RACHEL JOHNSON: Women’s Day? I want a Royal Society protecting MEN

Good article by Rachel Johnson in the Daily Mail (except for the last paragraph, which was awful).

Most astonishingly she mentions how a company director has been placed on the sex offender register for merely kissing a woman. His “victim” (LOL) is apparently undergoing “counselling” and “fears seeing him in public again”. If she’d put me on the sex offender register then she wouldn’t be fearing me because I’d have sent her to a place where she wouldn’t be able to fear anything ever again!

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3 Responses to RACHEL JOHNSON: Women’s Day? I want a Royal Society protecting MEN

  1. Sorry, but British are RETARDS says:

    Fascist British scum producing shame again: Forbidden game because it “sexualizes minors/children”:


    The BBC version is simply the real-life “1984” news of the Party , but the Sun version is worse, really, it’s funny, an asshole who has seen nothing but google images of the game, he calls it “sick”, what happens to the British? have Tourette’s syndrome? can say 2 sentences without an insult? Hitler should have destroyed that shitty island. Seriously, the British are uneducated jerks. Nobody will miss them.


    I read in another site that not only is because the characters are “young girls” (nothing new, the latest news is mentally ill women talking about the “fact” that the best age to have children is at 40), but the video game itself attracts minors and makes them see a sexuality that does not exist (true, today’s sexuality is that the woman commands and the man is need to be silent or go to jail).

  2. AF says:

    99% of women are intriniscally evil. Perhaps I’m being unfair, but in today’s society anyway, the interests of any man are only relevant to a woman if they coincide. So here we have the occasional woman, as in this article, condemning MeToo, but only because it might set back the interests of women (as represented by feminism).

    @Anonymous – it’s ironic that you call the British retards yet here you are at one of the few places online you can express your rage on and guess what? It’s run by a (very brave) Brit.

    • xjsjkala says:

      “What was supposed to be a session involving Dooley asking Nogami about his opinion about the depiction of young girls in anime ended with Dooley commenting, “My desire is to put all pedophiles and ones who produce pedophilic media in jail.” Nogami alluded that Dooley lumped him into this group.”

      White women and their men/dogs are our enemies.

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