Young activist Omnipolitics16 has committed suicide

Sad news, it seems that omnipolitics16 has committed suicide [UPDATE link is broken as some malicious feminist hackers got in and deleted the site]. He was, for those who don’t know him, a very young male youtuber who was minor attracted and fought for the rights of minor attracted people. He will be sorely missed.

Right now, if you search for his name on youtube it is littered with videos of his opponents demonising him. One wonders, what do those people say now that he has committed suicide? And do they not accept that they must take their share of the blame? It’s ironic that the feminist media will scream blue murder about young girls being bullied on the internet, but when it is a young boy – and a paedophile too – then suddenly it’s fine for him to not just be bullied, but bullied by many many people and driven to suicide.

Sick times we live in.

[UPDATE] I’ve been getting quite a bit of traffic on this topic and several comments left. A small number of anonymous individuals have left comments that are nothing short of a total celebration of his suicide, I have moderated these as they have nothing of any intellectual substance and are so vile they can only be described as hate-spam. I have also had several other comments left which are not much better than the above, but at least the posters put slightly more effort into them and some used their real names so I have let these pass, you can read them below.

Crucially, however, what I didn’t make clear above is that omnipolitics16 was only 17 years old when he committed suicide. He was a child on all accounts. So before posting perhaps those who vilified him and who are celebrating that “kids can breath just a bit easier” should consider that they have contributed to driving a child to suicide. One might even describe that as child murder.

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39 Responses to Young activist Omnipolitics16 has committed suicide

  1. Yure says:

    May he rest in peace.

  2. galileo1439 says:

    The isolation psychology that many MAPs must feel almost seems like that experienced by astronauts in a spacecraft. It is warm and comfortable inside, resembling the small online communities where the MAPs associate with each other. Outside, the rest of society resembles the frigid vacuum of space and gamma ray bursts that are extremely hostile. I would actually suggest you read about astronaut related psychology matters when learning to deal with your situation. Reforming the outside society in many ways resembles terraforming an uninhabitable planet like Mars into an earthlike planet. The death of omnipolitics16 is a reminder that this like spaceflight is a dangerous endeavor. Space exploration continues despite deaths of astronauts and the acceptance of MAP intimacy must continue to be sought.

  3. feinmann0 says:

    Hi Holocaust21

    I have forwarded the following to Steve Diamond at OLF also.

    Received an invitation via email from to read the following article: Sexual Orientation Minority Rights and High-Tech Conversion (

    I read it and gave the following feedback to the authors in response to them asking me for the reason why I had downloaded it:

    “Dear Messers Earp and Vierra

    … to see whether you were brave enough to include paedosexuality as a sexual orientation within your paper. Apparently not after reading through the piece. So as usual, nothing will change for minor-attracted individuals. They will continue to be deemed to suffer from a mental disorder, will continue to be discriminated against with no recourse to human rights courts, and will continue to suffer at the hands of the Mengeles of the world, such as Cantor et al, who are hell-bent on curing such ‘monsters’ of their minor-attraction.

    You mention in your article Leelah Alcorn aged 17, a transgender individual who committed suicide. No one will mention though a 16 year old who shot himself in his home on Valentine’s Day this year. Why not? Because he was minor-attracted and therefore both disposable and forgettable.

    Yours …”

  4. Nuck ROC says:

    I don’t understand people, how in the world could we be this cruel and so evil?

  5. holocaust21 says:

    Posted this on Mike Buchanan’s blog and he simply removed the comment. So much for “Justice For Men & Boys” caring about male suicides. I’m tempted to create my own political party called Real Justice For Men & Boys…!

    I know you have a tendency to delete my posts that relate to paedophilia for reasons I can only guess but speaking of hurting our young men…

    I just heard that this very young man recently committed suicide:

    He was battling with his own sexuality (realising he was a paedophile) and had been expressing his views on youtube with the inevitable social justice backlash. I think he has deleted his youtube channel but if you search for “omnipolitics16” (the name he went by) then you can see all the replies to his videos which demonise him etc. It’s ironic that feminists will scream blue murder if a girl is as much as bullied – let alone if she commits suicide! But driving a young man to suicide, no problem! This society is just sick.

