Should we convert to Islam?

I came across this video in which a Muslim is arguing with some British bigot against the age of consent.

Unfortunately later on in the video the Muslim does become a bit intolerant and cucked when he says homosexuality is wrong and starts arguing that women aren’t paid equally… But at least he was arguing against the age of consent! (Actually I’m not entirely clear if he actually thinks it’s wrong that women aren’t paid equally, as Islam is generally happy to discriminate between genders).

So despite the rampant homophobia, should we all just convert to Islam anyway?

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42 Responses to Should we convert to Islam?

  1. nathanlarson3141 says:

    I think whites would be better off converting to fundamentalist Mormonism. It has the same advantages of Islam, such as encouraging marrying young girls (multiple young girls, even), but it’s an easier religion to practice since it doesn’t require journeying to Mecca, observing Ramadan, praying five times a day, etc.

  2. Yure says:

    It’s not needed. But, with them, it’s Islam, Men’s Rights, MAPs, communist parties in UK and France and one feminist (Judith Levine). Age of consent abolishment isn’t appealing only to lunatics, it seems. It should become attractive to more groups, specially minors, as people often argue that minors do not want age of consent abolishment.

    • Eron says:

      A feminist only? I know 2 or 3 Nazis who support lowering the age of consent, that makes Nazism be with us?

      The communist parties, those you name have already eliminated these policies from their groups and the rest are 100% hostile as much as any neo-Nazi party.

      The MRA is 100% hostile, even more kidnapped by scammers like Paul Elam, the rest don’t care 100% about the age of consent like Return of Kings, that’s why people like holocaust21 and Eivind Berge are beginning to call themselves “male sexualist” instead of MRAs more and more.

      Democracy is not going to work, they are not going to accept us, you are left-wing and that is why you believe in it, in democracy’ and sending things to parliament’ but we are not the LGTB, a lobby that moves millions and has blackmailed power, It’s not going to work with the oppressed of the earth, we’re looking for a group to unite and to take power by force or revolution, as Islamism wants to do, you know?

      • Yure says:

        When I said one feminist, I didn’t say that feminists are all on our side. But I get your position. As for the “male sexualist”, I thought it was another form of men’s rights activism (I still think it is, even if not the “classical” one, as it has become feminism for men), that’s why I included them in the category. Well, forgive my ignorance.

  3. Russell says:

    My account was recently hacked & my website was deleted. I am sad that that happened.

    • holocaust21 says:

      wtf man… Apparently there is no way to recover it either, wordpress is retarded that it allows this to happen.

      I guess you can create another site and make sure to use a strong password this time?

    • Tom Grauer says:

      I can create a blog for ya, Russell. I do have a “knack” for blog creation.

      It’s a sad state of affairs that our adversaries pull off such dirty tricks against us. For example, I don’t actually know whether or not I’ve been trolled into deleting my blog by sophisticated intimidation tactics, or if they actually seriously intend to kill me. I am willing to admit that deleting the blog and “going ghost” was a mistake; but at the moment, it seemed like the most logical step to take.

      Our enemies are psychopaths, and we must act accordingly. I’ll write about it on my Triweekly Antifeminist, some time.

      • holocaust21 says:

        I am not sure how much of your claims that you fear being assassinated are true or trolling. However, I’d say that if you put yourself out there you will get death threats, if you get significant popularity you will get a lot of death threats. The overwhelming majority of these will be idle death threats. I think it’s fairly unlikely for the government to actually assassinate you themselves, though it is possible for an anti-paedo mob to form. Nigel Oldfield can probably tell you about those. But my take on these is they tend to be where someone local to you, who is usually of a low social status, finds out about what you are doing and they want to feel better about themselves by “stopping a paedo”. They then might create some facebook page to vilify you and they’ll surround your house, swearing, screaming and throwing things. The only solution really is to call the police. Similar things also happened to Marthijn Uittenbogaard as he recounts here:, rather worryingly, someone did place a bomb in his door, fortunately he wasn’t killed but could have been. That one instance is probably the closest I have heard of to something truly horrific happening, but there was a lot of anti-paedo propaganda spreading around in the Netherlands at the time, and he was in the middle of a high profile anti-PNVD shit storm I guess. I suppose you could consider placing CCTV around, and advertising this fact, that way if anyone tries anything the police won’t have much excuse not to arrest them. And they might not try anything, knowing they will go to prison.

