Youth Liberation Doxed & Youtube Channel Taken Down

According to a post by Amos Yee the pro-paedophilia youtuber Youth Liberation has been doxed and had his youtube channel taken down:

Pro-Pedophile Youtuber, Youth Liberation, just had his parent’s address and his full name leaked online. In addition, his videos were mass flagged and his Youtube account was just terminated. All this happened when he was just kicked out of his parent’s house for defending pedophilia publicly and is now attempting to move to Morocco to find a new place and is trying to raise funds needed for survival.

Please, anyone who cares about the issue of ending discrimination against pedophiles, please consider giving him a donation to support his work and help him in his time of need (Even just $1 is significant). If you really can’t offer any monetary help, at least maybe share some kind words of support. He is an important and powerful voice in our community, he will not be silenced

Support Youth Liberation financially here:

See a Clip of him here:

We wish him the best. I am not sure why he thinks it is a good idea to move to Morocco though…

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