post by The Anti-Feminist recently which showed a leading children’s rights campaigner for UNICEF was recently jailed for child rape. It seems as if the media – or certainly the Daily Mail at any rate – are linking his conviction to the current Oxfam scandal and it seems possible that other charities may be dragged into the spotlight. Wouldn’t it be great if more and more hypocrites like that were exposed and prosecuted? And wouldn’t it be great if all the social justice organisations began to lose funding as a consequence? Indeed, if they lost funding, then there would be less money to spread their poisonous propaganda… Which could mean the end of feminism.

The biggest indicator would be if the NSPCC itself gets embroiled in a child molestation scandal. That would be a clearer indication than anything else of the beginning of the end of paedohysteria. Unfortunately I’m not holding my breath though. The feminist madness has gone far beyond my worst nightmares.

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3 Responses to Oxfam Scandal – Are Social Justice Organisations Imploding?

  1. Libertine says:

    The hypocrisy of it all. What about women who have sex with male migrants at Calais: Or older women who go on trips to places like Turkey and end up having more than a mud bath!
    When refugees rape a female aid worker, where are the SWJs?

  2. FedUpOfFascistLies says:

    The belief that if things were to get so extreme, there would be a collapse of the system is completely misjudged.

    The Satanic sex abuse hysteria in the United States completely collapsed, is now a joke on those frivilous fucking fascist television comedy shoes, and yet there are still men completing hundreds of years sentence in some shithole for it.

    I REPEAT THAT as I need it to sink in:


    America: the LARGEST prison population in the world. LAND OF THE FUCKING FREE!


    bunch of cunts

  3. Yure says:

    I still think that loss of funds wouldn’t be enough. The idea (feminism) has to be discredited itself, which is also happening. If it loses funds and loses popular credit, it will die. I also spent some time on Youtube watching some statements from ex-feminists, it pleases me to see that many of them are still young. It’s worth a try, seeing what are the reasons that made those girls and women leave feminism behind after being part of it. We should push those reasons too, to further decrease it’s credit. You are already doing that and I’m thankful for that. Keep it up.

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