        If the government really want to get you, I have not heard of people being assassinated for advocating paedo topics. However, what they may try to do is arrest you and throw the book at you in an attempt to get a charge to stick. Entrapment has also been used before with the British police spending what I assume must be £100,000s in an operation to convict Tom O’Carroll – a police officer befriended him under a fake identity for several years and repeatedly pestered him for child porn, he eventually gave in to his demands and both him and his other friend were convicted and sent to prison.

      • holocaust21 says:

        On a more positive note though, Amos Yee has been advocating paedophilia openly for over a year now, and he’s even been incarcerated for some of that time, and as far as I know he hasn’t been assaulted once 🙂 And now he’s in the US!!! Which is the place where you’d expect him to most likely be gunned down for advocating it.

        Strange world, hey?

      • nathanlarson3141 says:

        >I am willing to admit that deleting the blog and “going ghost” was a mistake; but at the moment, it seemed like the most logical step to take.

        Death threats still don’t explain (1) why you would’ve failed to save an exported copy of your blog content before deleting it; or alternatively (2) if you have such a copy, why you wouldn’t have used it to bring your old blog back, now that you’re returning to blogging.

        I haven’t gotten death threats before, so if you’re getting death threats, I guess either you were more effective than I was, or they thought you could be more easily influenced by threats. You actually were starting to get some support around the pro-pedo blogosphere, which is a goal that has mostly eluded me.

      • Tom Grauer says:

        I did not save anything because, feeling like every moment they might break into my apartment and shoot me dead, I decided to completely and absolutely disassociate from the DAF project. That may sound like an impulsive decision, but I really don’t think that dying while achieving so little is worth it.

        The thing is, these are not at all “regular” threats. I’d rather not elaborate on this, but these are not some “hurr durr, Tom U R a Evil man, I’m gonna kill you I swearrr!!1!!!!” type of threats. I am targeted by governmental COINTELPRO-like tactics, and — again, I won’t go into the specifics of “why” they are doing it — these are substantially more sophisticated than you might think.

        I’ll either write a post or make a video analysing my various mistakes. I think that pissing off the Israeli government was my greatest undoing. The only people who can protect me from foreign spooks are local spooks. Of course, I won’t turn myself into a Zionist Shill now, but perhaps I should tone-down the whole “Muqawama” thing, and stop calling myself Hitler’s secret Jewish grandson. The Shin Bet has no reason to dislike me, and I shouldn’t give them one.

        As for why I decided to come back – I realized that I have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually create something glorious in the world, and I guess I must fully accept the risk to my own life involved in it.

        Again, for perfect clarity: I don’t give a shit about either ANTIFAs or /pol/acks (I’ve been laughing at A. Wyatt Mann cartoons since 2008, back when most of today’s /pol/acks were still left-of-center shitlibs). The only threat to my life is from governments belonging to the FVEY group, aka CIA and MI6. And I’d rather sound like a kooky crackpot nutter when I say that, than allow them to have any plausible deniability about the matter.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Nathanlarson3141, wow, you don’t get death threats? I get death threats, here’s some examples:

        “You are the only nutty one. I am going to have you doxxed and let your people murder you in the streets. Child rapist like yourself need to be murdered. Society agrees.”




        “Hey fuckface stay off of reddit or I will have you doxxed and beaten.”


