Should Attorney General Jeremy Wright Be Sent To Prison?

Eivind Berge has pointed out how the Attorney General, Jeremy Wright, has been responsible for sentencing a 19 year old girl to 18 weeks in prison for revealing the truth about her brother’s false accusers who’s dubious accusations sent him to prison for 12 years.

We therefore assert that Jeremy Wright should go to prison on the charges of conspiring to subvert democracy, failing to uphold freedom of speech and perverting the course of justice. Let’s see how he likes it, for a change!

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30 Responses to Should Attorney General Jeremy Wright Be Sent To Prison?

  1. Hey says:

    Hey, omnipolitics16 is alive, faked his death, go to tomocarroll’s blog!!!!

    • holocaust21 says:

      Interesting… From the thread though there is still some uncertainty over whether it is really him.

    • Leansleeves says:

      I didn’t faked my death, read the thread more as I give out what really happened.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Wow, well, it’s good to know you’re not dead! Shame to hear you have given up on activism, but I understand why. Mind, I guess there are many ways to approach activism, yours was very direct. Other approaches are anon blogs like mine (saves me putting up with any shit in my persona life) or becoming a billionaire like Zuckerberg and then instead of closing the internet down and funding feminist organisations you open the internet up and fund anti-feminist ones like NVSH, National RSOL etc. Anyway, those are just alternative options you could consider in the future 😉

      • Leansleeves says:

        It is a shame I gave up on activism currently. (Obviously, I will change this in the future when I have all my shit together and stop getting into legal trouble.) I know there are other ways to approach activism, and I was thinking about other means of approaching activism in the near future, but I feel it won’t do any good and would just again be a waste of time.

        The only thing that came ‘good’ is that it showed these people don’t care about research, reasoning, nor anything about what I said because pedophilia is being supported in all those. Which some reason to them means ‘completely disregard this “creep.”‘ (I don’t honestly see how I am a creep to these people.)

  2. Yure says:

    Has anyone sued him?

  3. Death To Feminists says:

    There is a Netflix series called The Maid’s Tale that is pure garbage, because it is basically feminist narrative.

    And some criticize this series because it’s “not feminist enough” and it’s “misogynistic”. LOL

    By the way, Elisabeth Moss, the shit-faced protagonist, also starred in an Australian series called Top of the Lake, about an idyllic matriarchal paradise in the countryside threatened only by the continuous attacks of violent men and pedophiles. A real brainwashing of “evil men” and “women made of light”.

    Medical warnings: induction to vomiting, desire to hang all feminists.

  4. Anon says:

    This is the moral garbage that Tom Grauer advocate:

    The thing about them is that they really are annoying.

    Recently I’ve rode a bus back home from work, and ‘tardo decided to sit right next to me and strike a conversation. Asked my for my and stuff. Now, I was in a positive mood that moment, so I treated him rather politely. Had I been tired and pissed off, I would have told him to get the fuck off my face. But as I had a good day that day, I treated him nicely. Well, guess what? Of course – he asked me to be his “very very good friend.” I said “okay, let’s be friends.” Big mistake right there – my politeness got the best of me. He then insisted on getting my phone number.

    I ain’t givin’ my phone number to no ‘tardo, damnit.

    Well, by way of deception I managed to get out of that situation without giving him my number. And then it struck me: murder within the immediate family should be legal. Yep. It should be legal to kill one’s own close family members. Abortion should be legal, infanticide should be legal, spousal-murder should be legal, sibling-murder should be legal, and even parent-murder should be legal.

    Because the thing is: this creature is nothing but a nuisance to society. He takes away the resources of his family and of the country. More resources allocated to him means fewer resources allocated to his non-mutant family members. And he “contributes” nothing but trouble. So, I thought to myself: it should have been legal to kill him as a fetus. And generally, it should be legal for parents to murder their children. This led me to think about legalization of murder generally. Now, I am against the legalization of the murder of strangers and un-associated people. Doctors should not be allowed to murder their patients, and it should not be legal to murder random people on the streets. But, within the family, murder should be legal. If your wife cheats on you and you murder her, is that a real tragedy? If your dad sadistically kicks you in the nuts “like they’re a pair of soccer balls,” should you not be allowed to murder him? If your siblings are pieces of shit, is it really such a bad thing if you remove them from the gene-pool?