    • Name our killers, shame on them! says:

      This vile individual who is silent about underage boy suicide is called Mike Buchanan, remember the name of this vile individual WHO IS SILENT ABOUT UNDERAGE BOY SUICIDE: Mike Buchanan.

  6. Libertine says:

    It is indeed sad, and at such a young age; A waste of life!
    I enjoyed his videos, He was a cool guy and expressed himself well. shame he had nobody to confide in.

  7. XxYyZz says:

    Hopefully, in the fullness of time, his co-patriots will rise from ruin.

    Lyrics: Drawn from years of self denying Lost in chaos before the storm Our …

  8. caamib says:

    As I mentioned on Eivind’s blog, it’s just incredible. A supposed “child” below 18/21/88 whatever then next idiotic ruling will be a kid of 17-18 years old was inflicted with terrible abuse on YouTube and nobody did shit about it. It boggles the mind that people can be this retarded so here we are.

  9. I am one of the people that made a YouTube video debunking his nonsense. I didn’t and wouldn’t wish death on him, if this is accurate what I will say is that kids can breathe just a little bit easier with one less MAP/Pedophile able to prey on them.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Your comment sounds contradictory. None the less, I think I get the message and all I can say is you are a thoroughly despicable individual.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Also I found your video for those who want to watch it, it is here:

      It’s interesting to note that you provided very little in the way of real counter arguments, most of the time it just seemed to be verbal abuse like “fuckwit” and statements that were pretty much along the lines of “I disagree, so fuck you”. You ended the video by saying “anybody who advocates for that is an absolute degenerate”. Congratulations for contributing to the suicide of a young child. I believe he was just 17 when he committed suicide.

      If you are going to say “I think that kids can breathe just a little bit easier with one less MAP/Pedophile able to prey on them” then at least have the intellectual honesty to make the logical step of admitting that statement is logically equivalent to “I am pleased that my actions have contributed to driving a child to commit suicide”.

      Really, you should hang your head in shame at what you have done. There is nothing more for me to say to you.

      • Jeff Sozar says:

        “despicable individual”
        You as a pedophile, or pedophile supporter, calling someone despicable isn’t a insult.
        Whatever semblance of morality and ethics you have is evidently disturbed by your nonchalant attitude towards pedophilia.

        You, a pedophile/pedo supporter calling someone despicable, is like being told by Hitler that you’re despicable. It’s not a insult, but a compliment.

      • Daroc says:

        “I am one of the people that made a YouTube video debunking his nonsense.”

        So insulting and name calling with a dash of f bombs is now debunking people? Oh well okay then, fuck you and your position then. There, that’s my refutation to all the arguments against paedophilia.

        “I didn’t and wouldn’t wish death on him, if this is accurate what I will say is that kids can breathe just a little bit easier with one less MAP/Pedophile able to prey on them.”

        Honestly you people are just fucked in the head, you guys just have to add your two sense that you pull out of that dirty asshole of yours to say something retarded? You are fucking vile, just like the other dipshits who ‘refute’ or ‘debunk’ the ‘bullshit from omni’ on that snowflake invested site censortube.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Except Hitler has far more in common with the paedo hunters than me. He used the State (as the paedo hunters do) and propaganda (as the paedo hunters do) to imprison millions (as the paedo hunters also do) and systematically exterminated them (as the paedo hunters would like to do, and do sometimes achieve). I, on the other hand, have not used the State for anything and have generally advocated less laws and more freedoms which is the complete opposite.

        Thus, your argument is retarded.

  10. James McNeil says:

    did I want him dead? no, did I want him to get help to make sure he wouldn’t harm a child? yes, am I going to miss a wink of sleep at the fact the guys dead? not even 1

    • holocaust21 says:

      Even though he was a child himself? It seems your pretend love of children only extends so far. I do not believe for a second you are doing this “for the children”. That’s an excuse for a more ulterior motive which I suspect revolves around a desire to virtue signal and give yourself fake credibility so as to elevate yourself in the human social hierarchy.

