Another ‘Out’ Youth Sexual Rights Activist

Another youth sexual rights activist has come out who has decided to put his real face to his views:

He also has a patreon at:

He seems to be wanting donations as he decided to come out but has nearly no money to sustain himself (and doesn’t think he’ll be able to get a career after speaking the truth…)

Judging by his accent I’m guessing he is British. It’s starting to seem to me like Britain is a nation of paedophile advocates. I mean, there’s me, theantifeminist, this guy, Tom O’Carroll, Ed Chambers, Nigel Oldfield etc. How cool is that 🙂 Get triggered, feminazis.

Worse still, Britain appears to be adopting a culture of paedophilia. Notably, Alison Saunders being kicked out of the CPS was the start. And now, news just in, the police have said they are no longer going to be automatically believing liars. Get mega triggered, feminazis!

Maybe Britain can be the world’s first Male Sexualist country. Abolish all sex crimes! Yay!

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15 Responses to Another ‘Out’ Youth Sexual Rights Activist

  1. Yure says:

    Respect, lots of it. There’s a guy with the courage that I don’t have (and a camera, cause I also don’t have one). Keep it up, big dude.

  2. Tom Grauer says:

    This is great; there may yet be hope for us.

    We need to support him (and other people like him) because inevitably he will get attacked by the usual suspects, and to withstand these attacks it’s good to have a support network.

    He’s definitely woke about many of the issues we’ve been discussing.

  3. ManyFives says:

    Maybe the UK imported muslims for a reason.
    The white would never stop baying “muh white wuman”

  4. Just to make clear that I firmly reject the label of ‘paedophile advocate’. I’ve spent the last ten years trying to get the men’s rights movement to take seriously the feminist criminalization of male sexuality. Of course, not many have fought to save (real) paedophiles from excessive and injust feminist persecution as much as I have, and in that sense, I have been an ‘advocate for paedophiles’, even if mostly indirectly. However, given that I don’t have any gratitude from even aspie ‘ephebophiles’, I’m really not prepared to be labelled either as a ‘paedophile advocate’, or rather more accurately ‘an advocate for paedophiles’.

    I’m not a paedophile, I’m not a Muslim, I’m not anti-pornography, I’m a sexual libertarian men’s rights activist who can see that the feminist criminalization of normal male sexuality, above all the healthy attraction to pubescent and post-pubescent females, is the leading and most urgent men’s rights issue today.

    As for ‘Male Sexualist’ – which is a very promising term coined by Tom Grauer – I’m happy to be under that banner if it means sexual libertarianism and opposition to all feminist puritan sex laws, but if it means Islam, identification as ‘ephebophiles’ (let alone ‘paeophiles’), or being anti- pornography, then count me out.

    • Tom Grauer says:

      I think that Male Sexualism should be a broad coalition. Not everyone in it should identify as pro-pedo. I believe that we should accept Muslims (and there are some Muslims who have already joined) but it’s not an Islamic movement, necessarily. Sexual libertarians and pro-sex MRAs are obviously welcome – you’re an integral part of the coalition.

      I don’t necessarily call myself a “pedo advocate,” but that’s what the whole world would call me, and I’m okay with that. I really just want to de-criminalize male sexuality. I terms of attraction, I’m very attracted to 13-year-olds, and that gets me called a “pedophile” by many people; so I just have to accept it.

      Another definition would be “age-realist.” I recognize the fact that females sometimes develop a strong sexuality by the age of 10, and that at the age of 12 they are often as horny as a 16-year-old male. (Very horny) The evidence for that is all over the web, and is also confirmed by the personal experiences of countless men, myself included. The alt-righters often use the terms “race-realism” and “sex-realism,” and I believe that “age-realism” is an equally valid category.

      None of us identifies as “ephebophile” here. In a recent video I called out “ephebophilia” for being non-existent (100% of men are attracted to females in those ages), and I think that everyone agrees with me on that point. “Hebephilia” is likewise a bullshit term: if a female possesses secondary sexual characteristics, men would be attracted to her – period.

      Again, I don’t see myself as a real pedo. I’m not one. But if the entire world wants to call me that, I’m not going to spend time autistically explaining that “actually…….” and so on. I’m okay with being called a pedo. I’m going to take the stigma away from that term, once and for all.

    • Steel says:

      Tom O’Carroll is a declared enemy of male sexualism, I didn’t want to believe theantifeminist but I just read this in his blog commentaries, responding to a guy who says “male sexualism is nonsense”:

      [the guy] >For all I know, you guys take seriously this “male sexualist” nonsense and the ensuing pseudo-psychological assessment that accompanied it.

      [TOC] I don’t, as should be obvious. That line has little support here. But some who start from that position when they arrive at HTOC tend to become less extreme after being exposed over time to my posts and many of the comments here. I do believe HTOC has an educative function in that regard.

      It would not be a great idea to send the extreme misogynists packing, in my view. That’s the way guys end up going berserk and massacring strangers with firearms. Social isolation is a killer.
      So.. We’re a bunch of misogynistic, extremist freaks for him. Nice.

