They Banned Me From Reddit

They have now banned me from reddit for “sexualising minors”. Fuck you reddit. Fuck you!!! We need a decentralised internet more than ever!

It’s quite annoying as I was getting into a more interesting conversation than usual in this thread (normal conversations are usually with idiots who are telling me that I’m sick or should die or am wrong etc).

The guy Mlawless mentioned the “No victim, No crime” movement. To be honest, it’s a movement I’ve not really followed. I’m not even sure how big it is. I should probably create a separate post detailing the points I made in that reddit thread, though.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the “No victim, No crime” movement and how it might relate to male sexualism in the comments section here.

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16 Responses to They Banned Me From Reddit

  1. holocaust21 says:

    Meanwhile, reddit has absolutely no problem with this thread celebrating omnipolitics16’s suicide:

    The moral standards of these reddit people is fucking disgusting.

    • Nucklear protostunt says:

      Funny thing is, they (YouTube) did the same to my channel under the same reason.

      • Nucklear protostunt says:

        Also, the thing about them celebrating the death of a paedophile teen.

        Yep real mature & nice guys, it doesn’t reflect on how even more deluded & messed up their mindset is. for sure they will regret this in the future. (Not hopefully, it’s a straight solid for sure.)

        Hope you are happy with keeping the children safe, because you guys are doing a fabulous job at it. (Sick & stupid Motherfuckers!)

  2. Ldev says:


    • holocaust21 says:

      That’s because I’m not a big global media platform, I’m a guy with a blog and I want to keep the comments section clean of spam. You just seem to post a bunch of nonsensical conspiracy theories in the comments section that makes us look like some conspiracy theory nut job site.

  3. Yure says:

    MAPs should make their own services for social media. As it would be ran by pedos, discussing pedophilia wouldn’t ban you.

  4. galileo1439 says:

    Why has nothing been moving lately? There havent been any new postings for awhile on any of these boards. Where did everyone go?

  5. Todd Greene’s “TALKING BACK to restraining orders” got kicked off of, also, so he had to migrate the content to his own WordPress installation.

    • holocaust21 says:

      That’s disturbing. I thought WordPress were generally pro free speech. What reason did they give for kicking him off and what was it he wrote? If WordPress are about to follow the other platforms in banning free speech then it seems we need to speed up on finding something new ASAP…

      Btw are you THE Nathan Larson who ran for Congress ( ) ? If so, then I’d just like to say you have a lot of courage in The Land Of The Unfree!

      • The reason WordPress gave him for taking down his site was that some of the people he was writing about complained that his articles were harassing them. His new site is at

        Yup, I’m the same guy. Actually, last year I ran for Delegate (aka state house); it’s this year that I’m running for Congress.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Thanks for the link and the heads up on what might happen to my blog in the future.

        Good luck on running for Congress. You’re our only political candidate anywhere in the world! At least in America it seems they don’t/can’t ban political parties/candidates like they do in Holland… Martijn *cough*

  6. Erel says:

    Someone knows the movie Mystic River? It’s basically an apology to kill pedophiles.

    Basically according to this film and the original book, those who have sex with minors are subhuman beings who violate and destroy childhood and his atrocious death is justifiable, for example, one of the parts is murder apology:

    “he beat a child molester to death after finding him having sex with a child prostitute in a car.”

    • holocaust21 says:

      That’s hilarious given that the film was directed by Clint Eastwood who also directed Breezy which is a film about a romantic relationship between an older man and a teenage girl, though I haven’t actually watched either of those films myself. Vaguely recall someone mentioning there might be some other slightly pro-paedo film Eastwood might have been involved with, or maybe I’m imagining it.

      From what you’re saying though it sounds like Eastwood is an idiot who is all over the place, hasn’t someone #MeToo’d him yet?

      • Libertine says:

        Think that was me mentioning a Clint film. ‘The beguiled’, Where he takes sanctuary in a girls hostel.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Yes, it was you! Alas my memory is not very good 🙂

        So, Eastwood is likely both a paedophile and a feminist. Contradictory, but then again, I guess that applies to most men these days……..

  7. caamib says:

    Were you permanently banned or just for a while?

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