Woman Shoots Up Youtube Headquarters Over Censorship

A violent war is beginning to erupt over censorship and freedom. None of us would have thought that it would be a woman, Nasim Aghdam – normally the gender most predisposed to crackdown on free speech as well as being the least risk-taking – who would sacrifice her own life to seek revenge on youtube over its censorship policies. The battle for free speech is of course one of the most key rights and one that is hugely under threat after Google’s recent crackdown on free speech.

I put the blame for the incident entirely at Google’s hands. Or more specifically, as I prefer to blame a person rather than some amorphous entity, I put the blame at the hands of Google CEO Sundar Pichai who has so far refused to take responsiblity for the incident instead seeming to allude that it was the shooter’s fault. How can it be her fault when it is Sundar Pichai who has just removed thousands of years of our hard won freedoms at the touch of a button? Now, as a consequence of his actions, hundreds of thousands, potentially millions, will go to prison at the hands of a tyrannical police state with no prospect of the truth ever being revealed all because it will be HIS platform that will be censoring it.

Sundar Pichai has blood on his hands. Most importantly, he has on his hands the blood of the millions who will be railroaded into prison at the hands of our tyrannical police state, but he also has on his hands the blood of those shot by Nasim Aghdam as well as Nasim Aghdam herself. With her speech taken away, she did the only thing that was still possible. This is why those who seek to ban free speech will ultimately find out the hard way why we have it – if we don’t the consequence, once the population is impoverished and desperate enough, is a bloody revolution.

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17 Responses to Woman Shoots Up Youtube Headquarters Over Censorship

  1. Krosh says:

    Nasim is a Muslim name IIRC, so this isn’t too surprising. Muslims were always among the most likely to start revolting against Anglo feminism and corporate totalitarianism.

    Certainly, Anglo whites (men or women) are never going to do anything about it.

  2. Eres says:

    She is vegan like you.

  3. Ldev says:

    TOTALLY agree with every word you state here. Youtube are stopping peoples freedom of expression/speech and have in some cases removed whole accounts that consisted of hundreds and even thousands of videos and de-moneytarised those peoples livelihoods- just because they had views that were not part of the mainstream ‘norm’ . They also seem intent on consistently attacking those that expose Animal abuse and quite happy for those who display it in its full sickening form- in particular the Hunt community- to be allowed to display their depraved videos that celebrate their evil actions. As an AR activist myself i know that Nasim Aghdam will rightly become championed for her sacrifice to our movement.Its very fitting that she chose to carry out these actions at this time as it co-incides with the anniversary of the death of Hunt Sab Activist Tom Worby. He at the age of 15 years old died some 15 years ago this week when he was deliberately crushed under the wheels of a Hunter who was driving a van that drove over his head as he tried to avoid the vehicle that was being driven at speed towards him. No charges were brought againt the Hunter- as is often the case. Fox Hunting despite being outlawed by Parliament still continues today with the Police and Crown Prosecution Services rarely bring charges against their ‘friends’ who committ these acts- many of them being from the judiciary and farming community..

  4. anon says:

    I have found more info about her:


    “They only care for personal short term profits & do anything to reach their goals even by fooling simple-minded people, hiding the truth, manipulating science & everything, putting public mental & physical health at risk, abusing non-human animals, polluting environment, destroying family values, promoting materialism & sexual degeneration in the name of freedom,….. & turning people into programmed robots!”

  5. Libertine says:

    Freedom of the individual – of which speech is fundamental – depends as much or more on protection from powerful corporations and organisations as it does from the state. Twitter/youtube etc is a public company, registered as a mere platform for, rather a publisher of, information. Which means it should act like a public space and stop interfering with what people say on it.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Agreed, which is why these “American Libertarians” who claim only government should not restrict free speech but corporations can are idiots. I wonder if someone could argue that Google has become so big and powerful that it practically is government and thus overrule previous Supreme Court rulings on the First Amendment that allow corporations to restrict free speech? That would fuck up their game big time…!

      Bet it won’t happen though.

      • Kraz says:

        Good example is the controversy over net neutrality. Libertarians support the rolling back of net neutrality, which gives big telecom companies the ability to slow down or censor any data packet for any reason. however, these same libertarians would be up in arms if a “government” had the same power. What libertarians really want, although most don’t think of themselves in such a way, is for a few mega rich “private” individuals to rule with an iron fist.

  6. caamib says:

    I think it would be wrong to point this person out as some fighter for free speech. Mind you, I have the greatest sympathy for what she has done but you have to take into consideration who she was. Her ideology would likely include preventing those like us from speaking. She did note that YT is shady, censors people at the slightest whim, makes arbitrary decisions that boggle the mind etc. But she noticed that because it impeded her channel and she didn’t care about the freedom of speech of people like us.

    In any case, YT can do that because right now they are big enough to do that. But MySpace was also big once. YT and all of Google need to be drained of users. They are evil beyond any belief. We need our own search engines (I use yandex instead of google now), our own wikis (https://infogalactic.com/info/Main_Page is a great wiki compared to scum that runs Wikipedia) and every other infrastructure. Facebook is a bit of different story since you might need it for everyday talks with people irl.

    • Ldev says:

      supply EVIDENCE of your claim that she and AR people oppose Freedom of Speech!-YOU CANNOT-BECAUSE ITS TOTALLY UNTRUE! As is the often peddled ‘AR people want Animal R4ights but dont care about Human Rights….= bullshizer peddled lies- virtually all AR activists i have encountered are wanting HUMAN RIGHTS AND ANIMAL RIGHTS AND FIGHT FOR BOTH AND OPPOSE SPECIESISM- FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS THE FUNDAMENTAL FOUNDATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS!

    • holocaust21 says:

      But was there anything she had actually said that suggested she was against free speech? Perhaps I missed something.

      With regards to the future of platforms my hopes are still on Maidsafe. Apparently the guys who made it are now advising the people who make Silicon Valley (the American comedy series): https://blog.maidsafe.net/2018/03/28/the-power-of-stories-to-build-networks/

      I think on Maidsafe you could have one big open source social network like Facebook that would be uncensored and you just add who you want to speak to… No evil corporation can shut down your account, nor can they spy on your private messages. Potentially it could be run by an anonymous organisation who become anonymous billionaires and the government don’t even know who they are. That would be cool 🙂

      • caamib says:

        No, she didn’t say anything against free speech. She also didn’t say anything really pro free-speech either. Knowing her profile (female, living in America, vegan, animal’s rights fighter, bizzare videos with exercise) I’d heavily assume (and we will likely never be sure anyway) that this woman was more pro-he channel than pro-free speech. I’m not one of these braindead people who say she was crazy etc but I doubt she was some great hero. More of a first among a line of attackers that is to come because want fame and money and not everybody can get this, for various reasons.

    • galileo1439 says:

      She was an enemy of Islam and an extreme feminist likely. It was reported she was Bahai, a group who are extreme enemies of Islam and in parts of the world with official Islamic military power and governance, would be executed on sight.

      • xxxxxxxzzzyyyyyyy says:

        Do you ask your sword it’s opinion, or do you let it do it’s work.

        I’m sure bullets have their own opinions too, but we appreciate them for their result, not their being.

  7. xxxxxxxzzzyyyyyyy says:

    Rays of Redemption Fall From the Sky
    Into the Maelstrom, Blink of an Eye.

    God Bless Nasim!

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