The Age Of Consent is an Act of Savage Violence

Posted this on the r/unpopularopinion reddit here, so thought I’d also repost it on my blog too, why not?

I find it astonishing how anyone can support the age of consent. I mean I hear the nonsense its proponents parrot like “a child cannot consent because they lack the mental capacity to consent” but these statements have no scientific substance to them at all. Children love having sex and one thing I notice that proponents of the age of consent love more than anything is jailing a man who had sex with a child that definitely consented. For example, Jeremy Forrest was vilified and jailed for in excess of 5 years for having sex with a 15 year old girl when it was her who groomed him. She even sent him love notes when he was sent to prison:

Furthermore proponents of the age of consent often use the claim that they “care deeply about the children” as a smoke screen for their puritanical world view. Why, then, do they have such satisfaction over prosecuting thousands of children for possessing child porn? See:

Indeed, given their claim that children are not sexual, why is it that so many children end up in prison as sex offenders? The most common age for a sex offender in the United States is 14. Indeed, police have even gone as far as trying to induce an erection in an underage boy in order to convict him of a sex crime:

Finally, for those of you who are Christian or Muslim there is much paedophilia in the various scriptures and it seems clear to me that God approves. For Christians the virgin Mary was impregnated by God at the age of 13 (actually, the assumption of the age of 13 comes from the fact that just about all girls were impregnated at that age back then, proving how normal paedophilia was historically). For Muslims, the prophet Muhammad married a 9 year old. Indeed, there’s more prophets in the scriptures who are paedophiles, see here: (and also follow some of the links in the comments).

Now finally what I want to point out in particular is that those who support the age of consent are not just hypocrites but they are actually VIOLENT THUGS. If you jail a man for many years, often decades as is the case in the USA, then you are committing an act of savage violence. You have brutalised and tortured a man who has not tried to do anyone any harm. You are beating a straw man, except that straw man ends up not being made of straw and you have murdered him.

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2 Responses to The Age Of Consent is an Act of Savage Violence

  1. Speaking truth to power here. Its a brutal criminalizing enterprise that should be mocked and dismantled piece by piece!

  2. Death to Feminism says:

    Feminist rats, they call child molestation to fuck 16-year-old girls.

    A law that forbids to fuck 16-year-old sluts with their hot pussy is an aberration.


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