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Ron Book Destroyed By Jim DeFede

Is Jim DeFede the first decent news anchor for decades? He totally destroyed political predator Ron Book – the extremely rich and powerful man behind insanely vindictive anti-sex offender laws in Florida. Watch the interview here:

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Another Count Dankula Chat With Amos Yee

Following on from previous debates Count Dankula and Amos Yee have just had another public debate: It culminated in Count Dankula laughing at the idea of teenagers committing suicide and one of his viewers even commented that as hundreds of … Continue reading

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Free Range Parenting Law Takes Effect In Utah

Congratulations to Lenore Skenazy for getting this through: Though, funnily enough the first idiot to comment under the video says “Now the pedophiles know where to go….” But that clearly suggests people understand that this is an anti-paedohysteria law. So … Continue reading

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Amos Yee Banned From Youtube

Amos Yee – the world’s most popular (or perhaps unpopular) – pro-paedophile activist has had his youtube channel deleted and even the BBC have reported on it. In response he’s posted on his blog a whole bunch of peer reviewed … Continue reading

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Santander Share Price Is Gonna Crash… Run!

Snowflake company Santander recently threatened to close a customer’s account unless she stopped offender Santander employees… The offence? Chatting to an employee about the fact that Bradford waterways are turning yellow with Curry. Apparently, despite not stating it at the … Continue reading

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Kids, Drugs and Sex

The youth sexual rights activist who I mentioned before has been continuing to make more videos (see on his youtube channel), one of particular philosophical interest is this one: I am not sure if I have seen anyone who has … Continue reading

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Police Officer Who Wrongly Sent Man To Prison Sues Force

A police officer by the name of Cara Creaby is suing the force claiming that viewing images of “child abuse” has left her with PTSD. The most revealing part of the article is this: She remains off sick, but has … Continue reading

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