Matthew Falder, Cambridge graduate handed ridiculous 32-year sentence and stripped of his degree

Matthew Falder, a Cambridge university graduate, has been jailed for a shocking 32 years for nothing more than (at worst) online bullying – oh but of course – with a “sexual component” (that clearly makes it so much worse). If it hadn’t had a sexual component then how long do you think he would have got? Well it’s entirely possible he wouldn’t have been jailed at all, but if he had been I think it would have been a maximum of 2 years and probably less. It should also be noted this is the UK, whilst in the US a 32 year sentence is not uncommon, people often get that there for jaywalking, skipping red lights, or even just for existing. In the UK, however, most murderers will serve less than 32 years in prison so it is right at the top end of the sentencing scale.

To top it all off, Cambridge university – the feminist shithole that introduced sexual consent classes – have announced that they will strip him of his degree. They’ve never done this before so they have no idea how to do it, but some SJW in the university (and it is infested with SJWs) has decided that they are going to do it. Bitch.

Most tellingly for me, his parents and girlfriend are standing by him, which makes me wonder if he even did anything particularly bad at all. The police will, of course, have lied and exaggerated through their teeth, as they always do.

[UPDATE] One other point for those who still think he deserved a tough sentence. How long do you think he would have got if he were a woman? I can tell you how long: ZERO. If he were a woman, he would not have even been arrested. In fact, women do the kind of bullying he does all the time. They are called feminists, and they make false allegations of rape against men, invent new rape laws to jail men and so on and so forth. And many men commit suicide because of it. And yet feminists never get jailed for their crimes! How is that reasonable?

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