  11. Jamie Weaving Wolf says:

    Calling out James for virtual signalling? Hi pot meet kettle. The same could be said about many of your comments.

    I did my best to avoid this one, because pedo anger me so much. I’m highly protective of young kids. Since he was a teen (legal adult depending on the state), I would have encouraged him to get help before he offended like I knew a few YouTubers did. Suicide is never a way to go.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Since when have I ever virtue signaled? Every one of my comments has been addressing controversial issues that get me in hot water. I have never virtue signaled. You lot, however, behave like sheep, jumping in on an issue with views that are identical to the mainstream media narrative in an attempt to “get good” with the status quo aka virtue signal. I am anything but good with the status quo! I am public enemy #1!

      As for the rest of your claptrap it just reads like pure Blue Knightery (the Blue Knight is like the White Knight but with a hyperactive and delusional “protective” instinct for children instead of women). The fact that he was underage and able to put together such good arguments, and have the bravery to argue his point in public, kind of undermines your idea that children “lack the mental capacity to consent”, doesn’t it? As well as the way in which you are trying to jail a child for having sex with other children. If a child lacks the mental capacity to consent to sex then they also lack the mental capacity to be criminally liable for engaging in sex. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, but that seems to be precisely what you are desiring.

  12. Ansonnie says:

    I want to hear your reason for pitty for this guy. Why would you feel so bad for someone who was blooming into a pedophile? He did the world a favor cutting himself from the genetic cloth. Simply because he was a male and committed suicide he deserves to be priased? He deserves all the ridicule and pressure and if that caused his suicide then he was weak and earned his death.
    Are you pro pedophilia? Or is your virtue signal always on high?

    • holocaust21 says:

      I take the view that paedophilia is normal male sexuality. All men are paedophiles, at least to some extent. Omnipolitics16 was just bright enough to be conscious of his own paedophilia. Though it is possible he was more on the paedophile end of the spectrum than other men, that does not mean that other men are not also paedophiles and nor does it mean that there is anything wrong with it.

      It is entirely laughable that having sex with someone over the magical age of 18 is perfectly fine and “oh what a lovely couple” whilst having sex with a 17 year old is suddenly rape. There is absolutely nothing scientific about the magical age of 18, and indeed, different countries set different ages. How can it be that in one country you are a paedophile if you have sex with a 16 year old, but in another you are not? And further, the age of consent used to be far lower in all countries. Ages of consent used to not exceed 12 in just about everywhere prior to the late 1800s. Why is it that past societies saw nothing wrong with paedophilia and modern societies do? The answer is Feminism. Feminism and the feminist narrative along with its new Cultural Marxist underpinnings (such as the power imbalance narrative) is a cancer that is destroying society. Slowly all sex is being defined as rape, the feminist #MeToo movement is really just an extension of feminist paedohysteria, now rather than being hysterical about men talking to children, they are hysterical about men talking to women.

    • galileo1439 says:

      Research says 1 in 5 normal men are hardcore pedophiles. Refer to holocaust21′ s posting today march 24 2018. Society should accept that and remove the rules that prohibit it. Past societies and much of the world dont have AOC laws or theyre much lower AOC.

    • Daroc says:

      “He did the world a favor cutting himself from the genetic cloth. Simply because he was a male and committed suicide he deserves to be priased? He deserves all the ridicule and pressure and if that caused his suicide then he was weak and earned his death.”

      Oh my fucking god!

  13. Nuck ROC says:

    These comments, gonna write about them in my new blog entry. Vile scums deserve to be talked about in my entry. (I am making atm)

  14. Shay says:

    A 17 year old young man that wants to have sexual relations with small children will NOT be missed. No he was not a child, he was 17. He was old enough to drive and old enough to consent to sex as an adult, that is two accounts you missdd atleast. As the victim of pedophiles when I was a child I will be the first to say it is wrong and disgusting and Im glad there is one less in the world. To all those who spoke up against him, keep going after these sick, twisted heaps of refuse until there are none left to harm future generations. No one should ever have to carry the scars that these people leave behind.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Shay you are one fucked up idiot. In several US states it is a crime punishable by life imprisonment to have sex with anyone under 18. So your “old enough” argument is now completely null and void.

