Elon Musk calls British diver who saved Thai boys a ‘pedo’

Thanks to one of my readers for pointing out that Elon Musk is calling the British diver who saved the Thai boys a ‘pedo’. It seems the mainstream media are touting this as ‘libel’. Apparently a lawyer is also claiming the diver, Vernon Unsworth, is bound to win if he took it to court. Personally I don’t see how he can be so sure. For one, there’s no real definition of a ‘pedo’ so how can he prove that he isn’t one? And even if we try to take some sort of more specific definition of a ‘pedo’, for instance, “can get a hard-on when looking at extremely hot girls under the age of 18”, then I strongly suspect that Vernon would get a hard-on unless he is gay or asexual.

Mind you, I don’t really know the libel laws that well. It’s entirely possible that they are along the lines of ‘if you have enough money to take someone to court, you win’. Which only really proves how retarded our legal system is.

Whatever the case may be though, I think this news is good news. It’s forced the MSM to portray calling people paedophiles in a bad light, with the threat of criminal sanction for doing it. Whatever the outcome, hopefully the next time you tell someone that you think the age of consent should be abolished then they’ll be that bit less likely to call you a ‘pedo’ for fear of repercussions.

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8 Responses to Elon Musk calls British diver who saved Thai boys a ‘pedo’

  1. Yure says:

    I also agree that it’s good, for several reasons. Because the word “pedophile” has become an insult, it has to be abandoned for sake of the progression in the discussion. Everyone is scared of being called a pedophile. But, if calling someone a pedophile is something bad, then I hope that everyone, in the future, becomes scared of calling someone a pedophile, because that “insult” is hindering a sincere progress in the age of consent problem. Age of consent is problematic to everyone who has researched it well-enough, but no one dares to say it aloud. Because you could be called a “pedo”. I keep hearing that the stigma attached to the word “pedophilia” must be removed, so that any causes surrounding pedophilia, be it acceptance or legalization, can progress. If that can’t be done, forcing people to stop using the word altogether might have the same effect.

  2. galileo1439 says:

    If society accepts pedos then pedo shouldn’t be a bad word to call someone.

  3. galileo1439 says:

    Thats what we should be striving for. A society where age different (aka pedo) relationships accepted and it means nothing to call it what it is, in a positive light.

  4. feinmann0 says:

    Musk could not have done more damage even if he directed one of his rockets, armed, into the heart of Bangkok … potentially, simply because it could be argued that he is implying expats who live in Thailand do so solely to sexually abuse children. A further implication is that Thai society willingly offers up its children to be abused.

    The Thai government and Thai military are intensely sensitive to criticism and ridicule – for example their lese majeste laws and this: theguardian.com/world/2013/sep/09/thai-airways-plane-runway-bangkok. I doubt very much whether they would be minded to view Musk’s comments positively – nor would the one million ex-pats that happen to live in the country.

  5. Amy says:

    Women need Feminism, cuz I was a victim of the evils of child marriage.

    He was onto me as soon as I entered the ship at 15, he was part of the team trying to recruit me. It was bordering on pedophilia especially as he asked me to marry before I was 16.

    If I was a normal teenager, there’s no way I’d marry that guy. You’d just date and its over. I was 16 in June, and we were married in December. He was 25.

    There’s no help for girls like me, who’d only kissed one boy in my life, to having a husband and expecting to have sex.

    ‘Then it came up that he’d been masturbating, I got in so much trouble for not satisfying him, this was only after a year of marriage. It’s impossible to keep secrets, every inch of your lives you have to tell them about.

    Thats Horrifying! A16 year old should not being getting married, especially not to someone nearly 10 years her senior. And then to be punished?! So Every time I hear about antifeminism it just gets worse and worse!

    I was a minor. There are laws against this. Certainly morals. Except if you’re a religion in the USA, that is.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Seriously, what kind of crap is this? I am 99% certain that you are a troll and that this “story” that you are telling is a total lie. Even if it’s not, may I remind you that YOU chose to marry him and you chose to stay with him. If that isn’t what you wanted then that is YOUR fault and no one elses. Stop trying to punish us and lock us up for your own personal failings.

    • Tom says:

      Do not be stupid! Child marriage is before puberty, usually before 9 years of age.

      Pedophilia is a strong sexual orientation before puberty, usually before 9 years of age.

      15 years is a great age to marry. Because the woman is in her best phase.

      Our species enters puberty to procreate. That’s why teens can get pregnant.

      There’s no basis to claim that you were not old enough to get married. Late marriage is just a social construction, not a reality of human nature.

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