We Support Gary Glitter!

This is a great podcast on fans of Gary Glitter who are still devoted to him. Many of them, like me, believe he probably was guilty of downloading child porn, but that many of the other allegations made against him were probably been false. Some of them did (kind of) point out the hypocrisy that banging underage girls in the 1970s was kind of normal, but fell short of pointing out that it is perfectly OK.

Obviously, my position is that Gary Glitter’s crimes were perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with viewing child porn, and nor is there anything wrong with having sex with girls below the age of consent.

This podcast suddenly makes me think though… Maybe to get attention we should create a Gary Glitter fan site? (psst Tom Grauer!). Unlike this site our fan site would be both pro Gary Glitter’s music and pro his crimes. We’d support him for downloading child porn and support him for his underage groupies.


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7 Responses to We Support Gary Glitter!

  1. galileo1439 says:

    In the 1970s it was kind of normal to bang underage girls and lets make it kind of normal in the near future to bang underage girls!

  2. Libertine says:

    Think there was some group that supported him on Twitter. I just renewed my account, Part of me wondered why I did that, given how much contempt the moderators have for free speech. I just wanted to see how Nigel was getting along, and from what I hear, not that well. He had depression in the past if I recall conversations with him.

  3. Please die Elon Musk says:

    We have new human excrement: Elon Musk links the case of children trapped in a cave in Thailand to pedophilia.

  4. Women are worthless pieces of garbage says:

    To eradicate all the women. They’re a terminally ill species.

    You want examples? Read and vomit, this is the crap women have in their heads:

    Episodes have involved themes such as:

    Jealousy; Family violence; Violence in general; Suicide; Children living on the streets; Unwanted pregnancies; Juvenile delinquency; Narcotics; Child pornography or pornography in General; AIDS; Alcoholism; age disparities in sexual relationships; Corruption or Exploitation; Unjust firings; Diabetes; Male infertility; Post-traumatic stress disorder; Child abuse by part of a teacher or parent; Child abuse in general; Bed wetting; Divorce; Child abductions; Child prostitution or prostitution in General; Adolescent pressures; Adoption; Breast cancer; Incest; Rape; Murder; Hatred; Revenge; Immigration problems or issues


    In the 1990s, themes acquired a grittier look, including cases of rape, incest, child abuse, prostitution, LGBT discrimination and domestic violence. The show became a stage for social reform in Mexico. With these changes, the show was usually first in line to discuss topics that were often kept out of the public eye.

    SAME GARBAGE ALL! The creators of lesbianism and LGBT plague who infect society and children, enemies of the age difference in relationships, date young girls etc.. women are stupid irrational jelaous schizophrenic rubbish with legs.

    Please, I ask you with a cry in my heart: let’s erradicate all women, let’s use medical science to eradicate their XY chromosomes. They’re a disease, they’re a fucking mistake of nature.

    Let’s stop defending their existence, let’s stop wanting to fuck those piles of crap.


    • You sound like a feminist… I actually think you are a feminist since the XY chromosome is a male thing. Next time you try to make us look like you, avoid letting that freudian slip.

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