Male Sexualist Definition Of The Age Of Consent

I just came across this definition of the age of consent that PaulB posted on Jonathan King’s site. It was written by a school boy and I think it is a great definition:

The age when someone graduates from being a potential victim of perverts to become a suspect. All the extreme laws brought in to protect the little darlings are used to persecute them once they reach 16

Could this become our Male Sexualist definition of the age of consent? Clearly the feminist definition “the age when someone is deemed able to consent to sexual activity” is just garbage. It’s loaded with all kinds of bizarre feminist assumptions that exist only in the bizarre feminist universe e.g. the idea that one needs to be mature to consent, the idea that consent is necessary and the idea that sex is somehow dangerous.

But this new Male Sexualist position makes clear the moral stance that we take. The age of consent is all about making children fearful and men suffer and nothing more!


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21 Responses to Male Sexualist Definition Of The Age Of Consent

  1. nathanlarson3141 says:

    We need more definitions like this. I went ahead and added this to

  2. Tom Grauer says:

    This is a good definition. Generally, there should be a Male Sexualist lexicon, one which defines and explains various concepts and phenomena from our perspective. I planned on creating one myself, but, y’know, there were some ‘issues’ preventing me from doing that. Glad to see that the idea of having Male Sexualist definitions has occurred to other people too.

  3. Yure says:

    Yep, I like this one a lot.

  4. galileo1439 says:

    So youre now saying the AOC should be 16??? Is this now the official male sexualist position? I thought we were supposed to abolish it altogether!!!

    • holocaust21 says:

      As theantifeminist said below rather than providing a definition that makes the age of consent sound reasonable this definition makes it sound like an irrational and unpleasant law that we should all be against.

      As an example, an anti-racist definition of racism might be:

      Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

      but a racist definition of racism might be more like:

      Protection of a race from the blood of undesirables.

      Clearly, then, both definitions are leading subjective definitions. One implies racism is bad and the other implies it is good. And the same sort of thing applies to defining the age of consent.

  5. I like this definition too. I will put it on my glossary page later today – We also need to think about defining the term ‘male sexualist’ more clearly. At the least, agree upon some core components of what male sexualism is. For example, to be anti-feminist should be a minimum non-negotiable aspect of male sexualism. It amazes me (and concerns me) that there seem to be increasing numbers of MAP types (especially the ‘virtueous’ ones) that are supposed to be at least allies of us, who still don’t even recognize that feminists are the enemy. See ‘Gally’ on Eivind’s blog. He’s just been sentenced to prison by a femihag judge for looking at pictures of beautiful teens in bikinis, under laws lobbied for by femihag activists and put through parliament by femihag politicians, and his ‘declaration of existance’ starts off by him identifying as a female warrior (‘the greatest ever’). To consider femihags the direct cause of his plight is to ‘confuse correlation with causation’. You couldn’t make it up. You just could not make this up.

    @galileo – I can see your concern about this definition potentially validating the age of consent of 16, but I don’t think it does that. It just highlights how extreme and non-sensical the age of consent is.

    • EPHEBOPHILE says:

      Anti-feminist and masculinists/MRAs: They have achieved absolutely nothing LITERALLY ZERO even by publicly abhorring sex with minors. They are considered the political and social scum of Humanity, can only can inhabits in dark internet forums.

      Now we have guys trying to create that anti-feminism and “masculinism” but with “sexual libertarianism” or “sex-positive” AKA support of sex with minors. (AKA Male sexualism). They think they’ll win now! (poor devils… At least they could try to imitate people who have won something instead of imitating born losers, right?)

      MAP = LGTB (Those who win)
      Boylover/Girllover = Gay / Lesbian (Those who win)
      Ephebophile, Hebephile: Homosexual, Bisexual (Those who win)

      Male Sexualism = Masculinism/MRA (Those who are nothing)

    • theantifeminist is a FRAUDTRELLE says:

      Again, Theantifeminist shows himself a selfish man, only preoccupied with the interests (sexual or otherwise) of people of his kind, that is, ephebophilic heterosexual adult males; similarly, on his blog, like David Futrelle does, he defended rape and sexual slavery, assuming of course that the victims are underage female and get married (he would not want to be raped or enslaved himself).
      On his web, through several posts he tells that a “French” guy, with the help of two the most-known leaders of the ephebophile activism two guys named “FeldMarschall” and “Dissident” and the FSB, wants to assassinate him for his “male sexualist” views. Really, if the FSB wanted to kill him, it would just do it without telling him in advance.
      He thinks himself an important person, like a leader of a movement.
      For all his “male sexualist” talk, he fails to denounce the main harm done to male sexuality in the world: half a million of male fetuses are aborted in Russia, without their consent, of course.
      He is a crackpot, and nobody should promote his ideas.

  6. Tom Grauer says:

    Our enemies are afraid. We should expect them to employ:

    Reputation destruction tactics
    Intimidation tactics
    Digital disruption tools
    Attempts to break group solidarity

    And so on. We will win, though. During the next following months, I’ll be rather quite and won’t post very frequently. But after that, there shall be an “earthquake” of Male Sexualist expansion coming from my various platforms.