      As for your victimhood I don’t believe for one second that you were a victim of anyone. You simply enjoy the status that supposed victimhood gives you. And I notice you obtain a sadistic satisfaction from seeking power over others, perhaps it is you who is the predator?

      • Shay says:

        Name one state with an age of consent of 18 or that the punishment is life in prison. I’ll wait.

        Also your claim that he was 17 is a lie, he was doxxed, his ID was obtained and he was 24.
        Being happy that a predator is dead is not sadistic and I give zero fucks whether you believe I was molested or not. A pedophile is a predator, period. I dont care whether you like that or not.

      • Shay says:

        Of course though a person who doesnt believe that molesting children is a crime wouldnt find the person who has been through it to be a victim. Your type, pedophiles and the pedophile apologists, are the scum of the earth. You are the most vile, repugnant garbage dwelling at the bottom of the human race.

      • holocaust21 says:

        In the US the following states have an age of consent of 18: Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin

        Punishments are typically unlimited for sex crimes in the US. At a minimum, life on the sex offender register will be handed out, with life imprisonment also a potential outcome.

        I am told he was 17 both by Nuck ROC and I think I recall him saying he was 16 in one of his videos. He does not look 24. So, now, the question is should I believe Nuck ROC or you, a hysterical thug who claims to have evidence for this but does not present it?

        We have absolutely no idea what has happened to you in your childhood, or what has caused you to perceive it that way. However, you seem to be desiring to punish innocent people for what has – or you perceive to have – happened to you during your childhood. That makes you just as bad as the person who harmed you, IF they harmed you. Given how vague your claims of “being a victim of paedophiles” with no specifics given, I’m quite dubious if I believe there is any ounce of truth in it other than it being the ramblings of a lunatic.

  15. Jesus man, why do you have sympathy for pedophiles?

  16. eqfoundation says:

    Forgive this question, if it’s already been answered [I’m kind of in a hurry at the moment]…but has this been verified?

    I want to post about this on my blog, of course…but I’ve seen a lot of things over the years…including MAPs faking their own deaths online, just to disappear.

    One of the more egregious cases showed up a few years later, under the exact same persona that allegedly died, after being given the whole community spiel [black ribbon, “memorial/condolence” thread, etc.] and recorded amongst the communities deceased members…They acted like it was all a joke.

    I’m hesitant wherever I can only find a few things to corroborate, and nothing that leads to a concrete verification.

    I did not know Omnipolitics on a personal level [I only shared a handful of his videos on my blog]…I suspect some others here were closer with him?

    I hope this comment doesn’t come off wrong…This is gut wrenching news…I did have concerns about this sort of thing [or him becoming victim to some other type of violence]…I had kind of a bad sense in my gut, over this situation…I almost didn’t share his content…I was very conflicted over the choice, recognizing what intense abuse he suffered down the road.

    I don’t believe he was personally prepared for that…And us older MAPs should have taken him under our wing…

    His videos were soon unavailable…and it became a mute issue for me, as a blogger.

    • holocaust21 says:

      It was Nuck ROC who reported on it and seemed to know him on a personal level, but his site has now been hacked so it’s gone. I’m inclined to believe him but who knows for certain? I think it would have to be an elaborate hoax in which Nuck ROC and Omnipolitics16 colluded to fake his own death, in order for your hypothesis to be true.

    • Nuck ROC says:

      I have no affiliation with omni’s supposed death, I only had info from a friend of his that he was. (Since he knew him personally.) If it was a hoax, which i hope it is, I had no affiliation with it, I only just spread it around for news.

  17. eqfoundation says:

    BTW…I just found out about this yesterday, so this is brand new news to me.

    I’m kind of astonished this happened about two weeks ago?

    This is such a tragic waste…I wish I could believed in “a better place” for him to be in, right now.

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