Could Christopher Chope be the first Male Sexualist MP?

In a brilliant act of defiance, Christopher Chope MP stood up to object to a sickening bill put forward by the vile feminist oligarchy – a bill to criminalise the harmless act of “upskirting”.

Could he be the first Male Sexualist MP? Time will tell, let’s just hope he doesn’t back down with a grovelling apology as that would be depressing.

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4 Responses to Could Christopher Chope be the first Male Sexualist MP?

  1. Libertine says:

    Next they will want to arrest anyone who even looks at upstart videos; Just like the viewing of CP.

  2. Yure says:

    Feminism hasn’t ended because anti-feminists are not yet united and haven’t yet made themselves visibile. Then again, the stablishment refuses to give them exposure, which also harms the union. I’m glad he did that, tho. That sure attracts attention. It’s a just a pity that he will likely be vilified.

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  4. galileo1439 says:

    Rape “victim”, “survivor”, or THRIVER? Women who have experienced rape want to be regarded as survivors rather than victims. I think there’s an even better term for a woman who experienced rape. A thriver. Women enjoy and are sexually aroused by getting forcibly subject to sexual advances and contact. Therefore a woman thrives emotionally and physically from the excitingly thrilling experience of being sexually assaulted by a man. Society thrives from women being controlled by men. Therefore I prefer the term thriver when referring to a woman who experienced sexual abuse.

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