    Now, I’m not going to start actively advocating for the legalization of murder within the family. Let it be noted here that Muslims definitely accept the legality of (some forms of) murder within the family, such as when a daughter becomes a slut and her male family members pour acid down her throat and she dies. (Muslims will soon become the largest segment of world population) I’m not going to champion that particular cause. However, it is definitely eugenic when ‘tardos, maniacs, and witches get permanently removed from society by members of their own family.

    Again, I’m not enthusiastic about this LEGALIZE MURDER thing, but just as I’m not enthusiastic about fetus-murder (abortion) yet I support it being legal, I think that murder-within-the-family is an ugly yet generally pro-social thing.

  5. Anyone who allows a false accusation to go through, and anyone who imprisons a whistleblower, should be considered a criminal. They are acting against the interests fo the people.

  6. Cody Lachey says:

    You are all going to be exposed on Youtube. My channel will be your downfall.

    • Russell says:

      We’re supposed to be scared or something? Like what are you going to expose exactly? I don’t know why you people try to sound so frightening when clearly your not, only just people with very little info ‘exposing’ (giving more publicity to) the site and make up some bullshit. I’ve seen first hand how youtubers ‘expose’ people and I got to say, you guys don’t do a good job.

    • Tom Grauer says:

      Oh no, no, no! Don’t you dare give us publicity – it’s like the worst thing ever lol.

    • Leansleeves says:

      I will save you some breathe and time man, just don’t.

  7. NLO says: the above

    • holocaust21 says:

      Thanks for exposing the idiot who is exposing us. I do find it really amazing that all the people who desperately want to “expose” us are generally real convicted criminal thugs. Now, of course I have no respect for the criminal “justice” system as most of its remit is on jailing vulnerable but decent men for victimless crimes. However, in the case of people like Cody, these are real criminal thugs. The kind of thug that most sane people would not want living next to them – the sort of thug that we can all agree probably did need to be sent to prison, probably did not receive long enough in prison and for whom there is a much better argument for putting them on some kind of register than sex offenders.

      I mean by his own admission (see: Cody had been arrested, and was probably guilty of “fraud, assault, GBH, firearms offences, making threats to kill, harrassment” with GBH (Grevious Bodily Harm) being the standout offence suggesting dangerous, rather than petty, thug.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Btw, on another note, do you guys not find it amazing that Cody got away with most of his crimes? Due to “lack of evidence”? Can you imagine that happening for a “bum touching” offence? No, of course you can’t! The accusation alone would convict you. Seriously, the system is fucked beyond belief that it allows dangerous thugs to get off the hook whilst victimless crimes are tried with a total absence of proof and no chance of actual justice being done (i.e. the person being found not guilty).

      • codylachey14 says:

        Hi sorry to bother you Holocaust21 just come across your word press now as a friend stated that the comment from JJ alon below shows up on Google.

        Secondly the person who commented pretending to be me, wasn’t me at all but yes I am a former criminal and a former prisoner and I say that to my shame but I now use my experiences to help others I now project myself in a different light, I speak at schools and at university’s to criminology students etc.

        Please could you delete the comments from JJ Alon please and the comment from Russell please as it’s slanderous and defamation of character by the way I’ve read a few of your blogs you’re a great writer and very informative and clearly intelligent, keep up the great work and if you could please delete those comments it would be greatly appreciated as they’re nothing more than trolls.

        I appreciate your time as I appreciate how busy you must be.

        Thank you for your time.


      • holocaust21 says:

        Oh really you think I’m a great writer and very informative. Then how do you explain this video?

        In it you made multiple references to the fact that you conspired with other prisoners to piss, spit and shit on sex offenders food. Worse still…

        Quote from you around 10:40
        “nonce head dived, tried to commit suicide, split his wig open and ended up on a life support machine. We was hoping he was going to die, that sounds harsh for a lot of people to hear but he’s a nonce mate”

        Another quote from you on Adam Johnson:
        “I mean that nonce Adam Johnson his appeal at the court of appeal has just been rejected again. The simple fact is he’s a nonce and a rapist uh he’s a nonce right but he’s trying to get his thing quashed so he can get out of prison.”

        I’m sure you realise that Adam Johnson was convicted of merely kissing a 15 year old girl which is a victimless crime. Thus, he is of much higher moral fiber than you as he has, as far as we know, done nothing wrong in his whole life. You however, are a convicted thug, and worse, there are many serious crimes which it seems you have never been punished for, like trying to poison sex offenders.

