Patreon Censorship

Patreon has started censoring pro-paedophile activists with both Amos Yee’s patreon page being taken down and Youth Liberation’s. I’m not sure if either of them even realise it yet as Amos Yee doesn’t mention it, I’m guessing it only just happened.

I think this could be a major problem as it stops the financing of pro-paedophile activism. However, both of them could resort to requesting money via Bitcoin, though it wouldn’t have the consistency of Patreon (as that is monthly income) and it is more work to convert back into fiat.

I think we will all need to move to Tor or Zeronet and Crypto. Those are all basically impossible for corporations to censor. Even governments have difficulty (though they can try). In other news, the new incelsandmalesexualists forum that was setup was very quickly taken down by the ISP. The pieces of shit at Cloudflare thought it prudent to go so far as to inform the ISP that they should take it down!



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37 Responses to Patreon Censorship

  1. galileo1439 says:

    Ultimately we will need to build our own EVERYTHING.

  2. Yure says:

    Amos can receive money directly in his bank account, tho. I don’t know Youth Liberation is surviving.

  3. Thea56 says:

    A new article to be published on is about to name and shame quite a few of the posters on here. You brought this on yourselves. Evil has no place in society

    • holocaust21 says:

      Do you people actually have an IQ high enough to debate and see the point of view of the other side or are you so dumb that all you can do is “expose” and “shame” people?

      Fucking idiot.

      • Tom Grauer says:

        These people are in the midst of an episode of “moralistic fervor,” so they can’t help themselves.

        But I believe that all publicity is good publicity. I literally don’t care what they write about me – they may as well accuse me of being a serial-killing cannibal.

        The more disinfo they spread, the better.

    • Tom Grauer says:

      We’re not women. We don’t mind being “named and shamed” by a bunch of joykilling puritan-feminists who have no life to speak of.

      After our revolution is done, we will do to the puritan-feminists exactly those things that they currently plot to do to us.

    • Knightblade360 says:

      Seen a few articles from his site and when he talks about sexuality he seems very much like a Alex Jones nuthead especially regarding children and teens. So me getting expose by this guy just so his retarded commenters could insult me won’t make me lose any sleep at night.

      Just so I can see the commenters get super angry:
      Pedophilia is great!

    • galileo1439 says:

      I tried visiting the above link and i get a wordfence message saying i am blocked from it says “advanced blocking in effect”. Is anyone else experiencing this when you click on the above link? Any ideas for an explanation?

  4. Unforturtunatily it’s too easy to take down a website, too many attack points(hosting service, domain name, etc).

    I think it is better to simply put together a pdf with solid arguments, sources, etc.

    My vintologi blogg was never banned from any of the free forum services (prophpbb, tapatalk, icyboards), my issue has been tapatalk buying up many services and icyboards closing in 30 days.

  5. To Catch a Idiot says:

    Please don’t watch The Simpsons is a disgusting series:

    In one episode the monster Chris Hansen appears as a guest making a parody of his criminal and disgusting program.


    It’s disgusting, and the creator of the Simpsons is called tolerant! He devotes episodes to apologizing for homosexuality but makes fun of dozens of men who are trapped and publicly embarrassed for seeking out consensual relationships with younger teenage girls.

    You’re a disgusting creep, your show is crap, Matt Groening, and you consider yourself a tolerant person? The life of straight men is worthless to you. You’re like all modern letfists, a hypocritical double-moralistic son of a bitch. To hell with you, and your modern left ideology. You don’t respect anything valuable. Boycott this TV series and its producers and all their future projects!

  6. galileo1439 says:

    Nothing has been coming out of Amos lately. On his facebook and twitter theres been nothing new since late June. Does anyone know his status?

    • holocaust21 says:

      I wondered the same… Also haven’t heard any more from Youth Liberation. after all his accounts have been deleted…

      • YLpatron says:

        He’s been communicating with us patrons before his Patreon page was taken down. He’s on a journey in Africa, and actually is due to return from there tomorrow. He said he will start a new youtube channel no matter what, and a blog and other things once he returns. So we’ll see, I hope he’s alright.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Good to know. I hope he is alright too.