        “Your only right is the right to die and I will have you doxxed. You hide behind a pathetic blog and spew dumb shit. You need to be exposed for the child rapist, child porn-hoarder you are. I will get a team of people to hack and dox you. You need to be exposed so the police can arrest your sick child raping ass and then remove you from society forever.”

        Actually given the length of time I have had this blog (about 4 years) I haven’t had all that many death threats. Though, as always, it depends on your traffic levels and I find it hard to get significant attention.

  4. Libertine says:

    Said this video is restricted, have to sign in with google. Problem there cos I was suspended, makes me sympathise with the shooter at Youtube yesterday.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Hmm… The embedded video should still play on my page though, or so I thought. A neat trick is that you can replace “watch?v=” in the URL with “/embed/” (without the quotes) and you can then view the video without being signed in. Though you also won’t see the comments, not sure if there is a way around that part.

  5. Libertine says:

    Have you seen the BBC documentary about R Kelly? And I thought this young journalist was supposed to be intelligent. To him attraction to young teen girls is some sort of aberration, Rather than the evolutionary imperative that it is.

  6. I think a false impression of Islam is given by the way Muslims behave in the West, especially towards unmarried white girls, who they view as whores. The Islamic attitude towards white teenage girls is quite logical. Most societies throughout human history have come down hard upon pre-marital sex (leaving aside actual prostitution). Today in the West, we claim that there is nothing ‘sinful’ or wrong with sex before marriage, and women delay marriage for ever longer time spans after puberty, and many never marry at all (even if they have children). The root psychological hatred of men who have sex with unmarried fertile virgins no longer has any rational basis, but it needs to be expressed through paedohysteria. Islam, however, still values unmarried virgins (or rather Muslim men want to marry young virgins). White teenage non-muslim girls, who are having sex from the age of 13 and are likely not to marry until at least their mid-twenties, whilst wearing skimpy clothing in the street and posting semi-nudes on Snapchat and so on, are seen in the eyes of Muslims as prostitutes. Muslims do share our (Male Sexualists, ‘MAPS’) recognition as to the stupidity of age of consent laws. Why would a sexually active unmarried teenage girl be harmed by sex with an older man, when she has no ‘reputation’ or ‘virgin value’ to need protecting? Feminists have simply replaced the (real in traditional society’s) idea that a girl’s ‘reputation’ is ruined by sex, with the fictitious idea that her ‘soul’ or psyche is ruined.

    Muslim men in the UK having sex with multiple unmarried girls for fun, will (eventually) get arrested and imprisoned for ‘grooming’, ‘child rape’, ‘paedophilia’ and so on. Muslim men in Afghanistan having sex with multiple unmarried girls for fun, will immediately get stoned to death or worse.

    Unless you’re in favour of anti porn laws, forcing women (and young girls) to cover up, men who have sex with unmarried (Muslim) women imprisoned or executed etc, then I suggest you think very carefully about converting to Islam. Certainly if this is Male Sexualism then I have to part company with yourself and Eivind and return to simply being a (true) MRA fighting for male sexual libertarianism.

    For most men, I believe, being a male even today in the West with the current anti-sex legislation and shaming is probably better than living in even a relatively ‘liberal’ Islamic country such as Iran. Imagine it being illegal to view ANY porn, not even to have the consolation of seeing uncovered female flesh in the street, not being able to date a 17 year old girl (or an 18 or 19 year old) unless your father is sure you’re serious about marriage and can provide for her, and even then only being allowed to have sex with her AFTER you marry. Then you’re trapped with her for the rest of your life and you can forget marrying another young girl unless you happen to be in the 1% ruling tribal clan. More commonly, your only ever view of a naked female will be your inbred hairy cousin that both your parents ordered you to marry.

    No thanks.

    But for sure I can see the attraction of converting to Islam in a largely non-Muslim society like the UK. At least you can talk about the hot white jailbait you saw walking down the street in see-through leggings to your Muslim pals and not get called a pedo. In fact, for the small minority who are real paedophiles, that is liking only pre-pubescents, I can see that Islam is something close to utopia. All the women have to cover themselves up except the preteens, and Mohammed himself married a 6 year old!