        Your honesty and integrity are highly questionable and your moral compass is non-existent, thus the comments stay up.

      • codylachey14 says:

        I was sexually abused as a child so I detest sex offenders and it’s fine you leaving the comments up as it’s a breach of Google LLC’s terms and conditions so I’ve requested the comments be deleted anyway.

        You come across as a sex offender or a you sympathize with paedophiles, Adam Johnson knew it was illegal and he even searched the legal agent of consent and still met the girl, did you see the video in prison where he stayed he wish he had raped her for the length of sentence he received ?

        You say my moral compass is screwed why because I detest paedophiles ? Your moral compass is screwed sticking up for paedophiles and rapists, if you were sexually abused as a child wouldn’t you despise paedophiles to ?

        Your bringing up old vlogs from way back when I’m more politically correct these days but yes I despise sex offenders. I’ve asked you politely to delete the slanderous comment and you have refused because of a vlog from around a year ago which isn’t even relevant to this.

      • holocaust21 says:

        1. I do not know whether it is slanderous or not, though it is a bit curious that you are so concerned about a couple of silly comments alleging that you might be involved in a gay porno when it is all out there on the internet that you are a violent criminal? Perhaps it is that you hate “homos” as well?

        2. Just about everyone says “I was sexually abused as a child” yack yack. It’s just a way to abdicate yourself of personal responsibility for your life. You have a perfectly normal and largely irrelevant sexual experience as child and then later, when everyone tells you how evil this is you conclude “aha, that’s why I’m such a mess!”. Yet perhaps you were a mess anyway.

        3. Whether or not Adam Johnson knew that it was illegal is irrelevant to any point that I make on this site. This site deals with jurisprudence, we ask why laws are as they are and call for change, we do not – primarily – ask whether or not a specific action is illegal. You have failed to give any moral justification for why such a harmless and normal thing should be a crime. Adam Johnson’s comment that he should have raped her seems perfectly reasonable to me, he is making the point that he is being treated as if he violently raped her when he has done no such thing.

        4. If I had been subjected to a violent crime as a child which contained a sexual component then I would at most only despise violent criminals (of which according to your past you seem to be in that category). However, why on earth would that make me despise someone who has a sexual relationship with a young girl? The two have no connection to one another. Similarly, if I had a sexual relationship at a young age, then why would I hate those who have sexual relationships with young people? The logic makes no sense to me.

      • codylachey14 says:

        You have me all wrong I don’t blame my criminality on my child hood or sexual abuse in any which way, I knew right from wrong and made bad choices going forwards but that’s the old me.

        People change and I have changed in many ways as with age comes maturity I’m no longer involved in crime in any which way, I use my experiences to help others by speaking out and hopefully by deterring them from going down the same route as me and I think that’s the right thing to do as front line policing has been desimated under this conservative government.

        Community police stations have been closed down and the youths are running feral as you know, I’m trying to plant a seed to stop these kids turning out like me and others, I’m ashamed of my criminal past and working hard every day to be a better person.

        But I ask you again kindly please delete the below comments please ? They’re relevant to the above blog and the only reason I’ve been slashed off is because someone set up an account in my name and posted something about my YouTube channel and then that comment was made which I would appreciate being deleted as it bares absolutely no relevance to the blog by yourself.

        I’m not an idiot I’m actually far from it and my past is exactly that it’s my past, you can see I’ve come along way from where I used to be and I contacted you I was perfectly polite and I genuinely admire your writing skills and suprised personally you’re not a journalist(are you ?).

        I kindly ask you to please delete the below comments please ? I’m not a bad lad but yes in the past I was but please judge me on where I am now not on the old me that I no longer recognise.

      • holocaust21 says:

        You claim you’ve reformed but you still seem to hope that men who break age of consent laws die. And you justify your prejudices to others by pretending – through the abuse of language – that those men have committed serious violent offences when they have done no such thing. If you wish to be liberal with the truth about others, then why shouldn’t others be liberal with the truth about you? And again, I have no idea whether the other comments made here are true or not.

      • codylachey14 says:

        I’ve become politically correct on my recent vlogs to be honest as ive been offered a position going into prisons speaking to prisoners and they mentioned my disgusting comments and stated I need to be politically correct going forward so yes you’re correct that in the past I wasn’t politically correct but I’m learning.

