UK Engaging in a Major Crackdown on Free Speech

This week there seem to be a series of major social justice crackdowns happening on free speech in the UK.

  1. A guy known as Count Dankula has been convicted for making a joke youtube video of his dog doing a Nazi salute:
  2. A woman has been arrested for speaking against transgender ideology:
  3. Amnesty International, yes the supposed “human rights” organisation have now actively come out AGAINST free speech:

It’s becoming clear the UK isn’t really free at all any more. Now if you want to change the law you do need to break the law, chicken and egg. Most disturbingly I suspect the UK is about to hike sentences for speech crimes. This is because speaking up against transgender bullies is now apparently also classed as a “hate crime” which will get you a longer sentence.

Our only reconciliation is that both individuals arrested have made clear that they absolutely despise any man as much as touching a 15 year old’s bum (with Count Dankula stating that he would brutally murder a man who had a relationship with an underage girl that he KNOWS was consensual).

None the less, this is a worrying trend. For now, however, such political dissidents could potentially seek asylum in the US as far as I know (like Amos Yee did). Though whether that will continue as I suspect Social Justice Warriors will soon become Supreme Court Judges at which point they will start watering down court interpretations of the First Amendment.

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7 Responses to UK Engaging in a Major Crackdown on Free Speech

  1. Count Dankula is a NONCE says:

    That Count Dankula is a piece of trash with legs. It would be good to any voluntary communicate anonymously to the parents of the prison that Count Dankula is a nonce who likes to molest underage girls, so that they can show him their same “affection”.

    “Some people” can also send letters full of insults and hatred to fuck up a little more the existence of this asshole. “These people” only need to make it clear they hate him only because he is a racist antisemite Nazi, so no one will condemn them!

    • holocaust21 says:

      To be fair, he did seem to imply he supported free speech, even pro paedophile speech. But as soon as any consensual sexual activity happens it seemed that he would immediately become triggered and commit murder which is of course rather disturbing.

  2. Yure says:

    MAPs can also become supreme court judges. Our participation has to increase. I’m sure there are judges out there who are pedophiles.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Oh I’m sure many judges want to bang cute teenage girls. The judges who lash out at defendants and give them particularly long sentences are likely the ones who get the biggest boners from looking at nude teenage girls!

      Unfortunately, the issue is many judges are hypocrites…

      • Yure says:

        At least here, things are a little different. Judges are still devided on the statutory rape law, specially male judges. There was the case of a mom who reported an adult for having sex with her 12-year-old daughter, but she regretted it upon seeing that the daughter really liked the dude (he was around age 25). The judge listened to the girl and found out that she was the party to initiate the contact. The adult was declared innocent. I thought that was pretty unusual. You don’t see that everyday.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Wow, impressive. But does the statutory rape law actually allow for someone being innocent in the case of consensual sex? If not, then he went against the wording of the law, which is a revolutionary act for a judge! Though, if that happened in the UK then the CPS would request a retrial (which, btw, they used not to be able to do, but now they can, thanks to scumbag Tony Blair’s government). Also, actually in the UK it is the Jury not the Judge who decides on guilt. The judge would just decide on the sentence, if he passed a low sentence the CPS would send it to appeal and the appeal court judge would rule it too lenient and it would have to be increased.

  3. xxxxxxxzzzyyyyyyy says:

    Don’t like it? Follow the path of Nasim.

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