First Feminist Admits Rape is a Low Level Crime

We never thought we’d see the day. But finally a leading feminist – Germaine Greer – has admitted that rape is a low level crime and punishments should be reduced.

I’m gobsmacked really. After all the triggerings that Tom Grauer caused when he called for rape to be legalised and even amongst hardcore pro-paedo activists. Yet now a leading feminist is almost advocating the same thing.

At this rate I might become a progressive. If progress is all about legalising rape and sacking cops then count me in!

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9 Responses to First Feminist Admits Rape is a Low Level Crime

  1. Yure says:

    That’s odd. I wonder how other feminists would react, specially the youngest ones, who see rape in every little unrelated thing.

  2. galileo1439 says:

    Greer’s remarks should be assumed a ploy to lull us into a false feeling we’ve won the battle. This is the worst possible time actually for any of us to give up or stop attacking feminism. She is playing on well known male psychology of a woman giving a man a small reward and him forgetting everything bad that she ever did for him.

    • holocaust21 says:

      True, though unlike some I think Greer has always been a bit this way inclined. Indeed, see the little gem quote I just dug out from newgon (below) indicating that Greer had pro-paedophile views many decades ago so her views haven’t really changed.

      The thing that unites Greer and other feminists is that they have both become convinced that men are the cause of the problems in their lives and so they hate men. However, Greer’s view as to what is the problem is very different to the typical feminist. Greer views sexual repression and the small nuclear family as the problem and she blames men for that whereas the prudish feminist views sex itself as the problem and she blames men for that.

      Of course, you are right that we need to end this constant man-hating whether it’s pro-sex or anti-sex… Women blaming all men for the problem’s in their lives isn’t helping anyone. They should take some damn responsibility for a change!

      Anyway, on to that quote…
      Germaine Greer in “Seduction is a four-letter word” 1980-88
      “From the child´s point of view and from the commonsense point of view, there is an enormous difference between intercourse with a willing little girl and the forcible penetration of the small vagina of a terrified child. One woman I know enjoyed sex with an uncle all through her childhood, and never realized that anything was unusual until she went away to school. What disturbed her then was not what her uncle had done but the attitude of her teachers and the school psychiatrist. They assumed that she must have been traumatized and disgusted and therefore in need of very special help. In order to capitulate their expectations, she began to fake symptoms that she did not feel, until at length she began to feel truely guilty about not having been guilty. She ended up judging herself very harshly for this innate lechery.”

      • Shltyu says:

        Personally, I think the only difference between sex-positivity and sex-negativity is how each ideology expresses its hatred for men and its desire to control men through sex and sexuality.

        That is why being pro-male (and not simply sex-positive) should be a fundamental starting point for any truly alternative movement.

  3. Libertine says:

    I was at that festival (I think that is safe to say, it is a large event) but I missed that event. There is a mixed bag as far as she is concerned; At question time when talking about ‘child abuse’ she said why do we encourage daughters to flirt with their dads when kissing goodnight for example.

  4. galileo1439 says:

    There should be NO WOMEN in the male sexualist movement at all really.

  5. Friend or enemy? says:

    Tom O’Carroll about recent Nathan Larson huffpost news, incels and male sexualism:

    “I first heard of Nathan Larson over a year ago. His brand of pro-rape misogyny is pretty big online now. Larson and his ilk unapologetically call for the violent control of women. They use the shock tactic of promoting child rape and incest deliberately, to grab attention.

    It sometimes works, as evidenced by the Huff Post coverage, which then gets linked (as by Erwin) and further discussed (as be me). It is a successful meme. We are its replicators.

    This would be of no great importance as a merely verbal phenomenon. The Huff Post might have been able to justify their coverage on the basis that Larson is a congressional candidate but it is hardly to be imagined that a “pro-paedophile” (not to me he isn’t, fellow Sexnetters!) candidate is going to get many votes even in a country where a self-confessed pussy grabber can be president.

    The real danger is the radicalising message that reaches the numerous disaffected males, especially the more desperate younger ones, who have become increasingly pissed off with the uppity women folks of recent times, especially if these guys are “incels” (involuntary celibates) for any reason. Some might be paedophiles, for sure, but these are likely to be far out-numbered by those who are too socially awkward, or physically unattractive, or just too aggressive, unpleasant and narcissistically full of themselves to be attractive to any potential sexual partner.

    Among Muslims the anger among such men has found a ready outlet through violent jihad in recent years. Among non-Muslims school and college shootings express similar feelings of alienation, but these have only relatively recently begun to have the feel of a movement, rather than an expression of oddball “loner” deviancy. I guess the movement began to gather momentum following the high-profile coverage of Elliot Rodger’s multiple murder and suicide spree in 2014. A big feature of this was that he explained himself: he uploaded a video, ‘Elliot Rodger’s Retribution’, to his YouTube channel and also emailed a 107,000-word memoir-manifesto, ‘My Twisted World: The Story of Elliot Rodger’. He had been a good-looking guy with a glamorous background, making his sexual frustration in real need of explanation, and he obliged.

    It seems lots of guys out there listened to his violent message. So should the rest of us.

    I consider myself a feminist in the old-school equal opportunities sense, along with generally liberal/left universalist values that are a million miles from today’s accusatory, divisive, whining identity politics. So it grieves me to witness the stupid, arrogant blind triumphalism of #MeToo’s excesses, which favours a win-at-all-costs approach, despite the fact that those costs include unjustly discrediting college “rapists” who are nothing of the sort and unfairly wrecking the careers of those accused of harassment on the flimsiest of evidence, such as a misplaced hand on a knee decades ago. Even Margaret Atwood has recently come out as alarmed by these excesses.

    My disgruntlement is nothing though. Society has nothing to fear from a milquetoast moderate (yes, moderate) like me. But it is crazy to ignore the Elliot Rodgers out there. The way things are going they will soon be as numerous and as lethal as Isis ever was, perhaps more so. What is not needed is for us men to put women back in their place. But feminists need to wise up and start listening to voices of caution and moderation, such as Atwood’s. The revolutionary hotheads will only bring disaster.”

  6. galileo1439 says:

    What are the chances some state will enact half your age plus seven as the legal AOC?

  7. Lorem says:

    Rape is just forced sex. If forced sex does not physically harm the person, it is not a violent act, it is not a serious crime.
    In nature, rape is the practice of deprived animals having sex and reproducing themselves. It’s like welfare for the poor.
    Poor people need social help to survive.
    Ugly, poor, penniless men need to rape to have sex with the woman they want.
    With the legalization of rape. There could be the promotion of safe rape where no one is prejudiced.

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