        Look your obviously an intelligent person and you’re a very good writer and quite frankly I’m jealous as I’m a much better talker than I am a writer as I wasn’t academic at school and your correct I used to be a criminal but surely the fact I’ve changed my life around and now I use my experiences to help others by speaking out and also by trying to deter others from going down the same route as me and with fewer police on the streets surely that’s a good thing ?

        I don’t think I’m asking much by asking you to remove derogatory remarks about myself ? And again please note that the only reason I’ve ended up in the comments section of this particular blog is because someone set up an account pretending to me and then that comment was posted which is out of order and obviously trying to darken my name but to be fair since I’ve turned my life around and spoken out against crime and the root course of offending etc I’ve recieved a backlash but please don’t judge me on my past as it’s not me anymore as I re-invented myself when I walked out of prison last Febuary.

        Again if you could see fit to delete that one comment I really would greatly appreciate it as truth is my girlfriend and mum have seen the comment and questions are being asked and there really isn’t a need for it at all.

        I’m return if you want me to delete any particular vlog on my YouTube channel I would be willing to do so as deleting a vlog or 2 from my channel is irrelevant and like I said I project myself differently also feel free to check out my Twitter @ExOffenderCody you can see yourself I project myself differently.

        I’m really trying here hopefully you will do the right thing please.

        Again thank you for your time.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Well here’s a more recent video of yours showing you haven’t changed much:

        You seem to think locking guys up for merely trying to meet a 15 year old girl is a heinous crime? How on earth does asking a 15 year old girl out on a date make him a “predator” (your words)? Is he going to eat her? Is he possibly going to eat her? The answer, I think, is no, no and no! A fellow MRA blogger recently did a youtube video showing the lengths in which a “paedophile hunter” went to try and convict him of such an absurd offence (because he is clever, she failed and freaked out):

        In any case I don’t understand why you think it’s a good thing to be “politically correct”. It’s not about being politically correct. Nothing on my blog is politically correct. It’s about saying what you think and being accurate with what you think. And in my view what you think is wrong! So morally wrong! You can delete some random youtube videos if you like, but it’s not going to change what you think and it’s not going to change what you ultimately advocate.

        See, in one sense it’s great that you’re turning your life around and inspiring others to do the same. But on the other hand, that’s because you’ve been given the chance to turn your life around. You’ve committed violent offences and caused actual harm and yet no doubt you’ve not been placed on the Sexual And Violent Offenders Register and you’ve been given a relatively short sentence. However, the blokes who you bash, who are guilty of talking to an imaginary girl on the internet and many of whom have never harmed a fly, will be placed on the Sex Offenders Register for many years, quite possibly the rest of their lives. They will have no opportunity to turn their lives around.

        Let’s face it, we all like cheap political point scoring. Mainly because it’s a short sound bite, for the short attention span of the public. The commentator who claimed you’ve been involved in gay porn films quite likely did it to appeal to something we universally hate: The hypocrite. Similarly, you use the word “predator” to appeal to something we universally hate: Animals who try to eat us. But, “predator” is a dishonest description, maybe the other commentator was being dishonest too, but I’ll ask again if you’re being dishonest about others then why should they be honest about you?

  8. JJ alon says:

    Cody Lachey Lol. Google him along with TRIGA FILMS he stared in some gay porno films. He dont mention it on his youtube channel for some reason. Lol

  9. Cody Lachey Truth says:

    Cody Lachey AKA Craig Langley AKA CodyCoxxxx AKA BadboyMcr AKA Big Bear AKA Cody XXX AKA CodyDoorman etc etc.
    Star of the following hardcore gay porn DVDs made by TRIGA FILMS:


    Fake soldier
    Wannabe celebrity gangster
    Former muslim convert
    Penpal of Ian Brady,Stephen Port, Mirriade Philpott etc etc
    Apologised on behalf of Ian Brady infront of the press for attention.
    Turned up at Lee Rigbys parents house pretending he had just come back from Afghanistan,dressed like an action man and about 10 stone overweight to even get through basic training!
    Constantly throwing himself in the media even though he is a former RENTBOY and Gay Escort…. you can see his old posts by doing a Twitter search of. @CodyCoxxxx see his offers of gay sex in amongst his gangster bullshit etc.

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