Oh Fuck

Nathan Larson is planning something stupid. Sounds like he is killing himself through dehydration… Partly as a result of being burgled by feminist thugs claiming to be from Anonymous.

Personally I think suicide is a bad idea since you will be dead eventually anyway, so while alive, even if you can’t be happy, you might as well try to make life as awful as possible for your enemies e.g. feminists.

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19 Responses to Oh Fuck

  1. nathanlarson3141 says:

    Talk is cheap, though; I can plan stuff all day long, but if I don’t actually kill myself, then the question of whether doing so would be stupid is kinda moot.

    Anyway, this recent setback was probably going to demoralize me enough to put me out of commission for awhile anyway. I’m trying to find a way to cope with the loss of six years of work. Some people would be drinking themselves into a coma; I’m kinda doing the opposite.

  2. galileo1439 says:

    Who else in Male Sexualism has saved copies of Nathania on hard drives they keep safe at home?

  3. caamib says:

    Nathan, please don’t kill yourself. If somebody from US is reading, call 911

  4. caamib says:

    This is ridiculous, we shouldn’t be talking to him but informing the authorities in America. This is no different than a man filming hanging himself. I have some contacts in America but not sure if they’d call the authorities on somebody like Nathan as he is widely hated. Holocaust, can you inform somebody???!! This is a matter of life and death.

    • holocaust21 says:

      I don’t know, I am not in America either… I am also not sure if that will make it better, or worse.

      • galileo1439 says:

        In the past he has shown a capability to do activism from inside an institution, and if he ever gets out of there he had lots of material to write and share with us, from his ride through Federal prison. Maybe he should be referred to the authorities.

  5. Anon says:

    What do you think of the movie Hard Candy?

  6. Am I the only human being who wants to lower the age of consent to, at least, 12 worldwide and who isn’t getting killed? Maybe because all my relatives know already and they don’t mind… I guess family IS important.

    • I only had a problem with neonazis going after me due to the fact that i have been very critical of a particular organisan (only online harassment).

      I guess my “keep a low profile” strategy is working.

      • I am quite fortunate in that regard. I never needed a low profile because literally all my loved ones know I am into teenagers. And are unusually supportive in most cases. Men in particular confess me they feel the same way.

      • I have a good relationship with some blood relatives i prefer not to ruin, staying out of the media spotlight is simply more convenient for me.

        Maybe i try to get more attention on myself when my work on darwinian vintologi has progressed farther but unfortunately i have a feeling my brain is getting worse now as i age past my prime(i am soon 26).

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