  7. BBC = Bullshit Bitch and Crap says:

    The most insane, disgusting and delusional article I have ever read, these people are sick:

    • holocaust21 says:

      That is pretty fucked up. I stopped reading after the first few paragraphs as it was “triggering” me. That article should be banned!

    • Purpledragon85 says:

      This shows that the human race’s extinction date extending is causing more deficients to enter into this world.

    • Knightblade360 says:

      Early puberty had nothing to do w/her health risks, same w/the guys making sexual gestures/remarks towards her. Simply put it, her constant paranoia tied w/ignorance of what a compliment is IS the reason those health risks exist.

      • Knightblade360 says:

        I remember when the Metoo campaign was just a couple of stupid self conscious moral compass head ass paranoid bitches, now it gotten bigger to the point where a lot of the members who talk about there non violent or horrible experience are clouding over the members who endured real sexual violence.

    • Leansleeves says:

      I wasted my time reading through that retarded article, which just emphasizes how America is becoming more and more wimpish by the minute.

  8. Liona says:

    Extended childhood is not a “lie” but an evolutionary conquest: the more development of the neural system, the longer the child period lasts. That’s why our species is so much work in breeding and childhood is long compared to other mammals. Until they’re 18, they’re kids.

    Children are not small adults, this idea was abandoned at the beginning of the last century, and Piaget detailed the evolutionary stages up to the level of typically adult cognitive development.

    No, you cannot have sexual or intimate relationships with a child in any way. This immaturity means that, for example, things like sexual abuse have a very negative impact on development (inappropriate sexuality, PTSD, impaired affection that marks future relationships, etc.) and the consequences reach adulthood.

    And so with all the areas.

    They are not mini-adults, the development of their neural system has not reached that of an adult.

    It’s not all about kids, and it has nothing to do with “hiding information” and other platitudes. Some make almost paedophile arguments…

    • holocaust21 says:

      I am not sure if I should have approved your comment as, while it pretends to be more intellectual than some other comments I receive, it seems more dangerous in a way as it is very much a sophistry.

      Has it not occurred to you that there is no connection between neural development ending at a certain stage and sex below that age causing some kind of harm? Furthermore, we see that the brain’s mental ability actually peaks around 13-15 thus further invalidating your age of consent of 18 bullshit.

      Honestly it’s less about them being “mini-adults” and more about them being human. And like all humans, kids like to fuck.

    • Knightblade360 says:

      Neural development has little to no comparison to whether or not you were harmed during sex or your experience with it, so much shit contradicts this pseudo science belief. Similar thing also applies to immaturity’s connection to harm you experienced during sex.

      No one, not even any pro pedophile, has stated kids were mini adults. Unlike all the moral compass asswipes out there, pro pedophiles show that children are actually human beings like adults, some even take it a step further and apply it not just sexual things but all things.

    • Lorem says:

      You’re completely wrong.
      Childhood only goes to 9 years (when puberty begins).
      The most powerful brain is that of the child. In adolescence, around the age of 10-12 the mature brain begins to suffer cuts and the tendency is to decay. Therefore, it is much easier to be fluent in a language between 0-9 years.
      In nature there is no minimum age for sex. Babies in the womb masturbate.

      What harms the child is pedophobic hysteria that invents trauma that does not exist. Sex does not harm the child.

  9. Libertine says:

    Looks like Liona posted the same blog on H-toc, Under a different name!

  10. galileo1439 says:

    Alert! Grauer has disappeared again!

  11. galileo1439 says:

    I think its best he take a break in order to deal with the persecutions he is facing at home. That needs his full attention. I am creating some big articles on various topics of interest to everyone here. Keep tuned to my wordpress for what i hope to post soon inshaallah.

  12. Lorem says:

    This is pedophobia!
    Gays were also persecuted, but they came together and organized to fight for their freedom.

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