The World’s Most Hilarious Post

This is hilarious…

Does this Mr Dapperton twat not have any brains? Maybe the reason Amos is earning more money than him is because Amos provides value to other people. However, Mr Dapperton provides the opposite of value, he destroys value by harming other people. At the end of the day, Mr Dapperton, what you are suffering from is called capitalism and a free market, and on this occasion it’s working exactly how it’s supposed to! And you call yourself a Libertarian? Jesus Christ…

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24 Responses to The World’s Most Hilarious Post

  1. Tom Grauer says:

    Exactly right. This reminds me of the idea of the pedonomy – if it were legal, CP and “child prostitution” (which really means teenage prostitution) would be very economically profitable, providing immense value to lots of people. Definitely more profitable than regular porn and regular prostitution.

  2. Purpledragon85 says:

    This dumb fucker has the audacity to say the world isnt fair for supporting his shitty content like his? Wasnt this one of the guys who drove that 16 year old to suicide and saying bullshit and remarks based on his orientation in his content ‘of quality’? And he is saying that the world is unfair for people supporting a heretic whose been through a lot more than this cunt who does nothing but make snarky remarks to people he finds “stupid”?

    I want to know the location of his grave when he dies, same with other dumb fuckers who are just like him, so i can piss on there graves and take a huge shit on the tombstone that marks the names of these god forsaken monsters.

  3. Yure says:

    I keep telling: if advocacy is profitable, everyone will advocate.

  4. Stop this evil says:

    Look what caamib has written in reddit:

    ”’When I was, I was incel for not strapping a 12 year-old girl with C4 and decapitating her that way. Which I didn’t do because scumbag ideologues like yourself lied to me that women don’t like it and that bad people do it.””

    Please holocaust, these people are evil, sick and hateful, they have nothing to do with us.

    Stop the advocacy of real rape and that male sexualist garbage. I’m sick of this Tom Grauers who support brutally raping unmarried 8-year-old girls. Of Nathan Larsons who suport women and child slavery. THIS IS EVIL. WE NOT ARE EVIL. RISE UP and Get all the misogynists (these are not anti-feminists are just pathological misogynists, these people are pathologically disturbed) crap out of here.

    Real rape is bad. Killing women is wrong. Like Incels and MRA these ”’Male Sexualists”” They are a cult that feeds on people who are in poor sexual and mental health to use them in their projects of hatred and domination. Look in the mirror, holocaust, don’t become a monster like these soulless beings. We don’t have to choose between two monsters like these hitlers (male sexualism) and stalins (feminism). We can be free from all tyrannies. Rise up against all discriminators and tyrants, death to the misogynist as to the misandrist!

    • holocaust21 says:

      But it does widen the Overton Window… The feminists will want to kill you whether you propose it is OK to have sex with a 15 year old girl or whether you propose that it is OK to rape and kill a 15 year old girl. Their reaction will be identical! So showing the public that feminists react the same either way shows up the weakness in their arguments.

      It also shows on display the anger out there. You cannot beat feminism by merely “proving” yourself as reasonable to the feminists. They will always despise you. To beat feminism you must beat it by force. The sum total of hate from MRAs must exceed the sum total of hate from Feminists, only then does politics start to shift.

      The approach of appearing “all nice and harmless, we just want our rights” has been tried before and it didn’t work. The feminists just continue to escalate the levels of violence.

      • The lovely and brutal truth that must punch back hard and fast.

      • Pushing for the most extreme stance you can logically justify is probably the best strategy.

        I have been way to cuck when it comes to AoC, i have advocating lowering at most 13 but it seams that is also too high.

        I chattad a lot with a girl (including a lot of sex-related stuff) later i found out she was between 9 and 12, good thing i never sent her any dick pics. She wrote to me she wanted me to make her pragnant (she even had a dream about it), she wanted me to dominate/rape her brutally.

    • Yure says:

      Male sexualism is down to two demands: the lowering or abolishment of age of consent and the abolishment of sexual regulation. Advocating for rape isn’t inherent to that movement. For example, for me, rape should continue being a crime, but should be rebranded as a crime of violence and I think it should retain it’s penalty. That’s because, like you, I think that everything that is forced is bad. However, when we create a class of crime and brand it “sex crime”, there’s a fair chance that the legislators are enforcing their own tastes and sexual morals into harmless citizens. If we abolish the sex crime category, but retain the crime of violence category, only demonstrably violent sexual acts, such as rape, would be subject to punishment.
      As for the hate towards women, I think that it’s counterproductive. I think that hating women lowers your chances of getting laid, but that might be just me. I find it hard to understand how can incels, for example, have a hatred towards women and many of them love the women they choose, when they manage to overcome their condition of involuntary celibate. So, maybe, they aren’t all like that. I could be wrong, tho. I have been wrong before with these labels and things alike. Probably because I come from the left (despite not being supportive of feminism, which has failed and continues to fail in bringing equality, which makes me question if that movement was ever about equality in the first place).

  5. LGTBQ = garbage says:

    The proof that homosexuals and transexuslas are scum at the same level of feminists, they should be opposed and banned of our movenment.

    Ban all ‘LGTBQ’ traitors of our movenment NOW!

  6. LGTBQ = garbage says:

    Homosexuals = scum

  7. caamib says:

    I will reply to you soon, Stop This Evil

  8. caamib says:

    So, STE. I guess the most interesting thing would be knowing who you are in terms of your ideology.
    Are you some libtard trying to stir up some of our vague “coalitions” or are you a real libertine who supports Holcoausts’ blog? Or are you something third?