    • holocaust21 says:

      I was using the term “paedophile advocate” in a slightly tongue-in-cheek way (though perhaps I didn’t make it clear enough). At least it’s what the feminists would call all of us and hence we become “paedophile advocates”. To be honest I think the whole concept of “paedophilia” is a false dichotomy and it is a term loaded with all kinds of different definitions so it’s really a meaningless term. The only thing that seems to have become quite consistent is that – whatever it is – it is a bad thing! But, obviously, if you don’t know what you are talking about then it can’t really be bad or good, so it becomes nonsensical and thus a term to be made fun of.

      Perhaps my slogan should become “I have no idea what paedophilia is, so feel free to call me one”

      • I understand Tom and your replies, and share this sense that we do need to take more of an attitude of not giving a fuck as regards shaming labels that feminists throw at us – ‘paedophile advocates’ being the strongest one of course. I think we still need to tread carefully, however. For example, in the video above – quite brilliant btw – the brave man is showing his face and will likely be identified at some point. Maybe I’m revealing my prejudices again, but it does look like he might come from a quite a tough background too, rather than a leafy middle-England suburb or Shire town. As somebody in the comments under the YouTube video puts it, he is risking his life for speaking out, or at least any hope of a career, and he is a very young and intelligent man. I’m not sure calling him a paedophile advocate is the right thing to do (unless he himself describes himself as that, which I didn’t see in the video).

        Cozying up with Tom O’Carroll, a feminist (real) paedophile who argues that boys should be given drugs to delay puberty and who yet denounces our positions as ‘extreme’ on account of our ‘misogyny’, inviting utterly clueless ‘MAPs’ like ‘Gally’ (a reader of Eivind’s blog) who can’t even see that feminists are the enemy, as our allies, and flirting with identifying ourselves as paedophiles, while claiming that Islam is ‘not necessarily’ synonymous with male sexualism, is all problematic in my opinion. (Islam like feminism regulates the sexual market, only instead of in favour only of women, for the benefit of 1% Alpha Males too. If Islam is so good for male sexuality, ask yourselves why millions of horny young Muslim men so desperately want to live in Europe, despite our ever increasing feminist-puritanism?). But then I accept I’ve failed after 10 years, and that the men’s rights movement is completely lost. We need something else, and Tom Grauer is probably the man to kickstart a new movement.

        I honestly do envy you, Tom, and Eivnid. It seems that, at least in your minds, Islam would satisfy all your demands, or at least be much, much preferable to anything in the West. But then why not move to one of the dozens of Islamic countries and accept the West is lost? If your answer is essentially to convert the West to Islam (something which is inevitable anyway), what’s the point of trying to start a new movement?

        I see a lot of hope in the comments in this blog and Eivind’s at the moment. It does almost remind me of the men’s rights movement and manosphere in general a decade ago. Then this renewed hope is tempered by the feeling that the only question is – does ‘Male Sexualism’ fade into Islam or the ‘MAP’ (Mangina Aspie Paedophile) movement?

      • Tom Grauer says:

        You raise some very interesting and valid points, which I’ll address when I have the time.

        Meanwhile, I want to use this opportunity to express my deepest and sincerest admiration for your decade-long valuable work. Without you and Holocaust21 and Eivind, I would not have come up with my own male sexualist activism.

        Your 100% justified insistence, in the face of a gazillion assmad aspies and paedocrites and snowflakes and manginas and femihags, that WE ARE ALL attracted to sexy teens, has been crucial to the formulation of our shared worldview.

        And by the way, your concept of paedocrity (which some people falsely attribute to me) is sheer brilliant. I am going to use it in my writing and videos to piss off a bunch of people, and believe me, they’re gonna be fuming, steaming, and vaporing after I do so.

        As someone who’s been reading your blog — which was quite the lone sane voice crying out in the wilderness of paedohysteria — since late 2012 or early 2013, let me tell you: your work has not been in vain. Whatever our disagreements, I am proud to be called your spiritual son.

  5. But yes, you are right – Britain is becoming the hotbed of the resistance to feminist puritan anti-male sex laws. It should be, of course, because we British set the world on the current path of sexual puritanism, and it’s up to us to fix this.

    Again making clear that most of these people are not ‘paedophile advocates’ but men who can recognize ‘paedohysteria’ for the feminist bullshit that it is, I would say we have a proud history of resisting feminist-puritanism.

    Ernest Belfort Bax, David Thomas, Angry Harry, Steve Moxon. Even most of the prominent intellectuals, actors, comedians, lawyers etc who have spoken out have been British. Examples :

    Richard Dawkins, Chris Morris, Jeremy Irons, Barbara Hewson…

    • Tom Grauer says:

      Also Chris Brand, who coined the term “paedo-hysteria,” and was supportive of teenage sex.

      I’m glad to see Britons and Anglos in general resisting the system. You are basically the master race – your civilizational achievements are greater than those of Italians, French, Jews, and Germans. I really like your people, and frankly the *only* thing I dislike about the British is the puritanism-feminism. Besides this single issue, you guys are truly the most talented and interesting and creative ethnicity in the world, hands down.

  6. Willhem says:

    You got an e-mail from me. Take a look in your inbox.

  7. Libertine says:

    Also UK is where the great peso-hysterical satire mockumentary BrassEye was made. Catch up Americans. We’re lightyears behind (or was) Netherlands though.

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