Bill Cosby Found Guilty

Bill Cosby has been found guilty after a trial so blatantly obstructed and perverted that only the hardcore feminist media can call it “fair”. He was already found not guilty once, so now they retry him and retry him until he is found guilty by virtue of an incompetent feminist jury.

This is barbarism at it’s worst. The Cosby verdict is indeed a terrible day for Men’s Rights but at the same time it should tell us just how essential it is that men band together to overthrow the brutal feminist system of oppression.

The verdict does prove that in America there is still one thing slightly more despised than the evil White Male and that’s the evil Black Male. Of course that might not offer much reconciliation to the hundreds of thousands of White Males being brutally tortured in gulags across the country, but it does show that feminists hate all men.

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11 Responses to Bill Cosby Found Guilty

  1. nuck roc says:

    Bro, kiwifarms made a page about you. You should review it on this site for the giggles.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Maybe, I have already seen it before but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I am not sure if there is much to say as mostly they are a bunch of blue pilled retards who don’t realise that they too can be placed on the sex offender register and executed in a feminist concentration camp…

      • Yure says:

        Kiwifarms is not to be taken seriously, or so I think.

      • Russell says:

        Just commentating on their stupidity will be enough to see them rant like a bunch of morons, or ‘lolcows’ XD

        They have made a page on Omni with of course nothing the less, and he wanted to just commentate their stupidity a while ago but since I haven’t talk to him since you know and the fact that there is just a lot of fun you can do, say, or talk about with these kiwifaggots, I say it would be funny to see your commentary to their page about you and actual pro paedophile activists.

        Also sad to hear about Bill Cosby, but I am in a gray area on this issue since I don’t know much about it. I still believe he is innocent until proven guilty of all the charges though, and some women had the primary interest of receiving money rather than justice. (I mean, millions of dollars for one chick? Wtf?)

      • holocaust21 says:

        Point taken Russell. I’ll think about it if I get the time.

        As for Bill Cosby I’m 100% for him whatever shit he did. For one it’s quite clear that even what he was being accused of was not rape. There’s no suggestion he was violent, just that he gave a woman drugs – which she requested – and she claims she had an adverse reaction to these and he had sex with her when she didn’t want it. Despite her failing to indicate that to him. At worst this is a very low level crime, certainly not worthy of any substantial prison time. Women get away with far worse than this every day (such as by divorcing their husbands and forcing him to slave away paying her maintenance – which the courts not only encourage but enforce).

        As Male Sexualists we have to ask ourselves: Do we want to live in a world where men can be given punishments that are 1000x worse than the harm done by the original crime committed? And do we think it is OK that women, on the other hand, rarely if ever receive such disproportionate punishments and in many cases are openly allowed to get away with heinous crimes against men aided and abetted by the criminal justice system? My answer to those questions is: No and no.

  2. Hopefully the public lynching of one of their icons will at least wake African-American men up to the fact that feminists are not their friends. Like Muslim men, black males aren’t nearly as manginafied as whites. There might be a real backlash from them.

  3. Ldev says:

    the only issue i have with femi-nazis is that ‘intersectionality’ was a Rockefeller sponsored initiative to attack white women and say their ‘oppression’ was less valid than that of black women and to be also used to attack many other movements from within-was used to attack Animal Rights movement and claim that slaughterhouse workers were being oppressed and that as they liked to claim- ”because there are more animal rescue centres than womens refuges centres then animals are not needing representation…”’ and also their de-population agenda-ROCKEFELLER SPONSORED AGAIN- PRO-CHOICE MASS MURDER ABORTION TACTICS-with their denial of babies being murderered and their bollocks about ”its just a bunch of cells…”

  4. Libertine says:

    On another note, Did you see the end of Newsnihgt tonight? You will know what I mean.

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