    If you are just some leftie I’ll tell you to go fuck yourself. But I’ll assume you’re somebody who actually supports Holocaust21.

    I’ve never tried to hide the fact that I hate modern Western women. I believe them to be incapable of being good mothers and wives. This is no secret, most of my writings talk about that. To understand my post, you’d have to know the fundamental change that happened in the world around 2000-2004, which had to do with feminism entering my home country and making providers now unnecessary and to be replaced by seducers. Since I am not a seducer doing horrible shit like that would have indeed made me more attractive to girls that age, when I was 12 myself. Why didn’t I? Because I didn’t know how things were ! My parents, teachers etc were all raised in a society that was much less feminist. The shit a person like that Calvin2018 nutcase blames me for is just that – not getting around in a completely new environment on time. Also, Calvin’s posts, both on Reddit and their blog, are horrendous accusations veiled behind fake intellectualism, as they couldn’t even pretend it’s not about sex for a single day despite claiming they don’t believe it is (I mean it’s just in their title and everything they write, why I am so picky when saying that?) and plainly told me that me not being incel for a year means that I’ve been having sex for an year. That is Calvin, but you’re not mentioning them so I won’t go further into that.

    Does that post say I’d do the same thing now? No, it doesn’t !

    You call me a misogynist? Do you know what that would entail? It would entail hatred of ALL women. But how many of my posts attacked women in non-feminist societies? There are some sentences I made on female nature in general, but they’re more “buyer beware” than hateful content.

    Is killing women wrong? Depends on how you view these women. I view modern Western women as irredeemably evil, and believe killing them makes a male more, not less attractive. Same with rape or other acts of violence against them. I’ve seen the rape thing with my own eyes. You call MRA’s misogynists? What is this, 2012? Honey, MRAs have been losing relevance for some years. And, no, they’re not all misogynists, this is something retarded that a feminist would write in 2012.

    And finally, do people you mentioned have disagreements? Of course they do. I disagree with some of Nathan’s ideas and consider them absurd and barbaric (impregnating you daughter? C’mon). I disagree with Holocaust that the best societies were Netherlands or Sweden in the 70s. I mean, I think these were pleasant to live in but were something like that moment before Willie Coyote realizes that there is a nothing underneath him. They didn’t function on sustainable grounds and turned to shit they are now because the foundations were wrong even then.

    But why should we agree on everything?

    Now, if you wanna make a serious reply to this go ahead. But I doubt you will.

  9. Please destroy their reddit. says:

    Pro-LGTBers liberal scum ban sexuality under 18:

    We need to do reddit accounts and spam and post supporting sex with people under 18 and denounce their disgusting reddit to get it closed. All this crap needs to be wiped out.

  10. Libertine says:

    You mentioned Germaine Greer before, Did you see the documentary about her life, It was on BBC 2 called ‘Germaine Bloody Greer’. Despite some old porn shots of her that were off putting (not that I’m a prude) In the end of the film she referred to ‘metoo’ as ‘a load of bollox’. And in her early days she was part of a free love movement: Asked if she still believes in that today, She replied ‘yes’.

    There was a time when I couldn’t stand her, just thought she hated all men, But now my thoughts are different. O’ carroll has mentioned her in the past. As someone said to me, That Greer would have you for talking about women like that; I said not really, she likes cock!

    • holocaust21 says:

      No I didn’t, but yeah Greer is somewhat of a “free love” supporter but at the same time she hates men. Due to the former she is not as bad as most feminists but due to the latter she is still bad.

  11. caamib says:

    “Pro-LGTBers liberal scum ban sexuality under 18:

    We need to do reddit accounts and spam and post supporting sex with people under 18 and denounce their disgusting reddit to get it closed. All this crap needs to be wiped out.”

    Could I give you some advice, child? Stop trying to promote your stupid sub this way. Anybody dumb enough to think you can “destroy a subreddit” by “spamming to get it closed” or that he “banned sexuality under 18” because he (um, you) don’t allow talking about it on his shitty, 40 subs subreddit is unlikely to post here anyway. You will get zero subscribers from this blog, if anything because you banned everything people reading this blog would talk about. Don’t be so desperate. Now get the fuck out.

  12. galileo1439 says:

    It is time now to keep child marriage legal in the USA! How should we oppose bills they are introducing in many states to ban marriage of under 18’s?

  13. ERL says:

    In a generic non-related reddit:

    “Tasteless or disturbing questions regarding loli, pedophelia, murder, violence or other sketchy or disgusting subject matter are not welcome here.

    Human garbage. They can’t even write properly, “pedophelia” what the fuck is this?”

    Death to the anti-pedophile and that’s it.

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    • Anon says:

      Tom O’Carroll’s commentary about:

      “”This looks highly political, with the name of Attorney General Jeff Sessions prominent in the follow-up publicity. This operation has clearly been long in the planning, probably devised early in the Trump administration as a “pro-morality” move by the government to deflect attention from the president’s pussy grabbing and hypocritically make it look as if they care about something more than money and power!

      It also looks as though the “liberal media” in the US have sensed this as well and done their damnedest to deny Sessions and Trump the publicity they must have wanted: the story has largely been met with silence by the major broadcast networks and press. Only in the local media does it figure.”

  15. galileo1439 says:

    A friend of mr dapperton had his daughter commit suicide because a court demanded she testify against her older man suitor as a rapist. She was likely heartbroken at society lacking acceptance of age different intimacy. Dapperton and everyone claims she was abused and you know the narrative. Dapperton seems to be going full pedo hunter if youve seen his recent videos. A tragic example of iatrogenic harm as has been documented many times by those associated witb us.

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