Amos Yee Banned From Youtube

Amos Yee – the world’s most popular (or perhaps unpopular) – pro-paedophile activist has had his youtube channel deleted and even the BBC have reported on it.

In response he’s posted on his blog a whole bunch of peer reviewed studies proving that adult-child sex is perfectly fine and even beneficial.

He’s also been putting some videos on his facebook, one was having a good bash at one of the paedocrites who was criticising him. Amos has raised some good points about what he calls the “guilt by association fallacy” in that, basically, it is of course retarded. If you support 100 of someone’s views but disagree with 1 of their views then it’s retarded to suddenly get ‘triggered’ and want to disassociate yourself from everything the other person says.

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8 Responses to Amos Yee Banned From Youtube

  1. Tom Grauer says:

    That is why I support the free speech of Islamic Jihadists, Nazis, Communists, and every other “bad guys” out there. The moment you start censoring speech because the speech is “dangerous,” you’re in a slippery slope to thought-tyranny.

  2. Yure says:

    Some people only heard of him now. The ban actually gave him publicity.

  3. nathanlarson3141 says:

    Yeah, it’s kind of like how when /r/Incels got banned, they got publicity for pretty much the first time.

    So where does Amos Yee fall on the political spectrum? I notice, whenever someone comes out at pro-pedo, every ideology disclaims him. Alt-righters will say, “He’s not a real alt-righter,” libertarians will say, “He’s not a real libertarian,” etc., etc. No one will want to claim him as their own. But he must fall somewhere on the political spectrum.

    How does that work — how is a person who’s pro-pedo outside of every quadrant of the Nolan chart? The alt-righters will say, “It’s those leftists and libertarians who are pro-pedo” while the left will say, “There are lots of pedos among the religious conservative wingnuts,” etc., etc. The left will even describe the ephebophiles in the alt-right as being pretty close to being pedophiles and therefore still pretty bad people. (See, e.g., RationalWiki’s manosphere glossary entry on ephebophiles.) The left is the most hardcore in favor of having a high age of consent and high marriageable age, yet they get accused of harboring a bunch of people who view pedophilia as the next egalitarian frontier after gay marriage and transgender rights.

    • Yure says:

      He claims to be radically left. Worth noting that Rationalwiki isn’t always rational, if ever. There’s no right wing party taking liberal stance on age of consent, but the communist parties in France and UK are favorable to abolishing that law, in favor of alternative ways to fight abuse, without harming sexual self-determination. So, there you go: two active leftist parties that want age of consent abolishment. None the less, most people I see being busted for sexual contact with minors are people at the right. I sometimes joke that the left could legalize it, but the right just can not wait.
      I could not the french one, tho.

    • WUUUUUMANS, real men like em BIG says:

      The left and right are both white. Whites hate men being happy, being a stupid martrical race where the female is the boss wuuuuuuumans (and BIG) and the male is the stupid provider drone (and small, lightweight)

  4. Libertine says:

    If you want a laugh, Just watch this episode of Unreported World ‘Evil In Paradise’. They really scrape the barrel trying to make these teenage prostitutes look like victims, And they fail dismally!

  5. Libertine says:

    Check out the news on R Kelly:

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