  7. Disgusted says:

    Another accused of “inappropriate relationship/sexual assault” on a 14- or 15-year-old girl.

    Showing the absolute evil of women, he is publicly denounced by her on social networks, only because he hates that “abuse of power” that a guy 7 years older than her is interested in her. She has even denounced that he has gone after another minor after her, what a disgusting and miserable being women are.

    Read the text from the 14/15-year-old bitch, seriously, read it, do those garbage bags really deserve our attention even for a minute? And we’re here advocating for men to fornicate with those worthless human scumbags called teenage girls? Do you think they’re always middle-aged old ladies? it’s the same teenage pieces of shit that hate us! we want to fuck our rapists and murderers. I disgust myself.

    • anon says:

      NEWS: “Three 11-year-old girls invent a sexual abuse case to get a teacher expelled.”

      Women are liars and scumbags. Adults, teenagers, little girls, who cares?

  8. @Tom – I don’t think this troll is a special operative working on behalf of the deep state or anything. I’m pretty sure he’s just a typical obsessive aspie ephebophile whose comment I once deleted and 5 years later still can’t direct his tantrums against the real enemy. The fact that ‘EPHEBOPHILE’ posted just an hour after ‘AntiFeminist is a Fraudtrelle’ suggests it’s the same person. Yourself, Eivind, and Holocaust should really take a look at its behaviour and consider if these things really are useful allies to Male Sexualism or simply deadweight that will hold us back.

  9. I could, of course, be wrong. I have to admit, that if he is just a lone autist, it’s surpising they haven’t done away with him yet, as he is clearly complicating things.

  10. Seth says:

    In the Middle Ages, in Europe, rapists were hanged hanging from a tree. It was the people themselves, in the councils (there was more democracy in the European Middle Ages than in the current countries), who dictated and executed sentences.

    Thus the culture of rape was eradicated in my country, because rape (of a woman, a child, even a man) was considered an act of inhumane and soulless people. In other cultures, unfortunately, I do believe that it exists, and that it has evolved to a worse degree, such as the Taharrush of Muslim countries, or the acts of mass humiliation of the native population by those who call themselves ‘asylum seekers’, and which I call invaders.

    • galileo1439 says:

      Those other cultures you speak of are most of the world. Western and european society, middle ages and modern, are the anomaly not the norm. I see the refugee invadors as male sexualist liberators.

      • The Highwayman says:

        They won’t take a very “liberating” attitude towards you trying to be with one of “their” women let me tell you. Islam allows muslim men to be with non-muslim women but muslim women are required to be with muslim men and there are polls that show that %90 of muslim men favour this double standard.

  11. galileo1439 says:

    Hey mr highwayman i am Muslim.

  12. Sapphocidaire says:

    HERE is hoping for a nuclear war to end ALL OF THIS!

    However, I have reason to believe that as Putin is really a CUCK who supports both the hysteria and genocide of males, that he will simply take it up the ass bloodily from the Shitited States and that bloated faggot Mattis “Mad for mens’ cocks”. Or the Americunts themselves will just bomb an airport and leave it at that, so both sides can go back to killing men and supporting feminism.

    Still support Putin on the international level, protecting the beautiful country of Syria.

    Or perhaps, after all, Britain will just get fucked up and the rest of the worlds CUNTinue in its hellish direction.

    In which case: BYE!

    • Sapphocidaire says:

      Update: Putin has shown himself to be a complete and utter CUCK in failing to take aim at a French or Britcunt naval vessel, or fucking “platform” or whatever. This is truly cuckish behaviour which shows what an utter fraud he actually is. Here is what a REAL nationalist would have accomplished in Russia:

      1) The investment of money from natural resources into an economy that produces proper things, including cutting edge technology. ( He DOES deserve praise in the intercontinental missile department)

      2) As autarkic a system as possible. For when America, and China, would attempt to economically strangle them.

      3) The lowering of AOC to 12 and the decriminalisation of all so-called statutory rape.

      4) The imprisonment of LGBTers and their filthy feminist allies.

      5) The setting up of Lebensborn hotels where designated Alpha males sleep with pubescent girls.

      6) The construction of superstructures like moving skyscrapers, great bridges, greenhouses and theatres. Also, high-tech infrastructure.

      Sadly, he has FAILED in all these things, and going shirtless on a mule does not make up for it.

      Russia is a CUCK state, and has been humiliated by the West. What a joke!
      The Soviet Union was a powerful civilisation with an AOC of fourteen, but they gave it all up for American FREEDOM and the opportunity to sell pizza!

      Seriously, to go from the president of a fucking superpower to starring in a pizza hut advert!

      The ONE thing PUTIN might have done to have restored PRIDE in his fucking nation would have been to drop a tactical nuclear weapon on Berlin or London. He is a CUCK!

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