    • Libertine says:

      “No thanks”….Or if you like ‘beer’ perhaps. Muslim culture is rather paradoxical, Morocco for instance: Homosexuality is illegal, Or bringing someone who is not your wife back to the hotel, But homosexuality is tolerated in private. I am not homosexual, but was propositioned a few times there when I went.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Good point, so then maybe Muslims are more easily led. I mean if you try to justify paedophilia to a British person all you get is a triggering, but a Muslim would be more likely to listen to a debate over homosexuality or porn and paedophilia they’d be totally cool with.

    • Eurasian Soldier says:

      “your only ever view of a naked female will be your inbred hairy cousin that both your parents ordered you to marry. […]”

      After reading this horrifying paragraph, I believe that I even prefer to support the oppressive Western feminist system 100%. But the best system is Russia: age of consent is 16, but with beautiful blonde Russian girls is no problem!!!! nobody puts you in jail for having a stupid picture of girls in bikinis or naked. And with Putin it is a presidentialist monarchy who support traditional marriage and family and traditional life, it is the dream of every European traditionalist! Russia is the best country in the world!

      Putin, please conquer the whole of Europe! Save us! Long live Eurasia!! Death to Oceania and Eastasia! (The reason is that the Chinese have the Aoc of 14 but they are the country that treats animals the worst and the support of veganism is zero, there is no product or restaurant for vegans!!, there can not live a vegan like me. Oddly enough in Taiwan it’s full of restaurants and half my vegan products come from there, but it’s the same as UK or worse, the AoC is 16 but technically you can be sentenced to death for “depraved acts” with people under 18).

      So holocaust21 get out of the Airstrip One, we will welcome you to Eurasia!

      Let’s see it as we are the aristocracy, we are so exquisite, that we wait until they turn 16, because they need to mature like good wine to achieve perfection. (it’s a way to mentally tolerate that arbitrary barrier). Besides, it is true that until 16 they are usually too little independent, the parents manage them a lot, so there wouldn’t be many opportunities either, on the other hand at 16 they do what they want already, at that age, the one who doesn’t do it is because he doesn’t want to.

      Let’s forget about girls under 16. They are not worth it, we have to die because nature made them attractive for us to mate with? Let’s not be slaves to nature, let’s be free. Let us not die in life, we can live with beutiful russian high school girls! Let’s hold on to life!

      Just my thoughts!

      • holocaust21 says:

        But Russia has had men being brutally murdered for being suspected “paedophiles”. Also they have one of the world’s largest prison populations, which I find a bit worrying, I think they have a tendency to lock people up fairly arbitrarily.

      • Tom Grauer says:

        The good thing about the Kremlin is that it is not trying to promote pedohysteria abroad, unlike USG. Putin does not fund thousands of “NGOs” worldwide tasked with “fighting sex trafficking” and so on. Russia is a very flawed country, but at least it doesn’t spread the disease into other countries.

        And remember the article I wrote about Litvinenko’s accusation that Putin is a pedophile. (A boylover, at that) Obviously Western Intelligence agencies made Litvinenko say that. These people are playing a very dangerous game.


    Somebody has already been executed under these laws in Iran. He was allegedly ‘promoting’ porn, but remember that today the UK and many other countries define the simple downloading illegal porn to constitute ‘making indecent images’ and the like. What a nightmare we wil be in for when feminism and Islam gradually come together to create one truly puritanical dystopian society!

  8. Libertine says:

    “But Russia has had men being brutally murdered for being suspected “paedophiles”
    Well at least they’re fair; They beat up on homosexuals too!

