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Incels Bashing Chris Hansen

Just saw this thread on All the Incels hate Chris Hansen, and they are so right! I should really sign up on that site at some point and introduce them to Male Sexualism. Alas, with the recent Incel killer … Continue reading

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Bill Cosby Found Guilty

Bill Cosby has been found guilty after a trial so blatantly obstructed and perverted that only the hardcore feminist media can call it “fair”. He was already found not guilty once, so now they retry him and retry him until … Continue reading

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Another ‘Out’ Youth Sexual Rights Activist

Another youth sexual rights activist has come out who has decided to put his real face to his views: He also has a patreon at: He seems to be wanting donations as he decided to come out but has … Continue reading

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Who are men’s rights activists? (Documentary)

Good documentary on the Men’s Rights Movement that has just been released. I found it worth watching.

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Male Sexualist Definition Of The Age Of Consent

I just came across this definition of the age of consent that PaulB posted on Jonathan King’s site. It was written by a school boy and I think it is a great definition: The age when someone graduates from being … Continue reading

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Woman Shoots Up Youtube Headquarters Over Censorship

A violent war is beginning to erupt over censorship and freedom. None of us would have thought that it would be a woman, Nasim Aghdam – normally the gender most predisposed to crackdown on free speech as well as being … Continue reading

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Should we convert to Islam?

I came across this video in which a Muslim is arguing with some British bigot against the age of consent. Unfortunately later on in the video the Muslim does become a bit intolerant and cucked when he says homosexuality is … Continue reading

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