Kids, Drugs and Sex

The youth sexual rights activist who I mentioned before has been continuing to make more videos (see on his youtube channel), one of particular philosophical interest is this one:

I am not sure if I have seen anyone who has campaigned for both psychedelic drugs AND youth sexuality before. Even more crucially he alludes to the idea that it is OK to give children psychedelics. Definitely unPC, but can’t fault his reasoning, and it leads to a consistent whole. Also imagine if what he’s suggested is implemented? Then we wouldn’t have any need for the police anymore!!! Like 100,000 coppers could all be sacked and we could get some tax cuts. Sweet.

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4 Responses to Kids, Drugs and Sex

  1. Tom Grauer says:

    I believe that our friend Nathan Larson supports the legalization of all drugs.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Oh yes, you are right!

      Mind, I think this guy might be going further in arguing that given drugs to kids is good and that taking drugs generally is a positive thing.

  2. Youth Liberator says:

    I am the person from this video. Thank you for posting and recognising that there may be something of value to my radical stance on these issues.

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