  9. galileo1439 says:

    The article mentions that some of the “victims continue to live with the abuser” or something to that effect. The silence is deafening on the fact that these may be traditional young girl marriages in traditional families. The article seems carefully worded to completely deny and ignore that such a thing as traditional family exists or that especially in eastern europe very young girls married by custom. It id like traditional marriage and young girl marriage are now vanished from the vocabulary allowed in news.

    • galileo1439 says:

      In the uk media i think there is a standard that when a pakistani or other muslim family kills their daughter in an honor killing the media is specifically forbidden from saying the crime was a cultural practice.

  10. galileo1439 says:

    If a young girl is married they cant say “child marriage” they must say child abuse like theyre talking about any AOC violating relationship.

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  14. nathanlarson3141 says:

    > That may sound like an impulsive decision, but I really don’t think that dying while achieving so little is worth it.

    If you’re afraid of death, or think you have other stuff to accomplish that’s more important than this activism, that’s always going to be something they can hold over your head when they want to control you. Whatever you think is more important, they can hold hostage. So for most people, it’s best to just pursue that other stuff and forget about the pedo movement, or hide behind an anonymous profile (which of course limits what one can accomplish).

    To have unfettered freedom of expression, you basically have to be a loser who has nothing left that can be taken from you. Your activism has to be all you have. That’s the point I’m at now. In many ways, it isn’t fun; for example, I’m stuck being jobless and celibate, and there are long periods when I don’t even have any activism going on. But I can post whatever off-the-wall shit I want, and even if someone were to threaten my life, it wouldn’t matter. So that’s the tradeoff.

    Anyway, I’ve taken down my wikis many times, but always saved archives when I could, in case I wanted to bring the sites back. Usually I only destroyed my work if I went through an ideological change.

    • anon says:

      Some scumbag has vandalized this page of your site:

    • anon says:

      Forget about it. You only have to look at the page of “criminal justice” make apology for an holocaust to realize that you are a dangerously mentally ill person.

      I’m fed up with this masculinist, reactionary, MRA, fascist riffraff that if it weren’t for being pedophiles would be in any group of Neo-Nazis, Trumpists or misogynists like ROK.

      And I’m sick of all of you justifying everything you write: killing people, raping children and women (literally these sick people talk about literaly raping women) etc. All of you have lost all decency and basic human logic.

      You guys are such assholes. I’m out of this for good. “You are a snowflake feminist blah blah blah” Retards.

      • holocaust21 says:

        So what is your plan then? If you have a better plan, do it.

      • XYZ says:

        Anon feels that men should fight for anything less than cute young girls as brides?
        Anon just wants to go back to the 1950s, men expendable, women really running the show, the man just stupid cattle manipulated deftly by the woman. It’s the way of the white.

        The white man is a golem of the white woman (referred to as “MUH WHITE WUMAN” by the white man).

        He hates “the jew” because he has read some laws in “the jew book” that are not in conformance with the will and interests of “MUH WHITE WUMAN”. Namely: child marraige.

        The white man hates YHWH and YHWH’s followers.

        >Devarim chapter 22, verse 28 explicitly allows men to take female children as brides (key words: na’ar , taphas) (including in cases of rape of the girl)
        >Devarim chapter 13, verse 6 commands death for those who entice us to follow another power (god, ruler, judge, magistrate).

        He hates those who cherish the law, and also those who constructively follow it (see: “sand niggers” (afghans etc)).

      • The Highwayman says:

        @XYZ Judaism preaches that sex is the right of the wife but not the husband so I would not go around criticizing “Goyim” when you follow such a gynocentric Creed. I mean who cares about how young a woman you are allowed to marry when she has a right to sex and you don’t. If any woman came up to me and said we are going to get married and sex is my right but not yours I would chase her away after that a Shithouse rat.

        Looking Jews are a cool people I have nothing against them as people but your religion sucks (so does Christianity and Islam BTW) and if you want to go around touting it…dont makeover laugh.

  15. The Highwayman says:

    Bloody spell check should have been “chase her away faster that a Shithouse rat” and ”don’t make me laugh” and

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