Nathan Larson Interview

Nathan Larson, the paedophile congressional candidate, has recently been causing a storm as the media have picked up on his existence, partly because his sites were recently taken down by PC activists.

And now, he’s done an interview with Pod Awful, enjoy:

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9 Responses to Nathan Larson Interview

  1. Yeah, I should’ve elevated the camera a bit higher, but oh well.

  2. galileo1439 says:

    The incest thing is a big problem for me. The more I find out that Larson supports father and daughter sex the less I support him. I believe in abolishing or greatly lowering AOC, but i believe that incest should be strictly forbidden. Father should own daughter as property prior to her being married definitely. But sex is forbidden between father and daughter by God’s revealed scriptures. God owns everything superceding father’s ownership of daughter or husbands ownership of wife.

    • Tom Grauer says:

      Personally, while I wouldn’t forbid father-daughter sex or any other form of incest, I think that this issue should not occupy the front and center of our activism.

      Still, we should all support Nathan as for the most part we share his sentiments.

      • galileo1439 says:

        I support probably 80 to 90 percent of his ideology still. What would be super is if someone like him emerged in every state. It would be easy to find at least one guy in every state who has this type of societal view.

  3. caamib says:

    Hey guys… Will comment on Nathan Larson later but please read this- Hey guys, please read this

    The final part talks about difficulties in starting a forum.

  4. Libertine says:

    Here is an interesting rant about the increasing censorship on youtube, By Razorfist or ‘fist’.

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